What is 5G and its Applications

What is 5G

What is 5G and its Applications

Nowadays, we are surrounded with many opportunities for us to use our potentials to the fullest and enjoy life at its best. As human race continue to excel in the field of research and technology, there are a lot of new developments. As well as  innovations available to allow us to maximize our way of life. Internet is one of the most useful inventions that great scientists have introduced to the world. It allows us to widen our horizons and to continuously be connected with everything.  There is a new development in internet which is called 5G network. It may be your first time to hear it and now you are wondering what is 5G.

If you are still interested in learning more about it, there are many websites over the internet where you can search about what is 5G. Worry no more, because in this article you will be learning more about the 5G network. Along with the benefits you can get from it.

What is 5G?

The excitement about 5G has been propagating for a year or so. But little by little we are starting to know the research and development about this new trend in technology. The creation of 5G attempts in changing our lives by providing us limitless connection by connecting everything to a network. Which is 100 times faster than cellular and over 10 times faster than our usual internet speed at home.  

In the world of mobile internet, 5G network has promised to offer triple faster speed and more reliable internet connection. On smartphones and other devices that can be connected to an internet server.

In most cases, 5G network will be in your home more than in your mobile phones. Because according to experts, fixed 5G would only complement but not replace home broadband that are wired. Qualcomm and Intel have both tested 5g ready networks and are expected to be functional later this year. In terms of budget, 5g network will be costly. Carriers admit that having 5g network will be costly, thus some details on pricing are still not yet disclose to the public. Of course, we want to experience faster, stronger and more reliable internet connection, we will also expect price hike on our internet plans bills.

5G Applications

5G in the Internet of Things

Fifth generation or so-called 5g will be of big help in the success of Internet of things. The IOT system composes of devices or gadgets with sensors that are connected together. It stores data and shares with the use of internet connection with or without intervention of people. The devices that are connected in the internet of things will collect information and this data will be processed in order to create suitable methods and solutions to meet the various demands of people in the community. Fifth generation network have more options in finding solutions in a complex combination of communications and computing.

5G on Devices

According to Asha Keddy, the mobile standards manager, there will be fusion of communications and computations. And it is expected to be available anywhere and everywhere as long as there is an internet connection. Keddy foresees tablets and smartwatches that are using locations to share information with someone on calendars. It is also expected to save more energy when delivering services that are location based. Internet of things will be powered with 5G network and everything we are using from wearable gadgets and things that are interconnected such as smart meters, washing machines, traffic cameras, coffee makers, and even lights with sensors can be automatically ordered to turn on or off.

One of the basic example of IoT system is smart televisions. Today, we are using smart TV where internet connection is easy to connect. Through IoT system, parents can easily monitor the shows their children are watching. As well as the time these shows are being watched most especially when they are not around. There are a wide variety of companies that offer faster and stronger internet connection. You may check this link www.xyzies.com if you want to know more exciting offers on cable TV, home and mobile phone connections as well as bundle deals that are worth every penny. Without a fast and strong internet connection, we cannot make use of IoT and apply it to our daily life that is why 5G is very important in the application and success of Internet of things.

5G on Transportation

Futurists and experts predicts that self-driving cars is expected to exchange sensor data, multimedia content and information from cloud management. According to research, 67 million more or less expected 5G connected vehicles will be operational, where three million of it will have low latency connections and mainly installed in self-driving cars.

Applications that are supported with cloud storage

Fifth generation network will be of use in cloud storing and web applications. The cloud storage is the limitless storage extension of your mobile phone. Thus you will not have fear of losing space for more selfies, pictures, videos and applications. In today’s technology governed era, smartphones seem share equal significance with family because with the use of fast, strong and reliable internet connection, your world becomes limitless. Moreover, aside from the added storage in your phone, there is also a difference in the overall hardware design. Using 5g network, completed computing task will be moved to the network since your mobile phone will no longer require a system of complex computing hardware.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Since video games and videography have become widely popular today, 5G network can provide great advances in video streaming and in virtual reality. Huawei recently showed a 360-degree demo of live streamed video using a 5G network and it went very well. That is people are elated to finally experience the infinity of connections and possibilities that 5G network could offer.

When will 5G become available?

Most reputable carriers are promising a widespread usage of 5G network in the year 2020. Two years from now, the dream of using 5G in every device that can connect to an internet service will become a reality.

Moreover, during the Mobile World Congress this year, there were several carries who promised to bring 5G network.


This year AT&T assured us to build a reliable 5G mobile internet. AT&T committed to roll out the 5G network into several cities such as Dallas, Waco, Atlanta and Texas being the places to experience the network. However, since it is still novel and experimental, 5G network will not be used alone. LTE will become the backbone for the network.  AT&T 5G system will be rolling out mmWave, 5G network will be minimally seen and become of use when you are close the ground transmitters, unlike the LTE /4G service which is available anytime.


Verizon dreams of becoming the first carrier to implement mobile and fixed 5G system. Because of this great ambition, the company has been continuously developing and updating its architecture. In order to support the fifth generation service. According to Nicki Palmer, the head for wireless network and the chief network engineering officer of Verizon. Fixed 5G system will be widely available to chosen markets in 2018. On the other hand, Palmer did not state a specific timeline for the implementation of mobile 5G. But said that they are still updating their services and become the first carrier to implement 5G system on mobile phones.


Last February 2018, Sprint announced that their company will roll out 5G system in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Atlanta in 2019. Just like other companies, Sprint will also use the power of LTE network. As the backbone network for picking up 5G coverage in some areas.


Neville Rey, the chief technology officer of T-Mobile announced that 5G will roll out to cities like Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas in 2018. Similar with AT&T, the 5G network service of T-Mobile will link strong LTE service.

Since we are part of the developing world, we are hoping for the betterment of the quality of living. Yet not comprising the needs we need to address. Having a smartphone becomes a vital nee today most especially if it is connected to an internet connection. Over the limitless world of internet, we are trapped with the concept of our fast moving way of life. Where people in our lives come and go, where virtual relationships becomes more operational.

Using 5G network is a big success in the world of internet and technology and we must be thankful for it. Because it will allow us to experience an interconnected system of devices and services with very minimal internet interruption. In the midst of this new innovation, our relation to this new technology will not be surpassed until it is fully implemented and operational. Our great hopes for the future will continue to shine thinking that 5G network will help us live our lives more comfortable as it is today. Surpassing the wonders that our current internet services have provided us.

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