Telephone Internet Cable Bundles, What is it?

Telephone Internet Cable Bundles, What is it?

Nowadays, using smartphone is essential and when you do not have one, then you will be out of touch. Internet has offered us a wide variety of possibilities to achieve the most comfortable and convenient way of living we could ever imagine. More and more people, are now patronizing the use of smart devices since it allows us to constantly update, connect and share both our personal and public activities. However, before smart devices were invented, the telephone was our mode of communication for quite a long time. Telephones were very effective in transmitting and receiving information without the use of an internet connection. Telephones are usually connected through complex cable wires where signal are coming from. Of course, we are fond of excellent entertainment brought about by television. Today, TVs are turning into smart TVs where we can connect them to the internet and do more than what was imaginable. Cable TVs are also very popular where we can access selected TV cable channels and premium content.  Hence, telephone internet cable bundles was born.

It was created to satisfy the needs of the customer base to have a singular option wherein they can have all their needs for the home provided by a single entity, providing their customers the ease and convenience of one billing statement at the end of the month.

Telephone internet cable bundles are now very common where you can enjoy three services in one contract or package. This has become rampant because of the idea of interconnectivity. Have you ever heard about the term IoT or internet of things? Well, it is the new trend today where there is a system smart devices and gadget will be connected where data is collected, stored and shared. This data will be processed in order to transform it into a useful and actionable information for the user. This will be very useful for bundling telephone internet cable bundles since it will be powered with high speed internet connection.

Moreover, due to the rampant development in the internet and technology industry, 5g internet and data technology will be available soon. This can help internet of things function more effectively and efficiently. If you will connect to IoT to your bundling services, it provides you great comfort and convenience since IoT will send notifications to your smartphone if ever there are activities in your bundled services.

What is Bundling?

Bundling is when two or more services are being offered together in a discounted rate. Some bundles available are telephone and internet bundle, cable TV and internet bundle and the steal deal is the triple bundle of telephone, internet cable bundles where you can surely enjoy great perks and services at a lower cost.

Telephone Internet and Cable Bundles

This is a service offered to subscribers where phone and internet are put into one package. You can use your telephone to make outgoing calls and receive incoming calls as well as enjoy the internet.  There are also instances when three services are bundled in one package in order to allow us to enjoy more on our purchase.

There are many benefits of combining your home phone, internet and cable aside from the discounted price. Here are some perks you may enjoy.

Only ONE Bill

When you bundle telephone, internet and cable you will get only one bill. In terms of budget management, you will only think about one due date which can surely lessen your stress level. We know that we always receive many bills that we need to keep track such credit cards, loans, mortgage, utilities, gasoline, food, etc. it is helpful that we have our communication services bills in one piece. With this, the probability of late payments will lessen since you will only consider about only one bill for three services you have enjoyed and lesser penalties to pay in the long run.

Easier to negotiate

Since you are planning on bundling your home phone, cable TV and internet, you will only need to consider one price to negotiate or to compare prices. This will help you save more time on calling and inquiring on different service providers about their prices and the deals they are offering.

There are many companies offering a wide variety of prices along with the different packages. If you find a company that is suitable for your needs and budget, you can easily negotiate with them since you will be subscribing to their bundles. They will surely offer you lower prices for great deals.

Add-on Bonuses

Most companies will offer you bonuses and perks when you opt to subscribe to their three services in a bundle. For instance, some companies will offer you unlimited internet, unlimited cable channels and selected calls for mobile sim cards. There are also few companies offering free modem and free installation together with the unlimited calls and channels you can avail.

Time Saver

Since you only have one bill, you only need to go to one place for payment. You can avoid more lanes for payment cues as well as the time you need to travel for certain payment centers.

How to Choose?

Whether you are new in telephone internet cable bundles or you just moved in to your new abode and you need to acquire these services, being wise enough in selecting among the different plans and packages is a must.

Watch out for Temporary promotions

When you are new to subscribing to a product, you will be amazed about the different promotions companies will offer. But you need to be careful in accepting these promotions because some of them are just temporary and usually last for 12 to 24 months which is usually the lock up contract. The smartest way to keep your contract price consistent since the time you started, always call their customer service and ask about the terms and conditions in the renewal of your contract. Some providers carry over the promotions attached to your previous contract when you renew it. Others call you first and offers upgrades which come with additional costs.  

Shop around & do some research

Since there will be tons of companies offering you their plans and packages, you need to consider the best providers that will suffice your needs and fits in your budget. Before you hit Google, you need to evaluate first your needs and identify your budget for such services. Identify first how much internet you can consume. For instance, if you working at home and use more internet, then you need to choose the packages that have more internet data allocation or unlimited internet access if possible. Or maybe you are consuming more on entertainment because you are fond of watching TV programs. You need to choose the bundle that have more access on different TV channels both local and international. If you are just a typical millennial who always updates, posts and shares information on social media platforms, then maybe you just need an equal allocation for the three services. What you really need to do is evaluate clearly your usage so that your money will be put into good use.

Are you still confuse on the different types of bundles available in the market today? Well, you might want to consider checking out Spectrum’s website through this link or contact their customer service hotline at 1-855-400-1040. Spectrum is one of the generous service providers which offers three services in one package. They called it “Triple Play Bundle”. Triple play bundle includes Cable TV, home phone and high speed internet connection. All three packages in one contract along with exciting deals and lower prices. In order to provide you some ideas about Spectrum’s offers here are some of them.

Select Triple Play

This bundle costs $89.87 per month with a lock-up period of 12 months. You can enjoy over 125 plus cable channels, internet speed up to 60 Mbps, unlimited calls with voicemail. They give this bundle without modem charge with free DVR service in your first box of purchase.

Silver Triple Play

It costs $109.97 per month for 12 months with 175 plus channels. It has unlimited calls with voicemail as well and 60Mbps internet. Similar with the first bundle, you will enjoy free charge of modem service and free DVR for first purchase.

Gold Triple Play

This is the most expensive and highest bundle in the Triple Play bundle which costs $129.97 monthly price good for 12 months. This has more channels that you can access up to 200 plus. Gold Triple Play offers unlimited calling features with voicemail and of course free DVR service for the first box you purchase. The internet is up 60 to Mbps where you can also enjoy free modem.

There are many service providers available in the market, you may search the best providers in your area. The best thing you can do is to ask around your friends, families and neighbors about the services they are using. It is very important to know the company’s customer service, because they will be the one to answer your inquiries anytime you find it necessary.

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