WiFi Providers of Houston: The Growing WiFi Business

WiFi Providers of Houston: The Growing WiFi Business

Ahh! Houston, Texas. A large metropolis teeming with people from all walks of life. While many people are aware that Houston is home to the Space Center Houston and the famous Theater District which includes the renowned Houston Grand Opera, did you know that the growing WiFi market is just ripe for the taking? WiFi providers of Houston are become more and more popular and will only continue to progress as the world moves forward. In 2017, many studies and articles have shown that WiFi as a whole has been on the rise. So what have we learned during the past few years or so?

First, we must understand why this is all happening, as well as what to expect in the coming years. Why is WiFi so popular? Internet access is invaluable, we all know that, but what were the growth trends that led us to this point? Well, it wasn’t too long ago when we had to pay for prepaid credits just to send messages and make calls. Now, with WiFi, some applications allow you to do these for free, given you have a stable connection. Most modern messaging apps have calling features built in, which adds to the overall convenience of communication on the go. What makes it even more convenient is because public WiFi has become a legitimate growing trend. Most modern establishments offer free WiFi as long as you stay within the vicinity. It is so common nowadays that people expect it by default when they visit places like restaurants be it fast food or high end, hotels, coffee shops, retailers, and even uncommon places like subways and public parks! Ever heard of Dropbox? What about Google Drive? And iCloud? Cloud-based service are also contributing to the rise of WiFi popularity. Gone are the days when you had to lug around a huge slab of metal to access your files and movies. With cloud-based services, all your saved files are available wherever you might be, given you have an internet connection.

You might be asking yourself, how do the people who offer free WiFi get money out of it? Is becoming an internet service provider and selling WiFi services the only way to make money off WiFi? Not exactly. Sure, places like fast-food chains and other retailers make sense. They bait you with the free WiFi then you pay for their good or service. But what about the other services like public use areas with free WiFi? They can make money by monetizing the free WiFi. What does this mean exactly? Well, simply put, they collect data regarding your buying and general spending habits. How does this benefit anyone? The analysed information becomes useful data to other businesses that understand their target market and basically match the seller and the buyer more easily. This gives them insight on how to deal with as wide of a scope as possible, all through the free WiFi you use. General rule of thumb: if you don’t pay for the product, you are the product.

So what about Houston in particular? That’s what this is about, right? WiFi providers of Houston have been on the rise as of late. We already know the household names like Spectrum, which offers excellent value products which you can avail of at their website xyzinternet.com, have been around for a while. Some internet service providers in Houston, in no particular order, include CenturyLink, AT&T, Frontier FiOS, Xfinity, Charter, Time Warner Spectrum, ViaSat, Windstream, Suddenlink Communications, Consolidated Communications, and En-Touch Systems Inc., among others. Now, most of these companies can be called successful in their own right, most of them on a national scale. In Houston, however, CenturyLink has a large share of the market, particularly CenturyLink Prism Fiber. This is partly because of their network’s extensive coverage that reaches even far-off neighbourhoods like Far Northeast. Frontier Fios offers DSL services to southern neighbourhoods, which also give them a large market share. AT&T has a good mix of DSL and Fiber networks and is the reason why they are popular among the people from the north and south sides. Xfinity has the best coverage since they cover all of Houston while Charter has the north-western parts of Spring Branch covered. Windstream is popular among south-western areas like West Houston and Sugar Land. Suddenlink Communications offers their services by the eastern side of Baytown. Consolidated Communications and En-Touch Systems have good coverage in the far western parts of Houston, where other competition may not have a reach of. Combined, these are all good options, depending on your needs and where you reside.

In Houston, cable internet providers have an 87% city coverage, DSL internet providers have a more impressive 91% city coverage, while Fiber internet providers have a low 1% city coverage. Fiber internet providers compensate by having the fastest speeds where their services are available though. In terms of internet speed, Houston, Texas has a 100% availability rating when it comes to speeds of 3 megabytes per second, 100% availability rating when it comes to speeds of 10 megabytes per second, and a very impressive 87% availability rating for connection speeds of 25 megabytes per second.

With all these names thrown around, we can conclude that there is no shortage of demand for quality WiFi providers of Houston. But why, though? Why is there an increasing demand for WiFi? Aside from increased public WiFi availability, the number of devices that have the ability to access the internet have also increased. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets in particular have been on the rise since the introduction of the first smartphone years ago. They have grown so much over the course of 10 years that the leaps and bounds they have made compared to other technological advancements can be called nothing short of amazing. This makes it accessible to nearly everyone. Let’s be honest, back when laptops were new, not everyone had access to them. Even the cheaper “netbooks”, however more affordable, were still sort of pricey at the time. These days even devices that cost as little as $25 have access to the internet given there is WiFi available. The continuing popularity of smartphones makes it so that entrepreneurs and other establishments benefit from offering free WiFi in order to cater to the consumer’s needs.

We have evolved to the point where our networks have become more complex due to the nature of how we make use of wireless connectivity. Having access to it in most of our devices changes the way basic things work, like how businesses target their customers or how we rely on smart homes to do basic, everyday tasks like cooking. How the smartphone, AI, and other smart devices will grow will require the steady advancement of WiFi as well. After all, these things wouldn’t be much if we weren’t connected to the internet.

It is the year 2018, and advancements are expected to develop at speeds still considered fast in a technological standpoint. The business sector will need to be nimble and adapt to the growing and changing trends in order to survive the competition. Seemingly simple things like social media marketing has become a booming marketing method in on itself as well. Did you know that according to recent data shown by Accenture, 50% of prospective buyers feel more comfortable making a large purchase in a store if they offer free WiFi services? Seems like a big jump in attitude for something as small as WiFi, right? According to Hotel Chatter, 38% of people who book hotels say that having no access to WiFi is a deal-breaker, and will force them to book somewhere else instead. While these are simply fun facts, they are still very relevant to the growing business sector.

Looking forward, there are some obvious and easy to see reasons why WiFi is a big thing, and will continue to be so for the next several years. Some might not be as clear cut, but make no mistake, it’s here to stay. Despite some products not reaching the popularity some manufacturers hoped for, products like smart watches and even early prototypes of smart cars were and still may be good ideas. Virtual reality wasn’t as big as we thought, but augmented reality is now growing at a steady pace. Artificial Intelligence is slowly improving with the combined efforts of companies like Google, Facebook, and Tesla among others. Even simple everyday things that you never imagined could be “smart” are now a legitimate reality. For instance, did you know smart umbrellas are a thing now? With 2020 fast approaching, 5G is just over the horizon. A good number of entrepreneurs are ready to jump on the internet service bandwagon, and with that, you can expect exponential growth in the coming years. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because though it might become confusing in the long run, having more options just makes it more possible for you to find the perfect match!  What are you waiting for? Head on to www.xyzinternet.com and talk to a representative that can help you out in choosing the best WiFi in Houston!

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