Learning more about different IoT Platforms

iot platform

Learning more about different IoT Platforms

Have you ever heard of internet of things? Internet of things is the buzz word in today’s internet and technology industry and had seen coverage in the news more often lately.  Many people, especially the tech-savvy millennials are getting excited in implementing a myriad of IoT platform in their smart devices and smart homes.  Internet of things is an interconnected system of devices or gadgets in order to collect, store and share data.  IoT makes smart devices to be connected virtually, collecting, storing and sharing data. These data will be processed and turn into useful and actionable information.

Whether you are new to internet of things or an expert, you have probably encountered the word IoT platform”.  It was reported last year that there were over 300 IoT platforms and currently increasing in number which reached to over 700 IoT platforms this year.  Despite the various IoT platforms available and saturating the market nowadays, it is still expected to grow until 2021.

IoT Platform

In order to understand the IoT platform, you need to understand the IoT system completely.  IoT system requires hardware like devices and sensors. These devices and sensors collect information from the environment and perform certain actions.  IoT system also needs internet connection, most preferably fast and reliable internet connection. It needs an avenue in order to transmit the data collected and store in the cloud. Internet of things system also requires users interface where users can interact with the internet of things system.

Internet of things platform is the software that supports and connects the edge hardware, data networks, access points to the user application.  IoT platform acts as the broker between the collected data and the user interface which is usually the mobile application. It usually includes controllers and sensors which opt to send communication network data, a medium to transmit and receive data network.

Things to Consider in the Selections of IoT Platform

IoT is a complex system of networks which needs to automate data and transform into useful and beneficial information for the users. If you are considering of having internet of things system, you need to decide carefully the most suitable for you and according to your needs.

Time or Money? Which is more Important?

If you are a business owner, we always find ways to maximize profit by cutting out inefficiencies and saving on costs by careful management of time and resources.  Case in point is managing different branches, which is quite expensive to maintain if you do not have an efficient way of managing things, which includes communication, inventory and other business affairs.  Although IoT system is costly and platforms that are design to help your company save more time are more expensive, however, in the long run when the system are in place and stabilized, the company can actually save much more than having all the manpower you need to run an efficient organization. For instance, Amazon has announced their new AWS or Amazon Web Services IoT that aims in saving more money to small and large businesses.

Needs and Business Models need to be Met

There are a wide variety of IoT platforms available in the market today, all you need to do is to identify the most suitable platform in your business and make the more profit from it. For instance, if your business is selling hardware, you may opt to incorporate an IoT platform with the license fee. With that you can gain more profit from it.

IoT Platform Reliability

Scaling in real-time basis is very important in order to address the changing demand of the environment and we cannot monitor from time to time. We cannot determine the reasons when messages are disappearing or even the platform is not working properly. If you want to purchase an IoT platform, you need to properly determine the reliability of the platform in transmitting and receiving collected data. Reliability of IoT platform is vital to some services such as IoT implemented in healthcare industry where real-time and concise data is needed. If reliability in IoT platform is low, it will defeat the purpose of implementing internet of things in your businesses or services. So, pay attention the reliability of every IoT platform before purchasing one.

IoT Platform Security

IoT security is the hottest issue in internet of things industry and it points out to the core problem in the absence of standards. If you are choosing what IoT platform to acquire, security must be your number one priority. Since IoT enables your businesses to remotely function and virtually monitored, online hacking can be a big threat as well, most especially if data are collected and stored on the cloud.  IoT platforms should promise adequate security features such as data encryption or security in auditing documents. Nobody wants any information hacked, especially for big companies, because retrieving these data will surely cost more and creates more damage to the company as well.

Types of IoT Platforms

Usually if we talk about IoT platform, we refer directly to IoT application or IoT cloud platform, but there are many kinds of IoT platforms that we still need to be familiar of.


  • IaaS back-ends.


IaaS or Infrastructure as a service back ends will provide processing power and hosting space for services and applications. These back ends are used for desktop and mobile phone optimization


  • M2M or Connectivity Platforms


It focuses mainly in the connectivity of the IoT devices that are connected through telecommunication networks such as SIM cards both postpaid or prepaid.


  • Software platforms for hardware specific


Companies that are selling interconnected devices mostly have built in software backend and is usually not available for everyone on the market, instead only those who purchase their products and services.


  • Enterprise or Consumer Software Extensions


Microsoft Windows 10 allows the integration of interconnected IoT devices and provide their customers with different kinds of operating system and software packages

In order to give more visualization of what IoT can do, here are some few examples of IoT supported applications which can be implemented in smart devices and many more.

Smart Houses

The number of people who want to experience internet of things in houses is increasing, thus creating more options for us to have a more comfortable and convenient way of living.  You may have seen houses where lights automatically turn off before you enter the house or a room, then automatically turn off when you leave as well. It is one of the basic example of IoT in smart houses where lights can be monitored virtually using your smartphone applications. Another popular application of internet of things in households is smart TV. If you are a fan of TV programs and you want to watch your favorite shows but you can’t wait until your home, IoT in smart TV can help you big time as these TVs can be programmed to record TV shows. It is beneficial to parents who want to monitor the TV programs their children are watching as well and can be monitored remotely, how cool is that? There are many companies providing different kinds of Cable TV plans and packages. One of the most respectable companies is Spectrum which offers big discounts and freebies if you avail higher type of packages. They also provide Cable TV with smartphone data plan. It is very convenient for you to use internet of thing in your smartphone and monitor the different TV programs you are planning to watch. You may reach Spectrum through their website http://www.xyzinternet.com/ and discover more exciting deals.

Healthcare Industry

Keeping our health in excellent condition must be our number one priority because as what the old saying says “health is wealth”. If we are healthy, we can do a lot of things and enjoy our lives to the fullest. Healthcare workers can benefit a lot in the IoT system since it can deliver real-time and accurate data from patients. Through real-time monitoring, the time that physicians, nurses, caregivers and other healthcare workers will be lessened thus more time can be spent to patients that needs critical care. In addition, the collected data from patients can be accessed by other physicians who are working in the same hospital, providing better diagnosis to the patient and lessen misdiagnosis.  In turn, patients will have better options when it comes to healthcare.

Self-driving Vehicles

Today, more and more people are getting new cars because the commodity for transportation has worsened giving people a lot of headache in commuting most especially during rush hours.  If you are planning to purchase a new car, you may opt to ask your sales representative if ever they have IoT supported cars. IoT cars have exciting features that will surely provide you great comfort and convenience. One of which is the ability of autonomous cars to immediately detect traffic areas in your usual routes, thus helping to avoid traffic jams and arrive in your destinations peacefully. IoT supported cars are easier to locate whenever there is a road accident where the system automatically contacts medics and other rescue team to assist. Aside from that, for you to prevent accidents on the road, IoT allows the prior engine check of cars before they move to the road. If ever there are possible problems or malfunctions in the engine or other areas, the IoT system automatically sends the nearest automobile shop so that you can have your car carefully checked. In the future, driverless cars may become mainstream due to faster internet connection such as 5G, one of the exciting platforms that IoT has brought.

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