IoT Projects That Are Shaping The World

IoT Projects That Are Shaping The World

The industrial revolution, which began before the 21st century had made technology flourish since then and the first computers were conceptualized during this era which eventually lead to the birth of the internet and IoT.  The first-ever framework of the Internet that had successfully worked was publicized on the latter part of 1960s; the primary motive of the discovery is for giving a piece of information to a massive population at once. In line with this, the first message was sent across to the ARPANET which came from Professor Leonard Kleinrock’s Computer Science Laboratory at the University of California in Los Angeles. All the changes that happened since then had made so much impact to humankind; if indeed such a thing as “time traveling” exists, everybody would be glad to see such how much we have advanced since then.

The Internet of Things was a term first coined by — Kevin Ashton a British Technology pioneer that is working on radio-frequency identification (RFID). Further, it can transfer data to a system of networks that don’t require any human to human interaction, but as simple as a computer to computer interference. The contact refers to the connectivity and syncing of much vital information coming from different data, people, and even the processes of technology. Internet of Things or IoT is one of the useful things from the internet that help renovate the physical world into a better planet wherein inter-connectivity of systems can be achieved; new applications from the smartphones; a highly urbanized city with a significant system monitoring environmental and industrial policies. Hence, IoT gives the user an opportunity to control the capabilities of a simple digital apparatus.

There are at least three essential components that consist an IoT:

  1. The Hardware: It serves as the physical trait of IoT that consists of an antenna, transponder, and transceiver. This is where the instructions are deciphered before passing it to the middleware.
  2. The Middleware: Anything that has been passed through the middleware is where the process of computing for any data analytics takes place, as well as it serves as the data storage. The message will be filtered by a specific software application intended for the purpose and before proceeding to the visualization.
  3. The Presentation: This is the last stop of the deciphered message and considered as the most crucial component of the IoT. The display of the letters, appealing graphics and videos will happen and be presented at this level. Thus, it serves as a bridge that helped change the internet world through the dynamic connectivity of IoT projects.

In line with this, without the help of cloud-based applications, the function of the Internet of things will turn into a waste. Since the cloud-based application is a universal software that is utilized on the middleware that enables it to interpret data coming from different transmitted technology data. The internet of things can be manageable, autonomous, and collaborative with the help of data that can support this innovative advance in technology.

Listed below are an array of IoT Projects that you might not realize is an IoT device or part of an IoT device, which is a result of the different technological mechanism and engineering to make your devices work.

    • Arduino Board is a micro-controller and an open source software. This is suitable for any hobbyists and enthusiasts who strive to develop up-to-the-minute electronic projects. In fact, this isn’t an entire computer package, so it still has to be integrated with the motor driver, WiFi modules, etc.
    • Raspberry Pi works as a full-fledged Linux computer that consumes minimal energy, but it has the characteristics of a laptop/computer. Unlike the Arduino Board, this one doesn’t require any motor drives and Wifi modules to work. Further, this is much updated that you can work and develop any exciting projects because the service of its applications is indefinite.


  • GSM/Wireless IoT-based Projects: From the remote control, the user will be able to manipulate a specific control/action device and monitors it through SMS. In result, it will be easier to give instruction, stay connected; enhance the digitalization; strengthen the networks from the machines to humans then to the Internet. These are what most industries would prefer achieving a faster result, better energy consumption and higher productivity. So, in doing these types of projects will keep you tech-savvy and updated with the modernization.
  • Automated IoT Projects: Nowadays, it’s already favored to see innovative machinery in the production area that will be automated by an engine itself where it has been implanted with the specific instructions. For most industries, this is practiced extensively, because when talking about practicability, the production cost will be reduced, because the work can be done by the machines and without any help from human labor; of course, there will be human labor, but it won’t be that essentially needed, their only job is to supervise and maintain the task of the machine not to cause any delays and errors. Even though, computers don’t tend to get any problems at all or would be self-maintaining. Hence, it’ll be automated to do the labor without or even no human intervention.
  • Vision IoT-based Project: Whenever the light portrays and moves in a particular motion, visually, this creates a pattern almost perceived as one object. These what most vehicles put below the railing system to emphasize movement. There are some cases wherein this is built through an Arduino that serves as the micro-controller of the LED lights.


It is the innate nature of a person that even if he doesn’t need a particular thing, he still searches for it and reaches to possess something, and because of this persistent behavior we often create a way to resolve and invent things to satisfy our curiosities.   These curiosities have an enormous impact in the world we live in today, especially those projects that are in the Internet of Things:

  • Connectivity of technology – Sensors are connected to the devices made which can be programmed easily to do whatever it is designed for.  With the data that is readily shared by the devices, decisions and products can be made in order to make people’s lives more convenient.  Take, for example, the application on your phone such as Uber which could allow an individual to get a ride conveniently through the use of their smartphones.  Or the ever popular nowadays, the many smart home devices available in the market which provides convenience to its many users from automatically setting their home temperature before they arrive to controlling their lighting system in order to save more energy.


  • Modern Industrial Business Internet of Things (IoT) – Many industrial businesses get enormous benefits coming from the Internet of things to sell product efficiently and earn profit easily through the use of the data gathered from the devices and programs.  The internet of things also provides an avenue for people who wishes to work at home through the use of online marketplace that they can even start their own online business at home.


  • Innovative and advance community – IoT gives people an avenue to express themselves through the use of microchips and mechanisms that are available to them.  With the convergence of these smart devices, a smarter community and city can be created whereby, systems and policies are set in place to serve the populace with much ease and comfort.  Surveillance systems and better city management tools would be available to these policy makers or the government in order for them to provide the best services to their people.

In a nutshell, it’s quite fascinating to know that the current generation is more involved in what’s happening in the society.  There are people that would rather spend their summer days discovering and inventing projects that others may find impossible to build. These IoT-based projects helped in cultivating the world to be more efficient and nature-friendly such as wireless connectivity, object to a mobile device controller and mechanisms that would give aid to the government and private institutions. If you are interested to see other IoT projects that might inspire you to build one, you can check and stop by at, and you’ll be amazed by how updated their technology has been since they started their business.

The Internet of Thing (IoT) is continually changing every possible device there is that is connected to the internet that would be beneficial to mankind and transforming all the surrounding things.  It is indeed true that creativity brings your imagination to a different realm which can make it boundless and infinite. Imagination and creativity is what drives people to invent and advance technologies even further.

The advancement of the next generations will depend on the creativity of the developers to come up with exciting new applications, thus creating boundless opportunities for everybody. On the contrary, we can’t hide the fact that this also gives a chance to people with not-so-good intentions to take advantage of the flaws the developers might accidentally commit. Hence, privacy and security must be on the top list of the considerations they must contemplate.

Everything that has been mentioned here has the potential to generate tremendous changes that would benefit mankind.  We just need to be vigilant of whatever new inventions or devices we can make as technology is known to be a double-edged sword, both with good and bad outcomes if not used well.

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