What is the Internet of Things? Everything you Need to Know

What is the Internet of Things

What is the Internet of Things? Everything you Need to Know

Human race continues to strive for more improvement and development in all sorts of things around them. Year after year, there are different kinds of inventions and innovations. That scientists, software engineers and other people who are gifted with great minds. Inventions that are very useful to human race and that can allow them to enjoy their life to the fullest.

Many of us are dreaming for smart homes when our appliances and other gadgets to do our request automatically. We may be wondering what is the internet of things and how does it work? The Internet of things or (IoT) represents all web enabled gadgets and devices which send, collect and share data. It uses embedded processors, sensors and communication software and hardware.  

The Internet of Things is a huge network of connected people and devices such as refrigerators, smart microwaves which cook food automatically with the right time frame, fitness devices that can be worn to monitor heart rate, sleeping hours, calories and even prompts us incoming text messages and calls. Aside from these appliances, the internet of things allows us to methodically perform our daily routine. In an instant just like the coffee pots starting to brew when you decide to start your day.

You may notice in some households where lights automatically turn on. As you enter the door and automatically turn off when you leave. Some houses have sensors that are voice activated. Where you will only command the device to read your daily schedule. While you are preparing or doing something, some may turn on TV depending on the channel you want to watch. If you want to check some companies that offer different kinds of services you may check this link www.xyzies.com and discover a wide variety of cable TV, home phone, mobile phone and internet connection services.

Imagine the kind of modern world we live in today. Where technology has been very vital and allows us to build a system of networks. Where everything becomes convenient and accessible. Devices that are connected through Internet of Things generate a massive amount of internet traffic which includes lot of data that can be very useful in different kinds of devices and appliances.

How does Internet of things Works?

There is a platform of internet of things where appliances, objects and devices that have built in sensors are connected. Received data from different sources are being integrated. In order to share the most important information as well as to address the specific needs of the users. The internet of things platforms can identify the exact information that is necessary. As well as what information is safe and those that don’t need any attention. The information collected will be used to make recommendations, distinguish patterns as well as identify potential problems before they happen.

Let us not go far with our example, if you own a car engineering business, you may want to know what are the best and most popular components available in the market today.

You can use the power of IoT through the following scenarios:
  1. In order to know where your customers stay longest; you can use sensors to identify which spots in your showroom are visited the most.
  2. IoT can help you align the sales data in order to keep salable items on stock. The information gathered by connected devices allows you to make smart and quick decisions. Especially on what products to stock up on which are based on real-time data. Thus, help you save more time and money.
  3. Detect the most salable products through checking the previous and current sales data

Internet of Things does not only improve your personal life. It can also help companies to become more competitive just by being connected IoT. It is now easier for organizations to keep track with their various branches in different locations, distribution centers and manufacturing plants. We are very grateful of the creation of Internet of things or commonly called the Internet of Everything. However, with the great advantages that you may benefit from using internet of things, you still cannot escape its disadvantages and risks.

Let us first talk about the advantages that you can benefit from Internet of Things because it is introduced to people in order to provide great convenience and comfort in their daily lives.

Maximize Efficiency

When you order online or have a package for delivery, you can immediately track your parcel for real time updates. You can receive a text message for all steps. Starting from parcel leaving the warehouse up until receiving it right in front of your doorsteps. According to experts, internet of things can would help postal and delivery services improve.

Easy and Effective Analysis of Data 

Because of the rampant usage of devices and internet connection, you own more than one device at home and you need internet to be able to connect with your networks. Through internet of things, you are able to collate data from your devices in order to keep track visual summaries, reporting and analysis of data. This can kind of service can be very useful for big time businesses when they collect data usage from their branches in order to improve effectiveness and efficiencies of the company.

Cost Effective

In all forms of activities whether it is personal or business, budget is always the first thing to consider. Just consider the time you can save visiting different branches when you use IoT just to get real-time information.

Using IoT in Your Home

Are you one of those people who are not really fond of waking up early in the morning? Imagine your daily morning struggle when you set your alarm clock at 7AM then you cannot commit on waking up the moment it sounds but instead you turn it off. Everything goes wrong from morning prepping rush to traffic jams, there is only one thing for sure, you are late in every way and your boss is not going to be pleased. Now, you don’t have to worry, you can get an IoT enabled alarm clock.

It can reset itself based on the different factors that can usually hinder your mornings. It can recognize if your train is cancel, calculates the distance as well as the travel time you need to a lot when you choose an alternative route going to work every rush hour.  You can also check the weather forecast so that you can adjust your travel time allowance, it can also calculate the time you have left whenever you wake up late. To help you in more, you can sync your IoT supported coffee maker to guarantee that your morning coffee is always ready when you go to work.

Using IoT in Transportation

After waking up early due to IoT enabled alarm clock and energize with your daily caffeine intake because of your IoT supported coffee maker, now you will go to work using your car. But what will happen if you just notice that your car is not in good driving condition? An IoT enabled car, the component diagnostic bus collects data which communicate to the car gateway and sends the most important information to the manufacturer of the car. With this data, the manufacturer can immediately set an appointment to help fix your car and prepare the needed parts before you go there.

Moreover, if you are one of those people who opted to use automatic cars or commonly called the driverless cars, having your vehicle to be IoT enabled is very useful. The Internet of things technology in vehicles reduces the vehicle accidents caused by human errors. According to WHO or The World Health Organization; they noticed a significant decrease of annual number of deaths caused by motor vehicle related accidents.

Using IoT in Healthcare

Internet of things helps healthcare personnel to keep closer tabs on their patients. For example, Paramedics can IoT enabled devices to get data of critical patients and transmits them automatically to emergency room. If the patient arrives at the hospital, the doctors can already plot an action plan. Especially on how to address the needs of the patients. This will save more lives, since doctors and other healthcare workers are already well aware on their conditions when they come in.

Using Internet of Things enabled devices, you can really save so much time. As well as help make your life more easy and convenient. However, if there’s benefits, there are also some potential risks in IoT most especially in cyber-security, liability and privacy.

Since people are now living in the modern era where internet connection and devices are more important than anything else. IoT is very useful in a vast of interconnected system, but you must also take note the cyber-security risk. A badly secured camera and smart TV can be an avenue for hackers to easily enter into your system. And hack all your important information which can be used for possible identity theft and scams.

The IoT provides people enormous advantages whether personal or business related activities, to enjoy the IoT services, you need to carefully use your devices and smartly deal with the different risks along with them.


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