Top WiFi Providers in the West – A Quick Glance

Top WiFi Providers in the West – A Quick Glance

Before the inception of the now commonly known WiFi (which stands for Wireless Fidelity), the wireless access of internet connection; ubiquitously provided now by the top WiFi providers of our time — the internet connection then was made possible through the use of ethernet cables. If the user wants to connect to the network, one will need an ethernet cable and this cable will be connected to the computer’s ethernet port and the other end should be connected to a network switch that is also connected to a modem.


Because of the hassle and cost of internet in the past, internet connectivity for public use was scarce and was limited to school and library use, but this meant that student’s internet use was controlled by the school administration and was heavily monitored and limited for academic purpose, and as for the latter; not all library customers who wish to use the internet could be entertained as it may have required money to be prioritize.  To add to that, the number of computer units and internet speed distributions was still limited during those times. Privileged families who could afford to own a computer and their internet connection for personal and private use were the only ones who could thoroughly enjoy the benefits and advantages of the internet before the rise of internet and WiFi accessibility we now commonly have in the present.


Over the years, technology has progressed, and year by year; new solutions have been introduced to better the human experience. One of the said fetes achieved by the advancement of technology is the invention of WiFi. WiFi introduces a wireless connection of your devices to a network. This presents excellent convenience on either setup and connection. When connecting to a wireless network from your device that is WiFi capable, the WiFi radio in the invention should be on. The user will then need to access the settings related to WiFi then find the list of SSIDs (Service Set Identifiers) or merely the name of the wireless network that the said devices are connected to that is being broadcasted by a WiFi access point or a repeater nearby. If the user wishes to connect to that network, one will need the correct SSID to connect to it. Some may or may not require a network password to connect to the WiFi depending on how they were set up.


Access points are devices that broadcasts the SSID of the wireless network that they cater while WiFi repeaters re-amplify the signal of a faraway access point.  It also transmits the same SSID that the access point is also broadcasting, which is an essential factor to consider as the range of the WiFi is limited to a specific distance depending on the signal strength transmitted by the source of the connection.


WiFi is ideal when you want to save money and not want to deal with cable organization. Because it is wireless, it can accommodate more users with no additional network device purchase versus the wired connection. For multiple users to connect in a wired connection, the network will need a network switch. A network switch allows multiple users to connect to a network via its specified number of ethernet ports. The number of users is limited to how many switches or ports the web have.


WiFi may be used personally at home for the self or for the family and at a work environment and at public businesses and locations where the public can access it for the benefit of the owner of the connection as well as the consumers.


The main advantage of broadcasting WiFi in an area is it will attract people. WiFi consumers are attracted to businesses and locations where WiFi is available generally because they may use the connection to their benefit; for work such as research and entertainment such as online gaming, and these can be enjoyed alongside the amenities already provided by the business


The business of using WiFi to their advantage to attract customers may also have their setbacks. One of these setbacks may be the extended use of the connection over an extended period. To avoid this and limit their usage of the WiFi connection; voucher codes for WiFi access are usually given when you purchase something from businesses such as cafes or restaurants. They offer request-to-access WiFi wherein the wireless network is open, but once in, a portal appears requiring the user to input the said voucher code. WiFi access in this setup has a timer for each user connected. When the timer is up, the user will be automatically disconnected from the WiFi connection. This allows customer turnaround and network de-congestion, and for them to avail for more time on the internet access, they will have to purchase another product to avail of another internet voucher.


Public WiFi hotspots are a kind of WiFi that is purposefully set where it is just open for everyone in public to access without having to purchase products from a business or avail of voucher codes. When connecting to a public WiFi hotspot, it may still display a portal for one to register one’s device, phone number, etc. Depending on the connection it may still be limited for a specific time that may disconnect your connection after it has reached its limit. You can find this connection in malls, convenience stores, bus stations, train stations, airports, parks, etc. They sometimes exist to manage people’s irritability on unsuspected inadequate service especially on bus stations, train stations, and airports where there are delays in departure.


When most of the devices you have at home are WiFi capable, it is better to have a WiFi setup. Some top WiFi providers offer this as a default when availing a home internet plan. If you are in the market for a good WiFi and internet plan for your home, small or big business, here are some WiFi deals that are offered by top WiFi providers in the west.


Optus (Australia)

Optus offers instant WiFi. “Plug in your modem and go – connecting has never been easier.… Connect wirelessly to the Optus 4G network without the hassle of cables or landlines.” At 70 AUD per month, you get 200 GB of data in a 24-month contract with 0 AUD modem charges. There is also a month-to-month contract with a 199 AUD upfront for modem charges but offers unlimited data for 90 AUD.


Bell (Canada)

If you are in an area in Canada where “wired access is impractical or simply not available”, from one of the top WiFi providers, Bell offers Fixed Wireless Internet where you can enjoy download speeds of up to 5 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 1 Mbps and 10 GB of monthly data usage, and it comes with free WiFi home network for 60 CAD in a 2-year contract. You can also avail the Home Hub 3000. It delivers fast whole home WiFi thanks to its access points that are called pods that can be placed throughout the home. The seeds work as a team with the home hub to create seamless, powerful WiFi network in every room it’s in. The device also has band steering and channel hopping features wherein it continuously optimizes your system based on when and where your devices access the system in your home. It comes with an easy-to-use app where you can manage your entire home network that includes a parental control for kids, managing shared access with guests and password update. You can also take advantage of the optional battery backup that will give you 4 hours of internet access when power outages happen. The device comes with Fibe TV bundle which one can avail at 99.90 CAD per month and avail the Home Hub 3000 for 7 CAD per month or 199 CAD spot cash. Avail four (4) pods for rental at 5 CAD per month. Every additional seed is at 2 CAD per month.


PostOffice (UK)

PostOffice offers a free standard WiFi router with their Unlimited Broadband Premium package that starts at 18 GBP per month and 7 GBP upfront. One can enjoy the Unlimited Broadband plan with speeds at 11Mb. They also offer a free Fibre WiFi router with the Fibre Broadband and the Fibre Broadband Plus packages. The Unlimited Fibre Broadband plan is at 26 GBP per month and 25 GBP upfront with speeds at 35 Mb. Lastly, they also offer the Unlimited Fibre Broadband Plus plan at 31 GBP per month and 25 GBP upfront with rates at 63 Mb. All plans are in an 18-month contract. All plans offer unlimited usage, so you can use it how much you want.



AT&T offers internet packages that come with free WiFi router. Starting at 40 USD per month, you get internet with 1 TB monthly including the WiFi Gateway router to connect your devices and also comes with the AT&T Smart Home manager app to set up and manage your home WiFi network. Next at 65 USD per month consists of the internet for 12 months and 24 months for TV. You get over 155 of your favorite channels plus you get HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ, CINEMAX for the first three months with no extra cost. Included in monthly equipment fees for the HD DVR, WiFi Gateway router, and AT&T Security Suite.


Spectrum (USA)

Spectrum, one of the top WiFi providers in the west, offers WiFi internet packages starting at 44.99 USD per month, the Spectrum Internet, offering speeds at 60 Mbps. At 89.98 USD per month, you get TV Select and Spectrum Internet that provide speeds at 60 Mbps, 125+ channels and a free DVR service with no modem charge. To know more, go to

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