Top Internet of Things companies around the world

Top Internet of Things Companies

Top Internet of Things companies around the world

The Internet of Things is here to stay, and it is poised to completely revolutionize the world in more ways that we can ever imagine.  Despite only becoming a “thing” just recently, the new technological trend has actually made an impact in our lives in more ways than we can imagine.  It also had changed how we run our businesses, similar to how steam engines and electricity had revolutionized the modern world. Recognizing the possible impact of this new form of technology, several Internet of Things companies have now sprouted up in different countries around the globe.  Aside from the brand new startup companies, more established corporations have also now expanded their operations to focus on developing different Internet of Things devices and applications. These well-established companies have poured billions of their capital into building new departments and subsidiaries to build upon the concept.  The top internet of things companies that will be mentioned here all recognize the importance of developing this new technology as it will definitely be ushering a new age of progress for everyone.

For those that are unfamiliar with the concept, the Internet of Things is basically the growing network of devices and objects that are all capable of sending and receiving data through the use of different communications protocols, including the internet infrastructure, Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, and RFID. T he concept was first conceived some time in 2009 to 2010 when devices such as smartphones, smart vehicles, smart television, and other smart gadgets began to dominate the internet’s bandwidth.  Basically, before that time, much of the internet had contained data and information placed there by actual people. These included ebooks, documents, music, and videos uploaded by people for the consumption of other people.  With the advent of smart technologies, different machines and devices started to use the internet infrastructure to share their own sets of data. Hence the “Internet of People” was overlapped by the Internet of Things.  It is expected that by 2020, there could be more than 20 billion connected devices that are being used around the world.

Everyday objects such as vehicles, light bulbs, watches, lamps, speakers, and even refrigerators are already being transformed into the Internet of Things devices. These devices are slowly gaining the ability to sense their surroundings by gathering different data using onboard sensors. These data can then be sent to other devices, which will, in turn, allow other devices to function accordingly depending on the situation or how they had been programmed.  With different devices slowly becoming “smart,” less human interaction will be needed for them to properly function. A simple example would be a smart light bulb that will be able to turn itself on and off depending on the ambient light around it or if there is actually somebody in the room.  A simple light bulb will be able to determine these parameters with the use of add-ons such as a photovoltaic sensor and a motion sensor. Additionally, a light bulb equipped with communications capabilities can be turned on by other devices as needed.

Companies leading the Internet of Things revolution

To make the Internet of Things possible, microprocessors and sensors have to be even more affordable and portable than ever before. Currently, most of the technology is already available at relatively reasonable prices. Having access to smaller and affordable, batteries, memory chips, processors, and sensors will increase the capabilities of the modern-day Internet of Things devices. ARM is one of the largest semiconductor manufacturers in the world that is making huge waves in the mobile computing market. The company is launching several new microchips, called Project Trillium, which is designed for use on different IoT applications. Hitachi has also recently launched two subsidiary companies to focus on Internet of Things development. The company is apparently planning to leverage its long-standing expertise in building industrial and commercial storage products to provide data analysis and visualization services using data collected from the Internet of Things devices. Aside from the ARM, one of the leading Internet of Things companies that are poised to completely change the game is Qualcomm. The company is currently one of the leading manufacturers of microprocessors in the global wireless market. The company had positioned itself to become a major player in the future of the Internet of Things by developing different technologies that will be vital to its worldwide implementation. The company is currently the leading provider of lightweight microprocessors, cutting-edge communications hardware, and even IoT-focused routers.

Paving the road for IoT

Without the internet, the Internet of Things wouldn’t really exist. This is mainly the reason why telecommunications companies such as AT&T is still considered to be major players in the game. AT&T, along with the other major wireless network carriers, are all focusing on expanding their infrastructure to accommodate the increased traffic brought about IoT devices.  All of these Internet of Things companies are betting big on their networks becoming the major roadways that will be used by future IoT applications.  To make these connections possible, companies such as Cisco are building important components within the internet infrastructure that will essentially serve as its backbone.  Aside from working with mobile service providers from around the world, Cisco is also acquiring and partnering with different companies to develop different IoT technologies such as connected automobile technologies and narrow-band communications. Speaking of smart vehicles, Bosch is also one of the largest Internet of Things companies to look out for.  Bosch is currently at the forefront of the different Internet of Things technologies, which includes fields such as home automation and connected home devices. The company currently produces different products that were built around connected homes and offices, which it developed in partnership with several other companies. The company has also recently branched out to focus on developing different smart vehicle concepts.

IoT software and infrastructure

When talking about the IoT, one of the leading IoT companies that would likely come to mind for most people is Google. The company is, after all, a veritable cloud and web service powerhouse. The company does have the capital to create big changes in the Internet of Things space and it isn’t really afraid to use it. The company has recently spent billions of dollars on acquiring different IoT companies. The search giant, however, is likely planning to focus more of its efforts on its cloud services, which will become the core of most Internet of Things products.  Google also supplied its own proprietary software platform, which has been designed to become a foundation for major IoT projects worldwide. The company is of course still covering all of its bases by expanding its operations into different fields, including commercial smart home products, artificial intelligence research, and mobile products to name a few. Similar to Google, Microsoft is also busy developing its cloud platform. However, Microsoft’s main IoT product is its SaaS offering that was designed to let users create their own IoT software implementations on different scales relatively quickly.

IBM is also one of the many Internet of Things companies that is developing its own artificial intelligence system that may one day automate most IoT devices. The company is planning to implement is new Watson AI into its different services and products very soon. IBM recently featured its advanced AI beating high-level players on Jeopardy. The company apparently wants to use Watson’s powerful machine learning capabilities to help analyze the mass of data created by the large-scale Internet of Things implementations.

Products and industrial applications

When it comes to IoT products, Samsung is one of the biggest IoT companies that are making it big in the particular sector. The company had previously announced big plans for IoT. Samsung recently created the ARTIK smart-IoT software platform in an attempt to dominate the market. Aside from developing different software and platforms, the company is also busy churning out different IoT products for the commercial market, which includes smart home appliances, smart television sets, and smartphones. The company is one of the leading companies in the world when it comes to embedding IoT tech into everyday appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines.

For industrial IoT applications, GE and Siemens are two of the companies that are currently leading the pack. These companies have deep roots in the world of industry with thousands of products already in active use. GE is currently leading the way with its recently Industry 4.0 movement focusing on the implementation of next-generation instrumentation for industrial applications. The company also launched its Predix line of products, which is essentially an IoT platform that can be used as the backbone for different large-scale IoT projects. The product can be implemented as a fix-all solution for automating industrial processes. This includes processes such as mass production, manufacturing, preventive maintenance, and quality control. Siemens also has a similar product called MindSphere, which it is also marketing as an industrial platform for IoT applications. Both products can also be used to produce predictive analytics that can be used by companies to increase efficiency and production. Fujitsu has also become a big player in the IoT industry thanks to its partnership with heavyweights such as Cisco and Microsoft. The company is currently developing custom implementations for clients, which it offers alongside its IoT data analysis service. The company also has its hands on different industrial IoT applications, which includes everything from aviation technology to agriculture.  

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