IoT Devices and the Impact on Our Daily Living

IoT Devices

IoT Devices and the Impact on Our Daily Living

The internet of things is everywhere. It has proven its worth to transform the once dull moments of every individual by upgrading the usual. From home to streets to office and now cities! Its reach has gone too far, as shown on the increasing number of connected IoT devices. With the changes it has brought upon to agriculture, energy conservation, transportation, and healthcare industries, it is of no wonder that the IoT devices have soar to an estimated amount of 34 billion devices connected to it by the year 2020.

Since IoT devices are given due authority to control home security like door locks, security cameras, lights, and appliances at home, it has lightened up the burden of many individuals and provided them with ample time to do more significant tasks like connecting, chatting, and sharing recent updates with each other. Truly, IoT devices allow people to connect people, things, systems, and even the environment to create a better space to work and live in. But what are these IoT devices that would really be of great help?

These days more and more devices have been created to function in accordance with the internet of things. With its goal to make like faster, smarter, better and easier. People should as well thoroughly search as to what devices should be purchased. Here are some of the most convenient and surprisingly helpful IoT devices you can try at home!

Smart Pillow

Yes, you’ve read it right, a smart pillow! Thanks to IoT, even going to sleep can become smarter now. Smart Pillows are designed as memory foam with moisture-wicking fabric that would automatically detect snoring. Gently vibrate to remind the user to change the sleeping position, and track sleep motion and snoring for sleep analysis. Not only that, smart pillows can also play music and sound tracks and even set an alarm that would surely wake the you up within your sleeping range – thus, ensuring a healthy sleeping cycle.

Control Coffee Maker

If you are a coffee lover and would want to start the day right with your favorite cup. Then the control coffee maker would be your best partner every morning! Using the inner coffee connoisseur as means to connect to either iOS or Android App, users can already pre-soak coffee grounds. As well as create pulse water flow, and brew the coffee upon instruction. When the brewing process is complete, an update on your phone is sent. So even if you’re still in bed, you can already prepare your own coffee while attending to other things.

Fitness Shirt

Combining the power of an external heart rate strap, smartwatch, and other wearables come a new line of IoT devices – the Fitness Shirt. Designated to help in maintaining the owner’s body temperature, heartbeat, calories, pace, and distance. This shirt used a special fabric that would ensure safety and answer to every individual’s fitness goals. When connected to the application on smartphone, the virtual assistant can collate the gathered data. And also give feedback with regards to the condition of the heart. Say, if it’s still capable of running faster or when a cooling down is already needed.

The said assistant would also provide data on the calories burned, pacing, and speed. As well as the overall distance covered during the fitness regimen. Moreover, music can be played in the app as well. Most importantly, the shirt is not limited to the application of the provider only; it can as well connect to other fitness applications. Thus, ensuring a wide array of options for whoever uses it.

Bed Bug Monitoring System

Remember those creepy nights when you have to deal with those bed bugs? Say goodbye to them now as a new method of monitoring them can be utilized using your IoT device. Using non-toxic lures that would trap bed bugs, ants, and other insects, the small WiFi enabled device will detect these night crawlers. And once trapped would automatically send an image of the bugs. These were previously made available for hotels only. But now have been recognized to be of great help to households as well.

Presence Security Camera

While home surveillance cameras have been of great help in securing and protecting the belongings of the family. This IoT device takes this job into a higher scale. Built to be placed outdoors, this camera can take the place of the existing light fixture. With this, the device connected to it can now control manually with any motion event. But it’s not that simple, because these cameras can actually recognize if the motion is made by human, animal, or automobile. Feedback can then be customized depending on how the homeowner would want it to be given. Say, to be updated when the car service already arrived and not when a child or dog is passing by.

Smart Luggage

Finally, an answer to all those missing luggage issues! With its installed SIM, the owner can now track where in the world the luggage is. As it is operated with GPS and 3G cellular technology. So while the airline tracks down where your luggage went, you can now have a better way of tracking instead of getting pissed with their personnel. Moreover, while waiting for your flight, you can as well charge two USB devices at once as this luggage is powered with 10,000mAH battery.

In addition, to help you estimate the weight of your bag, so as to avoid extra charges, this smart luggage is equipped with a built-in scale that would tell you how heavy it is. By simply carrying the luggage for at least fifteen seconds, a feedback would be immediately reported to your phone! Finally and probably one of its best feature, the luggage is designed with a smart lock that would be opened only through your phone. This will eventually lock automatically when the phone is out of Bluetooth coverage.

Thermostat Control

If you hate coming to a freezing household, then a real-time thermostat control would be of great help. With the aid of IoT, smartphones can now direct your home to adjust the temperature with an excellent precision. Moreover, an upgraded thermostat these days can already detect smoke and even have a high definition playback security camera! In addition, it can also sense carbon monoxide and would then signal homeowners with this information by turning off the furnace and sending blinkers direct to your phone just to get your attention.

Ceiling Fan

If you’re not much into an air conditioning system, then might as well try a smart ceiling fan which automatically turns on and off depending on your presence. It can also track temperature and humidity and perform as an alarm clock! Not only that this minimize the expenses at home, it would as well provide great comfort knowing that it gives a lot of convenience at a lower cost.

Smart Lights. While a lot of innovations with the lighting system inside the house, IoT has move further with this matter. This time, homeowners can now schedule waking time, welcoming home, and even dimming of lights in preparation for a good night’s sleep. It can even reflect a lighting effect that would perfectly suit your mood. Remember that proper lighting can be a key to healthy wellbeing and a better relationship at home as it enhances your mood and the way you deal with the people around you. It is often taken for granted but it actually plays a big role in building yourself.

Smart locks

When looking for the best security system, most products in the internet would provide you something that works inside your house. Well, this time, you’ll never look at locks the way you once view them. With smart locks and doorbell cameras, it is now easier to safeguard your house, access homes without using keys, allow friends to get inside your house even if you are not around, and answer the doorbell all the way from your office.

And the list goes on. In a single tap over the search bar, you’d be more than amaze on what awaits for you with the use of IoT. However, always keep things in moderation. Remember that not everything made available is really useful to you. Thus, be a wise buyer. Read reviews of the different users and buyers who have tried the product. Compare and contrast their reviews for some might give one sided view.

Before purchasing and signing a contract, make sure that you have done well your research and even make a survey so as to validate the claims made by the company. You can check product ratings, shortcomings, and strengths. Truly, the internet of everything provides a wide array of opportunities and hacks to make life less complicated, but it might result the other way around if you do not play your cards well. Evaluate properly what you want and what is really needed at home. Then check what is available in the market. Next, examine your resources and find the edge of every product in comparison to the others. To avoid this, see how can help you. Remember: a wise buyer is a happy consumer.


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