Internet Provider For My House: Kids and Teens Safety

Internet Provider For My House: Kids and Teens Safety

Are you one of those parents who keep on saying, “I need an internet provider for my house, where I can make sure that my children stay safe while browsing online?” yet still haven’t found one?

Maybe you are one of those who still keep on typing “best internet provider for my house” on different search engines found in the internet?

Or perhaps you are one of those who brags like “I already have the perfect internet provider for my house?”  But then again, you still don’t have any idea about internet safety for kids and teens.

As responsible parents, you should know that the Internet can still be a dangerous place for children, no matter how useful it is for school projects and research. Moms and dads, you need to go an extra mile to make sure that your kids stay safe online, so that means you have to know your way around on how the Internet works. Chances are, most of the teenagers know more about computers more than their parents do. Even if you block certain websites for their own good, it is still possible that they can change the settings and controls and turn it back to the way it used to.

Aside from already established online parental controls by different internet providers, a better understanding about how technology and Internet work can also be a great help in protecting your children, especially if they’re into social media-spending time on chat rooms more often. There are so many ways on how you can learn more of it. Probably the first thing you need to do is to teach yourself. You can scan your computer and check if there’s any free internet safety software or application being installed. Check the websites your kids have been visiting, even their own social media profiles. If you can find anything unnecessary, start consulting your kids about it and make them understand why.

Also, if you’re planning to set up a parental control for your internet connection, it is better if you will not mention it to your kids. Because if they know anything about what you’re planning to do, they might refrain from giving you information. You can ask for help from experts, friends or anyone you know who can help you with.

Reasons Why Internet Can Also Be Unsafe

We can’t deny the fact that kids and teens can sometimes unknowingly put themselves in trouble online or in social networking sites. For parents who have no idea why internet can really be that dangerous, you need to know the reasons why.

Reason #1 – Kids and teenagers are in control over their online activities. Even if you set limits and boundaries that doesn’t mean they will totally obey. There are so many websites on the internet that needs parental guidance, and it’s quite alarming if they can access it freely. You can ask them not to converse with strangers, not to give personal information online, or not to share photos and videos with people they do not know of, but you have no idea what happens in between conversations. Lucky enough if your children are already mature to think of what’s best. But you have to be extra careful to monitor and make sure they’ll stay out of trouble.

Reason #2 – There are still so many internet users, even adults, who unfortunately have no idea that the information they posted online are not always private. Kids and teens are very familiar with social media and they even have profiles in a public setting, with personal information on it. This means everyone can view it and anyone can use this information for bad intentions.

Reason #3 – Not everything you see on the internet are true. This is disturbing because it can corrupt how the young minds think. Aside from that, it is so easy to make a fake account on social media and the worst is, you can not even see who really is at the other side of the screen. This is how the internet works, making it easy for anyone to become who they are not. Possible that your children are also doing the same, it’s either they are creating fake accounts with false information to deceive someone, or they could be the one being deceived.


The Red Flags

There are of course signs or red flags as an indication that your kids and teens are in trouble online. And you have to look out for these signs because it might be the changes that are happening to them at the present. And once you spot any of these signs, take action right away and make sure to talk to them with a listening heart.

Sign #1 – You need to observe them first, see the way they act when they’re using their internet-connected device. Are they being secretive? Are they feeling uncomfortable when you’re around and they try to hide what they’re doing online? Like for example, they automatically turn off the screen when you happen to pass by or they open another screen right away. If so, they do something they don’t want you (parents) to know, and they’re trying to hide it. You’ll never know what they’re up to. So, it’s up to you to take action.

Sign #2 – Isn’t it strange when they use internet at the same time every single day? Unless, they’re really into online games or they’re following a movie series. As parents, you have to know and ask them, or observe then investigate to make sure they’re not doing anything online that can lead them to danger.

Sign #3 – Another sign to observe is their emotion when they’re using the internet, or even after they shut the computer down. Specially the teenagers, they may be very happy or depressed about something. Like if they’re too happy, they may be having a conversation with someone on the screen, and they’re starting to build a relationship with them. It is best that you know who it is because anyone can hide their real identity on the internet. And there are so many dangers about online romance and as parents, you have to make them understand that part. If they’re feeling down, they may be in trouble with someone online or they’re having issues that goes viral. They may be bullied online for whatever reason you never know.

The signs mentioned above are few yet the closest to real-life situations. And you might consider checking on those signs and see your kids how they’ve been doing so far. We all hope that they are safe when using the internet, but there are certain cases where unfortunate circumstances arise. And you surely don’t want that to happen.

When They’re Already in Trouble Online

We can’t deny the fact that there are numerous possible situations where our kids and teens bring themselves into trouble online. Beloved parents, make sure that you know how to handle things when it gets worse.

The internet nowadays, is not just for research and school stuffs to many teenagers and kids. They use the internet in today’s generation to have a conversation with their friends, even strangers, and meet them online. If ever they’ve already exchanged phone numbers and their home address to people they happened to know online, and it made you uneasy, better change this information as much as possible. Or you can investigate these strangers or get to know them, know their backgrounds and research stuffs about them. And not to kill the fun your children have been experiencing.

Always make sure to be aware of your surroundings and make your kids’ safety a priority. Never forget to talk seriously with your children about the dangers there is in exchanging personal information with strangers and make them understand what will happen if they will care less.

In relation to the above mentioned, it is also possible that your kids have been posting a lot of stuffs on their social media accounts including those that should be kept privately. Monitor their social media accounts and make sure to get an update of what they’re posting. If they’ve posted something inappropriate that can lead them into trouble, ask them politely to remove it right away. Online harassment and bullying is popular in their age, and anyone can do that to them. Or they could be doing it to anyone. It is better to keep them away of it.

Many people run to the internet to make revenge, pretend to be someone who they’re not, humiliate somebody and other stuffs that can destroy other people’s image. And it is a big concern if your child is involved on things life those.

Spectrum’s Internet Safety Control

To make it easier for you to monitor your kids’ online activities, you need an internet provider that can help you do the task while you’re busy earning bucks every day. Spectrum have Internet Parental Control options which makes internet browsing safe for your household. You can even set it Online through Security Suite so the internet-connected devices will be protected from any harmful content.

Spectrum’s Security Suite can cover up to 10 devices with no additional cost. And you can experience an advanced real-time protection right away. Hacking attempts from internet malware will be prevented, hence keeping your personal data safe.

You can find great deals on Spectrum when it comes to home security and parental controls. Visit now.

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