What is 5G Technology and How Can We Benefit from It?

What is 5G Technology

What is 5G Technology and How Can We Benefit from It?

Since the beginning of human race existence, we did not stop from just surviving from our daily needs. But instead we keep on looking for more developments that can help us in our everyday lives. Because of our persistence in the development of research and technology, our great scientists and engineers have discovered the power of the internet. You may be wondering what are the kinds of internet connection and speed available in the market today. You may have encountered 2G, 3G and 4G. It is the time that you need to learn more about the internet connection and speed. Because today, 5G technology is currently a trend. There are questions on your head about what is 5G technology?

What are the benefits we can get from it? These questions will be answered if you will have the interests and perseverance on searching over the internet what is 5G technology. Since internet provides us the limitless power of connectivity and transparency, the things we need to know about what is 5G technology and when they are widely available. Stay put and keep on reading. Because we will uncover the great concept of 5G technology that is expected to shower us with a lot of benefits.

We are living in the modern world where intended becomes our way of life. Internet connection has greatly influence our lifestyle because it has been equally important to our family. Without the internet jobs and business are hassle and complex. Internet allows us to continue our jobs at home when we are not able to report on work. Businesses have also flourished because of internet connectivity where managing the business become easy through emails and video conference. If the internet connection is fast, businesses will no longer worry with their transactions. Because they can do it virtually, where they can save more time, money and energy. Most companies like to venture on higher speed of internet connection. Such speeds like 4G or LTE, but now 5G network can be of access anytime soon.

5G Technology

Fifth generation is the next generation of mobile data technology and expected to be more reliable and faster than our usual internet speed today. 5G technology is expected to be utilized in 2020. And as of today there are already several companies investing in order to prepare for the start of 5G wireless network standard. The said system is based on IEEE 802.11ac standard of internet technology. 5G connection will be based on the experience of the user, enhanced services, system performance, operations, management and business models

According to the (GSMA) Groupe Speciale Mobile Association, in order for a 5g network to be qualified, the connection must meet majority of the eight criteria below:
  1. End to end round trip delay must be in one millisecond

  2. Connected devices will be 10 to 100x

  3. 90% reduction in the usage of network energy

  4. 100% coverage

  5. 99.999% of availability

  6. 1000x bandwidth in every unit area

  7. For machine type and low powered devices, battery life requirement must last for 10 years

  8. 1-10 gbps connections to end points

Previous internet generations such as 3G was a breakthrough in the communication technology. In the third generations, signal from the nearest cellular tower will be received and be used for text messaging, phone calls and mobile data. Moreover, the fourth generation works similar with 3G but with a lower latency and faster and more reliable internet connection. In comparison with 3G, 4G is three to five time faster and has up 100 Mbps download speed.

According to Hubert Da Costa, the Vice President of EMEA, 5G Wifi network connection is expected to be three time faster. In comparison to that of the existing 4G network. Having single stream of 450 Mbps, 900 Mbps for dual stream and 1.3 Gbps. With this, we can see a huge improvement in the overall connectivity of our devices and gadgets. 5G technology depicts the successful implementation of IoT.

Internet of things with 5G Technology

In the desire to continue to expand the limitless possibilities of having an internet connection, internet of things was created. In the vision of internet of things, there will be an interconnected system of devices and gadgets. Where it collects information and share data in order to address the increasing of the community. With the help of a faster and more reliable internet connection, IoT will be utilized to the fullest thus providing us the convenience and flexibility of the inter-connected future. One of the best example of IoT connected device is the smart television. In an IoT smart TV supported, parents can monitor the shows their children are watching on a real time basis. With the help of 5g network, the IoT system will continue without intervention and it is very useful for parents especially when they are not around and out of town.

There are many companies offering different kinds of plans and packages for cable TV, home and mobile phones.

Spectrum is one of those companies who are very competitive in this field.

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Another relatable example of an IoT supported system that will be using the power of 5G technology is the inter-connected devices of digital alarm clock. As well as coffee maker and automated cars. If you are one of those people who are having a hard time waking up in the morning, then an alarm clock that is supported with IoT will be of big help to you. Because it will sync the calendar and will automatically remind you the important things to do. You may also connect your coffee maker to your alarm clock and set it to brew your coffee right after you wake up so that you don’t need to rush for your morning coffee. Just one interconnected system then your home will function automatically for you.

Advantages of 5g Technology

Just like the previous generations of internet, 5g network will be faster among others particularly with 4g. With the expected 10,000 Mbps download speed, it allows for higher productivity in all capable devices and gadgets. 5g technology gives birth to the gigabit smartphone where multiple gigabits every second. 5g technology promises to have more bandwidth where faster download speed is expected and thus the capacity to run more mobile applications that need internet connection.

As mentioned earlier, 5g technology will aid in the vast dream of having an interconnected system. There will be more possibilities for us to explore the internet and create more and more products and services.

Disadvantages of 5g Technology

However, 5G is expensive and need more budget to implement. Since it is not expected to be launched in 2020, more new models of mobile phones will also be introduced. Smartphone companies and 5G carriers will surely integrate the 5G network to the newest models of smartphones so that 5G mobile internet will be used. Overcrowding of frequency range is feared in 5G network because a reliable and fast internet connection will depend on devices that are connected to the 5G spectrum. There are places in the United Kingdom which do not support 3G or 4G network, so having 5G at hand is a little bit patchy.

The inter-connected future with 5G technology

Albeit 5g technology is still in the process of succession, there are several companies are starting to create 5g supported products and test them as well.  Nokia, Samsung, Qualcomm, BT and Ericson have reported notable advancements in their development of 5g network together with their selected partners to pledge budget for the said project.

Who is investing in 5G Technology?

The first radio system that will be supported with 5g technology was introduced by Ericson which was launched last year. Both Ericsson and Nokia have created 5g systems that aim to cater mobile carriers than consumers. There are many carriers who are very interested in the utilization of 5G network in different cities. In order to let people experience it. Although, having 5g will be costly, some cities are still pushing hard and looking for some budget to implement it. Moreover, London plans to conduct a dry run on trial on their public Wi-Fi network last October 2017 which consisted of 400 small transmitters.

Are you still wondering why 5G network is the noisy in the Mobile Congress? It is because 5G technology caries the hope of millions of people in the view of finally experiencing an interrupted internet connection. Having higher speed both download and upload. With 5G, communication and computation will become easier and more convenient. Thus bringing people closer together, keeping business on track and providing more opportunities for people to operate a home-base job.  More and more people are in awe for the launching of 5g networks in their places. Although, there are some unfortunate areas that will not be supported with 5g technology.

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