WiFi Only Service Providers – Tips In Getting One

WiFi Only Service Providers – Tips In Getting One

The influence of internet is everywhere. It is present in almost all of our daily activities, but selecting the best internet service can be a bit challenging. There are plenty of choices available in the market which can add up to your confusion. There are some internet service providers that offers bundles such as internet and telephone bundles, cable TV and internet bundles. If you do not need cable TV and telephone services, WiFi only service providers is also available as an option. You need to identify some local internet service providers that are available near your area so that you can compare some plans and packages. Before we dig deep into knowing some internet service providers such as WiFi only service providers, let us know more about the different types of internet service or connections. This will help you decide what kind of service you will avail.


Digital Subscriber Line or commonly called DSL internet connection. This is operating in a telephone lines such a dial-up connections. DSL delivers internet speed up to 25 mbps for its download speed. DSL has two kinds, the Symmetric DSL or SDSL and Asymmetric DSL or ADSL. SDSL usually provides equal speed for upload and download which is necessary for VPN users and those users who are storing a large amount of data to the cloud. On the other hand, ADSL is a little bit cheaper compared to SDSL. ADSL has faster download speed than its upload speed.

To provide you some information about DSL connections, here are some advantages and disadvantages you may want to take note.


Digital Subscriber Line is cheaper than other broadband and there are plenty of DSL service providers available which you can choose from. You can easily find a provider such as WiFi only service providers that will surely fit into your internet needs. The speed in DSL is consistent and stable because you will have a specific line. In most cases, DSL is paired with a telephone landline in order to help boost the internet connection.


Although the speed of DSL is stable, the internet service will depend on your distance from the main line. The further you are from the central office of the provider, the less reliable and slower your internet connection will be.



Internet satellite helps to boosts internet speed up to 15 megabits per second. The great advantage of satellite internet is that it can cover areas that are not DSL, fiber and cable available but it is more expensive and slower compared to other broadband available.



It is usually offered by cable TV provider and operating using cable TV wires. Cable broadband has a speed from 3 megabits per second up to 100 megabits per second. Cable is faster than satellite and DSL internet. It does not depend on the distance unlike the DSL. The downside of cable broadband is that the bandwidth is shared within your neighborhood. This means, internet connection will tend to slow if more people are using it most especially on-peak hours.



This is the latest development in the internet technology which offers internet speed up to 300 Mbps. Fiber optic internet has the fastest speed compared to other available broadband like DSL or satellite but it is not widely available. Fiber optic internet is limited to some areas only but internet service providers are now improving and installing fiber optic connections to cities.


Evaluate your internet usage

It is very important to evaluate clearly your data usage because there are many companies providing different data allocations and packages. This will help you decide what kind of internet connection you can get.

In order to help you in deciding, here are the common broadband that we think are suitable for most users.

For Beginners

If you are just starting to connect to an internet and still do not know your activities, it is best that you select a broadband service that has moderate speed in in order to avoid paying for higher internet speed which you may not use at all. This applies to common activities such as emails, browsing internet websites, opening or checking social media sites. Start from small up to the bigger plan and packages if in the long run you will find out that you need faster internet connection. You can easily ask you service providers to upgrade your contract and we are certain that they will surely provide you some options that will surely fit your needs.

For gamers and video buffers

If you are like us who are really enjoying streaming videos on the internet, then you need a faster internet connection. Downloading movies, video clips or frequently streaming on Netflix or other video sites need higher data and faster speed. This is similar with gaming most especially online games. Heavy users may opt to select fiber optic internet connections since it is faster compared to other broadband service available and more stable. You must select internet service that offers unlimited access and does not have data allocation or capping in order to fully appreciate the benefits.

Choosing the Service Provider

Choosing the best internet service provider is really challenging because you will encounter a wide variety of options that at times, are out of context and are not relevant to your needs. Your options depend on your location like DSL broadband which tends to become slower when you are far from the main line and the fiber optic which is available in selected areas only. Here are some things worth noting when selecting internet service providers


Always take note the promotions that companies offer when you first inquire to them because some promotions are temporary and valid only for a specific period. They usually offer temporary promotions for your first contract. For instance, you will enjoy a 10% discount on your first contract mostly around 24 months.


This is very important to look into because bundling your communication services can really help you save more money. Most companies will offer bundles of various combination such as home phone and internet bundle, mobile phone and internet, cable TV and internet bundle. But the best is the combination of all communication services the phone, cable TV and internet bundle.

If you want to know some of the internet service providers, you may check Spectrum. They offer a wide variety of bundles which include Triple Play Bundle. It is the bundle of three services: Cable TV, home phone and internet connection. The higher plan you get, the more cable TV channels you can access, the faster the internet speed you will have. You can also enjoy big discounts with additional free modem and DVR for your first box purchase. You may click this link http://www.xyzinternet.com/ to further know more about the products and services of Spectrum.

Before you avail broadband service bundles, you need to check your usage. Ask yourself if what services you really need. Is landline connection more important than cable TV or vice versa to pair up with your internet connection bundle? But if you have an extra budget, you may opt to choose the triple bundle where you can enjoy the perks of three services in one plan. Availing a bundle plan have advantages such as one bill for your communication services. You only need to worry for one bill and pay to one payment center and worry less about mundane things. With this, the probability of late payments will decrease since you will think about one bill only.

Customer Service

Having a responsive and excellent customer service matters the most when choosing an internet service provider. If you want to ask questions or seek assistance from your bills or anything related to your plan, customer service is the first person you can talk to. 24-hour customer service is useful that is why you need to carefully read reviews about the company before entering into a contract. You may ask your friends, relatives and neighbors about their experiences of your selected service provider.


When you found your prospect provider, you need to negotiate with them so that you can have a discount from your contract price. Companies will surely offer you great deals most especially if you will avail their bundle promos in the higher levels.  You get free modem or free installation when you subscribe to them, unlimited calls, unlimited internet allocations or even get a certain percentage discount on your contract price.

All you need to take note that whatever kind of internet connection you may get; you need to have thorough research on the service provider. There service providers who will offer you WiFi only services with or without home phone or mobile phone package. The most important thing to note is that the internet plan you will subscribe is suitable to your lifestyle and will provide all your communication needs and other demands. Having internet connection becomes a necessity in this modern era which is the common medium of transmitting and receiving information. Hopefully this guide have helped you narrow down your choices and good luck on your internet provider hunting!  Rest assured you will enjoy learning more about the updates in the internet technology.

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