The Different Kinds of IoT Products and Applications

IoT Products

The Different Kinds of IoT Products and Applications

Being the most curious living creature, we are always wondering on how to improve our way of life. As well as provide better services to the community. Because of our continuous eagerness to live the life given to us, we crave for more and more development and innovations. Thus leading the birth of internet and technology. Internet and technology has influenced our lives more than we can have imagined. More of our activities both public and personal are now involved with internet. So that we can connect to the world. As we strive hard to be connected all the time, a system was introduced to us. Where everything is connected through a complex of networks, called the Internet of Things. Internet of things or commonly called as IoT can be applied to a wide variety of applications and IoT products.

These applications provide us various kinds of services where we can easily access online. IoT products starts from the simplest services up to the most comprehensive platforms.

Are you curious enough to know more about Internet of Things? Ever wonder what it offers to humankind most especially to millennial like us? Well, stay put and do not lose your interest. As we journey to the place of scifi world of internet of things.

Learning more about IoT

Internet of things was first termed during 1999 but had become popular around 2008. IoT is a system where ordinary devices and gadgets turns into “smart” objects. It is certain that you have the work “smartphone, smart TV and so on. These smart devices have built in sensors that are connected in order to collect, store and share data using the power of internet. The devices being collected from the environment will be processed for the purpose of creating smart solutions. As well as better actions to address the increasing demand of people.

The first step in the IoT system is the IoT supported devices that gather data. And send these data through the internet and store the information in the cloud. In order to allow IoT products to completely function. you need a fast and reliable internet connection, most especially during and after the collected data is being stored in the cloud. The system turns the collected data into functional details to the users. These data send alerts in a form of email, text, noise prompt, voice command and many more. In addition, during emergencies like fire alerts, the IoT system will notify the people or users about the current situation. You may imagine a technology that helps us improve our community. As well as prompts us during calamities or dangerous situations like accidents.

Different Kinds of IoT Products and Applications

Smart Homes

Yes, you read it correctly. Today, houses are turning into a smart system as well where activities can be connected. They can be performed and monitored virtually using a smart device that is connected to the internet. Let us focus our attention to joy and company that entertainment provides us in our homes. Smart televisions today are supported with internet of things technology. Where you monitor the shows as well as the time slot. This is helpful to parents who are always not around. Because IoT supported Smart TV will provide them monitoring clearance to the kind of shows their children are watching. Together with the time slot their children are mostly watching television.

There are many kinds of malicious websites that children unintentionally open. This is because prompts are always appearing on the screen. For you to suffice you need for entertainment as well as the need of your children, you may check this link and find out more amazing deals of Cable TV plans and packages. You will not really regret it because you need an internet connection before you can fully enjoy the perks of IoT supported TV. And this company offers many bundles starting from cable TV and mobile phone bundle, or cable TV, home phone, mobile phone. Plus internet or data allocation.

Moreover, have you noticed houses that have voice command features? Well, IoT is one of the secret to it.

The classic example of voice command in IoT is the lighting in your house. Which you can easily turn on the light before you enter your house and turn it off the time you will leave. This will surely help you save more energy and electricity. Since you can access your house remotely just by using IoT system. And of course the power of an internet connection. Let us not limit our imaginations to that. If you are a coffee lover, IoT supported coffee maker is at your service. You can set your coffee brewer when you wake up and your daily dose of caffeine is always on the go.

If you have no time to prepare your bath in the morning because you are not a morning person, you may opt to purchase an alarm clock that is connected to your bathroom or lavatory. The alarm clock will not stop ringing until you get up, thus prompting the bathroom system to automatically prepare your morning mantra.

IoT supported Campuses

One of the main market of internet is the schools and universities where students love to use their smart devices almost all the time. Education has revolutionized adopted the increasing developments in internet and technology. To name a few of the IoT devices visible on school campuses are smartphones, eBooks, kindle, CCTVs, built in sensors in the buses, hallways, laboratories and classrooms, wearables and many more. Wearables are becoming popular today most especially to millennial consumers, particularly fitness wearables.

Many students are wearing fitness wearable where they can monitor their heartbeat, count their calories, hours of sleep, number of steps they made, etc. Body conscious students provide greater importance to their physical appearance that is why fitness wearables are vital to their lifestyle. Another IoT application is the school bus, where parents can monitor the time, location and possible accidents of the bus. This will automatically send notifications to parents and faculty members whenever road accidents occur. IoT system also send signals so that medics and rescue teams can easily locate their locations. It will be a bonus if the car that the medics are using is also supported with IoT because it will provide the medics the easiest and most traffic free routes.

IoT in Cars

As mentioned earlier, IoT supported vehicles will help the driver find a road where there is lesser traffic. Through this you will not be late anymore in your office or classes. It will also detect possible errors in the engine or machine so that you can provide better alternatives before driving off the road. It will provide you the shops and clinics to visit base on the identified defect of your car. GPS is also useful in cars, and internet of things make the most use of it. During road accidents, IoT system of cars will send help to help hotline such as 911 in order to send help as faster as possible.

Risks of IoT system

Internet of things must be supported with fast and reliable internet connection in order to function completely without interruptions. Fortunately, 5g technology is coming to us soon. 5g data and internet will provide higher bandwidth which allows the collection, transmission and reception of data easier.

Since it is connected to the internet, the threat for hacking is always high. This is why companies providing IoT products need to incorporate higher security protocols to their services. If the collected data is hacked, it can be used to fraud, identity theft and other forms of criminal acts. One of the latest example of IoT security issue about the political consulting company named Cambridge Analytica. According to the reports, the company used Facebook to develop portion of voter models without consent. Of course, Facebook is the most used social media application today where millions of people are posting, liking and sharing a massive amount of information. You must put into consideration the security features of every IoT supported device you will purchase such as data encryption or cloud real-time monitoring.

Since IoT has turned cities into Smart cities, risks for security and safety also increases. There are many IoT supported CCTVs that collects data and satellite images on a real-time basis, if the system will be hacked, it can be used a medium to stalking and worst terrorism.

Being a Responsible User

Are you now having confusions after reading the possible threats IoT will bring to your life? Well, don’t be. All you need to do is to always be responsible in everything you perform from the simplest activity of sharing posts on Facebook up to engaging in online banking. Always remember that internet is a world full of limitless possibilities. These possibilities may be beneficial to you at some point or harmful for your well-being. Make sure to think over and over again before purchasing any IoT supported devices and services and always make your security and privacy be the number one priority.

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