The Internet of Things Trends – 17 Current Trends

The Internet of Things Trends

The Internet of Things Trends – 17 Current Trends

The Internet of Things Trends are changing the business industry and our society. Every Year the internet of Things Trends keeps on innovating and upgrading things as well as what it can do. Every Industry is already investing and implementing the internet of Things Trends. As it keeps growing time and time again. It also changed how it became one of the most powerful innovations of the generation. Indeed that the IoT will become the primary driver of the digital age. New innovations keep emerging and they keep developing the IoT. Creating impact on productivity, process, improvements and enhanced customer service. 

Here are the list of the current trends regarding the Internet of Things:

1. Security

IoT has changed how we run things around and one of the trends in IoT is Security. Every device is connected to each other, having all this data being gathered, monitored and analyzed needs to be secured. Different companies have already applied IoT through their Security process. It was not easy since security is one of the things we want to prioritize for our pieces of information and businesses. The Security in IoT also has changed its approach as they develop not just the system but the hardware, software, and data. Companies are challenging the IoT in Security to strengthen and develop it more. 

2. Digital Twin

At a Reduced Cost, the Digital Twin accelerates the product development timeline. The Digital Twin allows product developers to create, test, build, monitor, maintain and service products in a virtual environment. It means that the Digital Twin empowers organizations to shift to an operations-centric view. Predictive maintenance enables front-line personnel to act before costly delays or failures occur and keep product development.

3. Cognitive Computing

The Internet of things has open a lot of opportunities for Cognitive computing. IoT allowed Data gathering and Analysis to monitor with the capability to act, diagnose and adjust to its environment without any Human Interaction. IoT allows devices to function in a very smart way that it can combine multiple data that they gather and Identify its pattern and create an analysis base on those patterns. 

4. Everything is interconnected

Devices are now connected to each other through the IoT that it can generate real-time analysis and data. IoT changed our society how we lived, and communicate with each other. Imagine a diabetic patient that has a device connected to IoT and transmits Data to its Physician to create an initial intervention before anything happens. Everything is already connected to the Internet that our life has changed so much. 

5. Expansion of Smartphone Devices

IoT allows Devices to be connected to each other, so as IoT develops every year Smart Devices will be very much common for everyone to use. As the availability of IoT becomes more visible to the people the growth of the number of smartphone devices will definitely rise up to compensate for IoT’s availability. It can be for a personal use, business, government or any Industry that will apply IoT. 

6. Big Data and AIAs the number of smartphone increases

Given the development of this technology it will demand a Bigger Storage device for all this information. As well as the need to develop the right system that will monitor and analyze the data precisely than a manpower. 

7. Personalized Marketing Platforms

As consumers around the world is connected to this devices, different marketers can be able to personalize their marketing strategy based on the information provided. They can be able to give you better options with what you need and make great offers to help you with what you need. 

8. Smart Home Devices

This is one of the latest innovations today that will be part of the Internet of Things Trend. People are now connecting their devices to TV’s, Speakers, Alarms and more appliances is being available for connection through smartphones. This will be a game changer for everyone’s lifestyle. Another big driver of the IoT smart home adoption is the need for energy saving. Smart thermostats and smart lighting help conserve energy and keep the bills down, which will be another big reason more and more people turn to IoT powered devices in 2018. 

9. Edge Computing

Initially IoT relies on data storage in Cloud, however, IoT Storages is being developed and Edge may be used for this. This will be one of the changes that we need to look forward to. IoT developers and manufacturers are now beginning to realize the usefulness of storing, computing and analyzing the data on the edge. Basically, it means that instead of transferring the data in the cloud, the data is first transferred to a local device situated closer to the IoT device or on the edge of the network. This Local storage can sort, filter and manage the data, and then we can send a portion of data in Cloud. These can reduce traffic in the network. 

10. IT and OT Collaboration

Information Technology and Operational Technology have been separate domains since. However, this too is working together to achieve success in developing IoT. We can look forward to more collaborations of different Technologies and Companies just to innovate and advance the IoT. 

11. The Vulnerability of the Internet of Things

Since millions of devices will be connected to each other as years pass by, IoT is becoming more vulnerable to attacks and to be used for financial gain only. That is why one of the greatest advancement in IoT is its security. Especially the gathering, monitoring and analysis of data. 

12. The Internet of Things will pivot into a business Value

Yearly IoT is being known to the people and businesses that they are starting to be curious in what IoT can do for their life and business. The Internet of things will start to become known and marketable as people see the advantages of IoT and how it can help them change their lifestyle and business. 

13. Digital Transformation Initiatives

Especially those centered on customer experience, will drive IoT expansion. Building a technology infrastructure is relatively easy. The challenge is managing the data gathered and making that impacts of the health of the business.

14. Machine Learning

Machine learning represent a tremendous opportunity for IoT. To be able to predict when a machine needs any repair. Self-optimizing production, and demand response are only a few application examples. With existing network infrastructure likely to be used for “connected things”. The investment spend on analytics will be higher as companies find new ways to make sense of the vast amounts of smart device-generating data.

15. The Rise of Mergers and Acquisition

As the IoT become more popular in different industry, many investors will join together to develop this technology more and have better results and figure out intervention with different challenges that the IoT will be facing. Different domains and Industry will be merging their businesses to make this IoT a success. 

16. Employment

To maintain a workforce and drive success, companies must listen to their employee base and apply corporate principles to social and political activities. Companies will need to hire upcoming generations who thrive on a values-driven corporate culture.

17. Increase in Smart Cities

With increasing connectivity between people, data and things, the public sector will begin embracing smart cities, where sensors and automation enhance the reliability of services, especially in the areas of safety and environment. IoT sensor data enables use cases including improved environment, quality service, traffic patterns, safety, incident prediction, and improved citizen identity.

Above are just a few of the Information of Technology Trends. As years pass by there will be more trend and innovations that will rise to ensure the success of IoT. As the IoT advances and shows its latest Innovation there will be challenges as well. That is why constant learning and being open to new ideas is important to make this IoT a consistent success. The goal is not just to earn in IoT as a business but rather to help people live a better life. With the rise of more opportunities and innovations. 

In Conclusion

The development of a great technology like this is not a walk in the park. This is rather an inspiration to the current issues and struggles of everyone that makes it possible to innovate something like the Internet of Things. As for the people, what we can do to help is for us to know this kind of advancement in our society. Being on the look out with the current technology can help us support this kind of projects. This is eventually be of use by everyone to live a better life as well. 

With the constant and swift changes technology is going through, our only option is to adapt. Indeed change is invetable. Along with humanity’s adaptation is to assess if these changes we go through would greatly provide a positive or negative impact.

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