What is The Internet of Things and the Impact in Our Lives

The Internet of Things

What is The Internet of Things and the Impact in Our Lives

The digital era has gone to a number of breakthroughs – from smartphones to smart televisions and many other application upgrades. While these innovations have nothing but a single goal, which is to alleviate the lives of people, this can also create confusion when in rush and taxed with all the demands in life. What do I answer first? How do I manage all these tasks? Can I have an extra hand? To solve this raging issue, the Internet of Things has been conceptualized.

Bridging the gap between the physical and virtual world, the Internet of Things or IOT aims to connect all available devices, appliances, automobiles, and other gadgets with electronics, software, sensors, and connectivity. Through the Internet of Things, the aforementioned things are able to network, connect, and exchange data in a more convenient and faster pace even without human to human or human to computer interaction. Ideally, this has been imagined to result to faster transactions, efficient and credible outputs. As well as an increase in economic stability.

A Quick History

IOT has been developed for ages but was only officially termed on 1999. On its earliest form, it allows programmers to connect machines to the computer. Using the internet and determine whether there were enough products for the machine to supply. This is even without them checking physically. Since then, IOT technology has been integrated in different fields. Such as  business, engineering, agriculture, health, transportation, and energy consumption, through various mechanisms. The term IOT is believed to be coined by Kevin Ashton of Procter and Gamble in phrase where he said that such network is the “Internet for Things”.

IOT Applications

In a survey conducted in across highly urbanized and digitally advanced countries, United Kingdom, United States, Japan, and Germany. It revealed that more and more devices are to use IOT in this year and the years to follow. Appliances like smart refrigerators, television, and thermostats are most likely to change. This is in accordance to how it will be personally designed based on the user’s needs. In a report generated by Cisco, IOT will be bringing a wave of change. That would totally alter the life we are living today. How will it change? Read on.

Predictive Measures

In various factories, IOTs are maximized using the sensors installed on the different manufacturing equipment. It is now easier to track which machines need maintenance; thus, cutting the cost of further destroying the machine which may lead to acquiring new machines.

Energy Conservation

There has been a gradual decrease in energy consumption in companies and homes that utilizes IOT. Because sensors monitor things like lighting, temperature, and energy usage. It automatically shuts down appliances and things after using or when not in use. Not only that this helps in monitoring the energy consumption. This also adds a safety feature in the appliances at home. Should there be issues on short circuits and overcharged gadgets. In turn, this would reduce time, energy, and money used at home.

Agricultural Efficiency

With this changing weather conditions, plants are very much vulnerable to damages. And are highly at risk of getting wasted once not being treated properly. To ease out the burden among farmers and farm owners, outdoor agriculture using IOT can be maximized. In ways like sensing soil moisture with due respect to the type of plant farmed. Installed in its irrigation system, crops are now only watered when needed; thus, resulting to a gradual decrease in water consumption. Aside from irrigation, sensors can also be installed in order to monitor the environmental condition of the farmland. This is applicable to both indoor and outdoor. To maximize production, these sensors can specifically tell the humidity, temperature, and light of the room. Which would then lead to a better environment conducive for growing the desired crops.

Poultry Surveillance

Unknown to many, livestock should be tightly monitored as well. With IOT applications, it is now possible to track the well being of the animals in the farm. Gathering all possible data, sick and dying animals can easily be traced; thus, immediately attending to their needs and saving the other animals from a widespread of diseases. In addition, these data would surely be of real help to farmers. As well as poultry owners to increase the production of their animals.

Inventory Adequacy

With the use of RFID or NFC tags, it is easier now to locate the products needed and if these products are still available. Because of this, one can already save time from looking for these products. Moreover, knowing the number of items available, owners can easily identify what products are best selling and needs to be replenished; thus, reducing the labor of physical inventory.

Advanced Healthcare and Safety Precautions

With the world more connected than ever, it is now easier to gather data on current information about disasters, law enforcement, and emergency rescue when needed. To improve health care and tighten security, IOT has heightened its surveillance, monitoring, and detection on the aforementioned risks amongst individuals. Tracking tools are now maximized to prevent crimes and to efficiently respond to emergency cases.

Elderly Care

While technology has been viewed as something akin to the new generation, it can as well be utilized by the elderly; most especially that it’s them that needs more attention and immediate assistance. Special surveillance devices can be used by elders these days in order to detect emergencies – like heart attack, fall, and other risks. With this, even if there’s no one with them for the moment, response can then be deployed for them in just a single click or even by just the feedback given by the sensor.

Environmental Check

With the growing number of air pollutants these days, it is of much importance that individuals know how dangerous for their health the environment can be. Using this technology, radiation, pathogens, and air quality can now be checked; thus, immediate response can be done – like evacuation. Moreover, since these sensors can easily track a sudden change in the environment, it can as well aid researchers in studying the alteration that has happened, which then hopefully would lead to sustainable solution.

Breathe from Stress

It might sound like one of those sci-fi movies, but it’s actually coming to life already! While you are on your way home, you can already connect your smartphone or automobile to give instructions to your other appliances at home – say, preheat food which you have prepared earlier or adjust the temperature of the house prior to your arrival. With this, you no longer need to stress yourself with all the needed food preparation and other adjustments as you have already set them while you are on your way back.

Personalized Wearable

Hitting two birds in one stone, wearable right now does not only function as simple watch or smartphones, they can already track your fitness regimen and other health requirements. In a single click, you can get all the information you needed at that given time of the day – say, time, latest news, places to go to, favored playlist, and even messaging. Wearable are created with sensors that would collect and analyze the given data of the user. These data are then processed and are immediately given to the owner.

Highly Effective Cities

Looking now on a bigger scale, when Internet on Things are maximized to its fullest potential, it is easier to imagine a highly effective city with topnotch sensor settings that can provide surveillance, transportation update, energy management, water distribution, and urban monitoring. This will hopefully help solve the unending problem with regards to traffic, as people are now informed how congested a certain area can be at a particular time of the day.

This would also inform them on a more convenient route which is densely populated with automobiles. In addition, finding a parking space would no longer be a problem as these sensors can directly feed individuals with the real time situation of the parking lots within the city proper (or on a chosen location). Lastly, this would also minimize cases of tampering, car-napping, and any other malicious acts as surveillance all over the city has been made. Though this is quite ambitious for the moment, by and by, with more people adopting to this innovation, a highly effective city would surely find its way one of these days.

The Internet of Things for You

The future of the use of IOT is quite fascinating and interesting. Indeed promising things can be achieved when you open your mind to possibilities. While these could sound a dream for now, many of these features are actually practiced as of today. You can even try it at home! With this growing need to be able to accomplish tasks faster than ever and to be able to lessen the burden of attending to different gadgets and appliances one at a time, see how www.xyzies.com can help you with your needs! Not only that we give fast and reliable products and assistance, we most specially provide home plans that would suit your daily need.

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