IoT Network in Schools and Universities

IoT Network in Schools and Universities

We human beings are considered the highest form of living things because of our innate curiosity. Curiosity brings us to the top giving us unlimited things to discover and learn. Today, the 21st century is considered the modern era where internet and technology have greater importance to us more than ever and probably impacting most of our day-to-day transactions. Most of us are dreaming to live in an autonomous house or commonly called smart homes. Smart houses are born because of the internet of things. IoT network has greatly influenced our way of living starting from the smallest detail to the most complex one, where sensors and software are installed to collect data, store these data in the cloud, and share the information to the interconnected network. Internet of things is powered by an internet connection and is expected to dominate our lives in the future, good thing 5G data network is coming and it will support the overall functions of IoT.

One of the best application of IoT network is smart houses where gadgets and smart appliances are connected with each other through IoT network system. Have you ever imagined living in a sci-fi like house where everything is automated and can function fully with just one click? Internet of things will help you report to your office or at school on time because you can connect your alarm clock in the internet of things system. It will continue to alarm if you do not wake up on the set time. If you feel that your mornings are horrible and you really do not like waking up early to go to school or work, you may set your coffee brewer to prepare coffee for you so that you will always have your dose of daily caffeine. Internet can also be connected to your car most especially in self-driving cars. These autonomous cars can help detect traffic in your normal route so that you can choose to go another way to quickly get to your destination. Moreover, you may also have noticed some houses where lights automatically turned on before you enter the room and turned off the moment you leave. It is also one of the basic application of IoT networks where everything becomes handy and convenient.

Internet of things is also implemented in our entertainment. They invaded smart televisions and provide infinite possibilities to most of us. Using IoT connected smart television, you will be able to monitor the TV programs even if you are away from home. The time that the TV shows are being aired can also be monitored. This is very useful if you are an avid viewer of a certain TV show. Most of us are hooked with TV shows and cannot wait to watch for another episode. Of course, you need a fast and reliable mobile internet connection since you are monitoring it anytime. Fortunately, there is an upcoming 5G data connection that will surely support IoT applications in mobile phones. If you are interested in subscribing to a mobile data connection, you may check Spectrum company through this link or call their hotline at 1-855-400-1040. It is a company that provides a wide variety of plans and packages that suits perfectly in your demand and will surely benefit you.


IoT in Campuses

Internet of things have continued to grow and expand affecting businesses, consumers and especially schools and universities. IoT system allows ordinary things to become “smart” such us smart houses, smart cities and smart devices which are connecting to a network and can be controlled and monitored through smartphones. Since internet of things invade schools, the amount of data connection will surely increase along with the security of the users most especially those who are minors. Internet of things becomes a trend in schools and universities because students today are millennials where they always keep in touch with the world through their smart devices and internet connection. More teenagers are being hooked to using IoT supported devices because they can update their friends and significant others at all times. This can be seen through the massive mobile data and internet usage of teenagers. Today, youths are more focused on making both their public and personal affairs updated as well as acquiring a comfortable and convenient way of living, thus IoT can make everything possible.

Schools and universities are encouraged to incorporate internet of things into their curriculum. Educational technology using IoT system will surely benefit the students since the schools can provide a better and personalized education scheme like improving the campus infrastructure and campus’ physical security. IoT devices that are visible on campus are tablets, eBooks, fitness wearables, sensors in classrooms, buses, hallways, robots, smart locks, smart displays, smart light, video cameras, CCTV cameras and a lot more to mention. For instance, IoT system implemented in buses is helpful most especially in identifying the possible issues of the school buses before they leave. It adds to the security and safety of school buses allowing parents to be at ease when they send their children to school through school buses. IoT supported wearables are quite popular in college and universities campuses. There are many students who are fitness enthusiasts who are monitoring their blood pressure, body weight, number of hours of sleep and calorie count. Fitness wearables are beneficial to university athletes in maintaining their body condition before, during and after a game.  Since students are millennials and most of the time are using their smartphones, IoT implemented in smart devices such as tables, TV screens, eBooks, desktop, laptop, etc. can improve the learning experience of students. Millennials are more into internet and technology, schools need an avenue to incorporate these trends to school campuses and curriculum in order to catch or at least maintain the attention of students and focus on learning.

However, IoT technology mostly works on the internet where it collects data, store and share these data and process them to make useful notices and actions to users. There some risks to using IoT network which school administrations and parents need to be aware of in order to avoid and prevent such horrible things to happen.

In addition, teachers can perform their jobs efficiently through IoT system starting from drafting lesson plans, syllabi, teaching, grading and to communicating with faculties and parents. Through IoT system, data can be shared among teachers and can be easily accessed if ever they need it. High-tech desktop, LCD projectors, audio visuals, can be of great use in teaching most especially in visual presentations that can aid in the continuous learning of students.

Student Privacy Issues

In the middle of the variety of IoT devices, students and faculties’ security and privacy must be maintained at its finest. In order to maintain the privacy and security of students, the school must implement a policy indicating to which devices are authorized to access the IoT network and to which devices are unauthorized and must be prevented and blocked from network access. The policy should not limit to the devices only but must include the applications and web pages as well. Firewall will help in preventing access from outside web filters and sources in order to prevent browsing malicious website which could destroy the network.

Moreover, hackers are quite active in the implementation of internet of things, most especially in schools since they do not have sufficient security policies. Hackers can actually use the interconnected devices to virtually enter the school’s network where students’ profiles and data are stored. This is the reason why school administrations need to install a fully functional firewall and security system to completely monitor the system and detect possible hacks.

Inadequate bandwidth and connectivity for IoT controllers and devices

In order to have a fully functional operation of internet of things, uninterrupted internet connection is necessary. Internet of things is designed to collect a massive amount of data, store and share these data which will be processed and analyzed and become a useful information. There are some schools that have strong internet connection but there are few experiencing internet interruptions. Luckily, today, 5G internet and data technology is coming in the market and will be available soon. Thus, enabling internet of things network to be functional. Some of the data being collected are locations, audio, videos, motions, status, pressure and temperature which greatly require strong and reliable internet connection. School and universities need to contact internet providers that provide them options and services to install firewalls that can prevent students to visit malicious and unrelated websites.

There are many issues of the internet of things and must be solved in order to avoid the misuse of collected information and hacks of stored data as well. Internet of things provides schools and universities an innovative way of providing students the learning experiences that are relevant and on trend to the students of today and to keep them interested. Implementing IoT to the school campuses require a lot of budget. Thus, school administrators need to find enough source of financial capacity in order to purchase smart devices that would meet the needs of their institution.

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