Jobs Affected By Internet of Things

jobs affected by internet of things

Jobs Affected By Internet of Things

By the year 2020, ten billions of data will be streamed through connecting devices using the internet. Along with the altering livelihood and working system, the internet will begin to support additional industries and more businesses which will bring more value to the different industries it will affect and consequently jobs affected by Internet of Things.  Industry executives have already deemed that the internet will make an enormous impact even though it is considered at times uncontrollable.

Besides, the internet is used as a means of communication for a wide range of devices. There are sensors which are responsible for receiving, interpreting and transporting data loaded in the devices of today. One such fine scenario wherein internet can have a great and lasting impact would be in the management of risks let’s say in an electric company.  Let’s presume that every tool in an electric company was able to tie up with the internet, then a worker can receive mobile notifications about lightning damages, lack of supplies, or which areas in the city-block consumes the most energy. Think about it in a broader perspective where electrical communication towers, production appliances, bus stops, vehicles, and constructions are all doing the same thing, wherein data is continuously collected. This will impact many industries and in turn makes everyone’s lives more comfortable.

There will be companies that will use the internet data they have gathered to reach their intended audience and any other risks will be mitigated with the swarm of data that is available for managers and decision-makers to act on.  On the other hand, the internet will carry with it security risks which can affect both private and public security. Gaining the sensitive information from these devices through hacking will become a security nightmare, however, IT security engineers with the knowledge they have with the upcoming trends in Internet of Things and IT security are working hard to make these devices secure with unprecedented levels of security that would be hard to hack.

Are businesses and employees ready to take on all the digital opportunities that the internet will provide?  One of the most significant concerns often mentioned by workers is job automation. There are specific line of businesses or careers which are expected to be replaced by the technologies available in the Internet of Things, such as those tasks that are routinary.  People fear that with the rise of this smart machines, their jobs will be lost to automation.  We need not to harrow in fear however, as all with new technologies coming in, new opportunities can also be gleaned.

In the past, technological progress have shown that there are some occupations that will be definitely wiped out.  One need not to look any further as there are many industries that have all around you vanished with the advent of new technologies, take for example, the telegraph which was superseded by the birth of telephony.  In this age, the revolutionary technology that we are facing is the internet of things, which will be of interest to us on this article.

Changes and modifications in how industries or jobs are done are happening quickly, with job requirements for jobs that are too manual and routinary in the decline, such as those in the banking industry and secretarial jobs and an increase in the need for programmers. Have you ever wondered how the future of the job market will appear now that internet is upon us? How will the internet affect the existing careers we have?  The only thing that’s sure nowadays is that whenever a job will be wiped out or erased in the future, another one will spring out that would complement whatever new technologies have been invented. The only thing one could do is to be adaptable and to face head and be open to learning new things.  However, it is undeniable that each career path will be changed and to fully understand such changes, there is a need to discern between quantifiable and subjective contacts.

1.) The internet economy will bring forth innovation in the fusion of different industries.   One such fine example is the boundary between IT and medicine nowadays is complementary.  With the fusion of different industries, new occupations will be available to leverage both competencies of someone from the field of medicine and someone from the field of IT.  They can work together to bring more convenient solutions to everyone’s medical problems in the future.

2.) The internet is able to create possibilities for employees to be monitored to prevent serious accidents such as falls, of which technology today is available such as those of wrist-bands or badges.  The internet will play a big part in saving people’s or worker’s live in this matter.

3.) Modern job groupings will transpire due to the internet technology. Professional designers, mechanics, embodied medical tool experts, grid reconstruction managers, and network engineers are the type of specialists which will be available for emerging careers in the future because they are examples of skilled based individuals who are capable of understanding a particular industry that deals with new technologies, on top of difficult skills like software development and team management.

Until now, it is hard to forecast a complete array of employment which may be made available by the internet in the coming years.  Most expected that workers are able to foresee their positions being enhanced by technological innovation, plus end up with skill improvements and higher salaries as a conclusion. Moreover, the previous blue-collar worker could be promoted to a white-collar worker with the advancement of technology.

4.) Traditional workers will be one of the categories which will be automated shortly.  Mainly, recurring and low-skill jobs which have survived from computerization will be swapped by technology.

As for low-skill jobs, the level has dropped down and became outmoded.   We have seen this change before during the first few years of the phone industry wherein the manual exchange of communications lines was done by a personnel which eventually was automated and the need for people eliminated.

The internet and automation can let dull and dangerous jobs be substituted by machines and automated equipment that will be able to get things done safely without the risk of lives being lost.  There are mining companies who are aiming to mechanize their process and express preset devices without people then transfer into their mines.

5.) the Latest jobs, mainly those that entail software development, individual skills, and data analysis will be flourish with the growth of businesses that are related to the internet. Companies proposing new services and inventions will employ workers in making their products and services more extensive and highly technical.

6.) There are other jobs though that might not be affected by the internet of things technology. Careers wherein human interaction or feelings are needed such as jobs that are related to creativity, compassion, and instinctive act are those that in the near future will not yet be eliminated by automation.

Workers such as nurses, caregivers, teachers, customer service representatives, home-helps, and therapists are a few of the highest number of employees that is seen not to be affected in the coming years.

But everyone is asking, what are we expecting once the internet continues to flourish?

There are a lot of traditional and lower-skilled work that will be eliminated but there will be new jobs that will be available to these workers.  Workers will be able to discover new kinds of opportunities,  and the ability to learn technologies that will augment them in their daily work.  To build a trusted and reliable internet economy, employees should be made ready to accept the changes, be flexible against different challenges and able to familiarize and develop their skills for the upcoming opportunities.

The advancement in the technology of the internet of things also increases the demands for IT information experts to mitigate and respond to the risks the internet of things economy has created.  In one study in Wales, it was seen that there are 78% additional vacancies for information protection authorities last July 201 compared to the exact month ago when a surge in internet connected devices was seen.

Electronic productions in charge of creating sensor tools for devices in IoT requires extra professional workers to work in these companies.  The increase in data quantity also increases the need for data specialists.  According to Machine Research, there is a prediction where there are at least five hundred businesses which will assign an internet chief within the year.

The power to collect and consume data could make or break a corporation.  An accurate data from the tools available and the right analysis in order to respond optimally will be advantageous to a company that employs these kind of technology.  With the right analysis, a company can cater to the needs of their consumers better and develop procedures or products that suits their customer base.

Companies that offer internet technology is seen to flourish in the coming years, companies such as

As for each company, their role is to guide their workers through during the adjustment period in a new setting by implementing up-skilling of their employees.  They should guarantee that employees will be equipped with technological knowledge and assist them in viewing internet technology positively, in order to manage time and lessen energy.

There are companies which have a highly consumed internet usage due to data collection such as their employee’s info and work line inside the business. Gathered data allow companies to adopt policies and revamp their function area. Concurrently, employers also have to suitably preserve their workers’ privacy and protect their system against the threat. Even though it would not be comfortable seeing regular supervision throughout work but it is still for the best.

Finally, the has its ways of helping businesses and society in comprehending assignment positions, especially with the ability to acquire quality, convenience, speed and the best approaches in applying modern technology.

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