How home phones connect just about everything

How home phones connect just about everything

A good morning greeting, a congratulatory message, an urgent news, and even a simple hello; these things we tell to other people are possible through communication. How many times have you called your parents through the telephone telling them you’ve got promoted? How many times have you used your mobile phone telling your friend that you have tried a new hobby? How many times have you tried to say “hi” to someone you like through a text message? How many times have you tried to video call your siblings telling them you miss them so much?  Can you imagine how letters, televisions, radios, mobile phones, and home phones connect just about everything? Communication is a very important element in our life. We are able to share our ideas, our opinions, our feelings and our emotions through writing, texting, calling, or simply talking to other people.

Communication tools were present since 3000 BC. From using horns and drums to communicate until the invention of televisions and the involvement of technology, communications tools have been of great help to create an uninterrupted passageway for messages to go through. Thousands of years ago, people have been using postal systems, couriers, and heliographs–a signalling device that people used to send messages by reflecting sunlight in flashes from a movable period-to send information to other people. Pens were invented in 1000 AD and people were able to write letters to other people until a German blacksmith, printer, and publisher by the name of Johannes Gutenberg invented the first printing press which opened the door to more books for people to read and knowledge to flourish. As the years pass by, these communication tools have evolved. Several tools and innovative technologies came to the scene and aided the smooth communication of people. Typewriters, radios, computers, televisions, and telephones or home phones connect us people and the messages we convey.

In the present day, we often use mobile phones as means of digital communication. Sending text messages through several messaging applications, calling other people by dialing their number on our mobile phones, and talking to other people by video calling them; these things are only some actions we can do with our mobile phones. We use mobile phones too often that we almost forget about how telephones or home phones have aided our communication path before mobile phones did. Before the mobile phone have become a handy equipment for communication use, home phones have been present and helped us connect to each other through communication. “Mr. Watson-come here–I want to speak to you”; these were the first intelligent words spoken over the telephone by the father of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, an inventor and scientist who invented the first telephone in 1876. Although there are a number of physical barriers to communication such as distance and time, the telephone helped us in many ways. Thanks to Bell’s notable invention, communication has become more efficient and faster.

The telephone was an improvement on the system of letter writing and delivery of the past. Also, the telephone has evolved over time. From a tin can telephone or otherwise known as string phones until the invention of the first-ever mobile device several scientists, inventors, personalities, and professionals have contributed on how the telephone evolved and developed. It started with Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone. Later on, a German-born American inventor by the name of Emile Berliner made his own phone or commonly known as the gramophone in 1887. In 1902, Almon Brown Strowger, an American inventor, made the rotary dial phone. It was then followed by the cord phone which was made in 1960. The first mobile phone was made in 1973 by an American engineer, Martin Cooper. A number of people from Russia made the flip mobile phone in 1980. Can you guess what came after? In 2007, the phone that we see in most houses was made, the home phone, a normal cordless phone. It was then followed by keypad phones and then touchscreen phones which majority of us are using at the present period.

But why must we look into the importance of home phones? An article by Consumer Reports stated reasons why people should stick with their home phones. Home phones are better than cell phones when it comes to voice quality. It sounds better and is important when you have a hearing loss or when the surrounding around you is boisterous. When you dial 911 on a home phone, security officers will know your location in case of an emergency since the home phone offers enhanced security and specific location information. Home phones are connected to your address which makes the 911 operators know where you are in case you need some help. Home phones aren’t just convenient when it comes to security and voice quality but also, home phones connect just about everything.

There are several other reasons why home phones are important. What do you do in case you can’t find your mobile phone in a three-story house? Home phones come in handy in this situation. You can use the home phone to locate where your mobile phone is. Also, home phones go back to the era where a number is tied to a group of people or a family rather than an individual. When you use a home phone, you don’t have to play favourites and choose whether you have to call your mom or dad, you can just call your parents’ home right away. It is better to talk with your whole family on the phone with loud speakers on than to talk to each family member one by one. With a home phone, you can talk to every person in the household at the same time. With a strong connection, home phones lines can also be your fax lines; you will need it when you bring your work from your office to your home. Also, home phones are worth more than ever with service plans provided to fit any budget.

Now that technology has been a fast pace element in this world, home phones can now connect to the mobile phone, television, and internet. Spectrum, an authorized retailer provides these services. With only $89.97 per month for 12 months, you can now avail the Triple Play package which comes with internet speed up to 60 Mbps, more than 125 channels on your television, and unlimited talk on the phone! This package also comes with a special bonus. You can get a free DVR if you avail this package. You can also decide on other packages which can match to your personal preferences and tastes. You can choose from Double Play or Triple Play bundle and you are covered with just the services you need. It also allows you to mix and match a bundle of your choice. Thinking that your money will be wasted?

Well, there is no need to pay for something you can’t use. Spectrum provides flexible home phone, rapid internet speed and more TV channels for you to enjoy. Once you see the high quality programming from Spectrum Cable, you will never turn your back on it. If you want to avail these services and make communication more efficient and faster in your home, just call (855) 400-1040 or visit this link for more information:

The telephone and other communication devices have become a need for people. These devices have positive effects on us since it lets us bridge the gap between us and the people we communicate with, but it also has negative effects. Before, people love to meet with others personally but now, people prefer to communicate digitally. We must not forget that these devices are only there to provide smooth communication despite physical barriers. These devices aren’t invented to provide a barrier between us that hinders us to communicate in person.

The telephone has had a great impact on communication and on us. It changed the society’s behaviour by changing how people communicate with each other. It also opened doors for more new innovations such as cellular phones and the internet. “The telephone rings, it jingles our psyches, jangles our nerves. We are seduced and soothed, rattled and betrayed by it. Wherever it is on the desk or street corner, the high seas or highway, in our bathrooms or briefcases-it has, for a machine, an allure like no other” (Gwathmey, Stern, 1994). Indeed, the telephone has been an integral part of our life and we are highly dependent on it in terms of communication.

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity”, Albert Einstein quoted. Just looking into how people are able to be critical thinkers and were able to create a wide variety of innovations that aided the whole humanity several ways, we can agree with Einstein’s statement. Just like how home phones connect to other devices; it shows that technology has become a fast pace element in this world. Above all, these innovations of several people such as home phones connect all of us and allow us to communicate easily, effectively, and efficiently.

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