Tech’s Eye View on the Internet of Things Platform

Internet of Things Platform

Tech’s Eye View on the Internet of Things Platform

Being able to Connect – It seems like this has been the norm for everyone all around the world. When everyone talks about the Internet of Things (IoT). The trend of IoT and Internet of things platform continues to be rapidly impacting our way of living and interacting in our daily lives. Variety of insights from IoT, i.e., traffic conditions, weather stations, and transport-sharing vehicles has provided the linkage between human behavior, and technology. With massive impact in today’s digitally and rapidly changing world, it boils down to many companies, businesses, and enterprises investing in connectedness, and join in the IoT marketplace.

Having internet connectivity does not guarantee immediate returns and success of one’s business. It needs to have other essential costs such as network infrastructures, web services, and other data- related assets. After all, the success of the Internet of Things Platform is determined through long-term customer satisfaction by providing continuous value to them, and by delivering recurring revenue for your business.

Internet of Things (IoT) Platform is significant nowadays, but congested and confusing due to several competitors, and combined services in the marketplace. To the traditional market, there are commonly two significant competitors such as Mac and Windows for Operating Systems. While Android and Apple for Mobile, and small businesses playing along. However, IoT does not have this scenario yet. Thus, more industries are offering a wide range of services in the market which makes it more challenging to establish an actual competition.

A variety of IoT Platform comes in different sizes, and shapes. Besides, there are also IoT Platforms tailored explicitly to various industries such as healthcare, industrial, logistics, automotive, and real estate to name a few. There are a variety of platforms for augmented reality while there can be platforms for pets.

When it comes to the IoT Platform, an overwhelming array of choices are readily available in the digital marketplace comprising different capabilities. As a result, business owners and developers will have the confusion regarding which option to choose. As well as which among the many options is best for their business.

It all boils down to one common question – what is the platform? A platform is a common ground of an operational environment consisting of hardware, software, data, and connectivity. These components are essential in designing business solutions, and application maintenance. In the world of IoT, platforms exhibit a unique and vital role in every business and enterprises including small companies and startups. Platforms consist of applications that are deployed to support, monitor, control connectivity, and manage data.

With the variety of IoT Platforms around us, there are also several presses, opinions, thoughts, and emotions especially from tech-savvy people. Without a doubt, it can either be a good topic for debate, or a sensitive one; however, one thing is for sure – IoT has influenced us in the way we interact, live, and work in our day-to-day lives.

IoT affects privacy and security

With more connected devices, there will also be an expanding threat to internet security and vulnerability; thus, the more probabilities of being hacked. Nowadays, personal information is more vulnerable to security breach compared to the older times.

IoT affects several industries

In the modern world, business and enterprises continue to adopt technology-based solutions for their business needs for adequate and substantial returns of their revenues. With almost everyone connected to the internet, several industries have taken, and implemented IoT in their processes; thus, IoT is present in most sectors.

IoT makes revenues

With several opportunities, many companies invest in technology-based decisions and solutions; thus, business owners and developers join the trend in the marketplace towards better and reliable services for their customers. Business invest in solutions; therefore, implementation of IoT makes money for enterprises and industry.

IoT transforms traditional dealership strategies

IoT has slowly changed the way we shop and buy things online. With the invention of virtual reality, it will soon be possible for shoppers to fit clothes/shoes online, inspect cars using an augmented-reality feature. And to try to purchase medicines without leaving the comforts of one’s home. These practical features make it possible to buy things effortlessly through blended digital, and in-person experience.

IoT generates a growing demand for I.T-related work opportunities

Thanks to IoT, it has generated more work opportunities for people who love to work in I.T. With the advancement of different technologies, the world of programming has also evolved; thus, I.T-related work opportunities are always in-demand even in today’s rapidly changing world.

IoT changes the retail industry

One of the benefits IoT has shown in the retail sector is the improved customer service and has made it easier to collaborate with their partners in delivering products, and services. Also, marketing and advertising strategies of retail businesses such as sponsored ads, digital signages have replaced the traditional marketing and make it more cost-effective and improvised.  

IoT has revolutionized the healthcare industry

Because of several IoT strategies and solutions, the healthcare industry has slowly adopted their processes to IoT Platforms. Doctors and patients will soon have virtual check-ups and consultations; thus, the reduction of in-person interactions makes it more convenient, and time-efficient for both doctors, and their patients.

IoT has enabled a smarter city

One benefit of allowing IoT in a city is through improvised transportations. With more people being able to afford private vehicles, it is no doubt it has been one of the city’s lifeline. Shipping is one of the most necessities of average citizens in large cities. Without IoT, there will be no ways to improve transportation and eliminate the inconvenience of a daily commute.

IoT encourages people to make smarter decisions

To have an edge among business competitors, one of the most critical aspect is to create intelligent technology-based choices. With most business and enterprises adopting digital/technology solutions, it is essential to make smarter and effective decisions to keep-up with the rapidly changing world.

IoT has advantages and disadvantages

Just like any other aspects of technology, there will always be advantages and disadvantages. IoT is not created the same; thus, there are always differences and variations in the results they provide. IoT will not fix everything, as well as it is not a one-box-fits-all type of environment; however, IoT helps drive businesses to greater heights in the competitive marketplace.  

Now that we have summarized the different points of view regarding the Internet of Things Platform, there is always the floating question as to how to choose the right IoT Platform for one’s business needs. The first step to choosing the right platform starts with a good understanding of your business strategy. While there are several platforms available in the marketplace, it all boils down to the ideal choice that will be suitable for your business needs.

1. Identify the problem

Examine which part of your business needs a concrete solution. What issues are occurring in your business? What type of questions is in scope for your business that requires expertise?

2. Gather solutions

Make a short-list of possible solutions to the problem. Research several solutions, and create use cases as the basis of the solution for the underlying problem.

3. Ask expert’s advice

Ideally, every business owner needs to ask professional’s recommendations to direct into the right solution. There are several reliable companies with a proven track record and extensive expertise in the world of the Internet of Things Platform such as XYZies that are willing to provide technology solutions and services tailored to your company’s needs.

In the world that is getting more connected every day, it is no doubt that the physical world will eventually become a significant platform of the interconnected information system. Connected devices continue to rise every single day; thus, human interaction is significantly affected by IoT. Almost everything surrounding us can be integrated with IoT from wearable devices to weather monitoring, IoT has no doubt modified the way we live.

Humans are the primary factors that are significantly affected by this trend. Gone are the days where we rely on dial-up connections, and keypad-enabled phones. Nowadays, the daily commute is possible through ride-sharing applications and traffic-monitoring systems which help the public predict their way of commuting life. Asset management has become easier nowadays through the integration of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems that enables real-time tracking, and monitoring of assets.

Different opinions and emotions have been erupting here and there. Some people are happily adopting, and enjoying the benefits, the IoT has brought, while some people prefer the simplicity of life where people get to interact more often during dinners without having to be on the phone scrolling through their social media accounts. It is solely up to everyone on how they are going to make their way through in this rapidly evolving and digital age.

What is your view on the Internet of Things? How does the implementation of the Internet of Things affect the way you interact with the people around you?

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