Home Phone Connect – The Best Service in the US

Home Phone Connect – The Best Service in the US

Things in the wireless technologies are starting to get more advanced and useful especially to home phones that keeps on continuing to evolve into a new device. In today’s era many features have been added to home phones from wired to wireless with internet connection services. This type of devices allows the regular wired telephones to connect cellular networks like cell phones. Wireless home phone connect service provides more options to the existing telecommunications companies where they can provide multiple process of connections to the customers.  It is quite frustrating to choose the best home phone connect services that is worth to spend your dollars.

Calculate Your Ways

Before holding a firm grip to any home phone connect plan and services offered by tons of wireless carriers in the marketplace, there are few things we have to consider so we can choose which provider has exactly the best home phone connect plan that can meet the highest satisfactory level of every consumer. The best ones should have the reasonable price and features, including some other important factors.

Any home phone consumers have to know first their lifestyles in using the great deals offered by the service providers.  Before settling down to any services one must look the way she uses calls and internet data. It’s very important to realize if you’re a kind of person who can and cannot just go by days without using calls or surfing in the net regularly.

There are a lot of home phone plan and services you can choose from. You can choose a type where additional charges apply for internet services. You can also upgrade your plan with TV services, depending on your desired channels and be charged for extra rates. There are also some plans offering unlimited of minutes for local and long-distance calls without data caps applied. It is better to calculate your ways first to determine how much you can save and pay for the home phone plan and services. You need to include how much calling and data you really needed to avoid wasting cash,  time and effort. Once you figured out your needs, you can now simply decide the best home phone connect plans and avoid any frustrations since there are a lot of options you can select.

Top Provider in the US

Almost all wireless home phone provider plans have the same offers of bundles and features. One of the fastest ways in finding the perfect provider is to try their free trial offers and to look for their company reviews. Some corporations provide the offers with or without contracts. Some internet services have limits in their monthly offers and usage, depending on the type of plan and rates. All the aspects involving home phone services depend on its availability of your locations. Here are the some home phone connect services providers that is now operating not just in the US territories but across worldwide areas.

  • Spectrum is also known to be one of the largest cable Internet operators in 70 countries and has 101 million of subscribers. They also offer fiber Internet service. Their plan bundle starts at $29.99 to $70 per month with speed starting from 60mbps for 1GB of data. Spectrums do not provide any contract and is 24x7 available for questions and technical supports. They also offer unlimited calling to local and long-distance calls without data caps. Spectrum also offers cable TV services to over 200+ channels with free security suite and modem. More details you can call the hotline 0-885-400-1040.


  • XFINITY offers Internet service to over 39 states in approximately 111 million of internet subscribers. They also offer DSL, fiber optics and fixed wireless Internet plan. Their bundle plan starts at $70 to $300 per month for an internet speed range up to 100- 1000Mbps. They also offer unlimited calling to nearly half of the world with their voicemail, Xfinity Connect app and has 15 calling features.


  • CenturyLink is now operating to almost 39 states with 48 million subscribers in approximate. Their plan starts at $49.99 to $80 monthly rate for up to 12mbps to 140 mbps speed and 25mbps speed to selected areas. They also offer unlimited nationwide calling including 911 calls if the internet connections fails.


  • AT&T covers 22 states and 119 million broadband internet subscribers. Though their company name is already one of the biggest in the wireless market, their high-speed internet operates only to 21 states. They offer DSL, fiber optics and fixed wireless Internet plan. Their bundle plan starts at $40 to $80 per month for an internet speed of up to 50mbps to 100mbps. AT&T also offers International Calling Add-Ons that offer unlimited calling or an allotment of minutes and reduced per minute rates from US and to over 225 countries with great per minute rates.


  • Verizon companies is the first one that offers fiber-optic service in homes, this company happens to be the largest internet service provider which uses fibers now covering 11 states with 47 million of subscribers. Their rate starts at $64.99 per month for up to 100mbps. Verizon also offers FIOS Digital Voice, which has the crystal clear voice quality of a fiber-optic network. There wireless home phone offers four famous features with unlimited local distant calls.


  • Frontier in one of the largest providers of DSL broadband, fiber, and copper internet service in the US. Frontier operates their services across to 38 states including some rural areas. They offer Internet that max speeds as fast as 25 mbps with unlimited local and nationwide calling.  Their features also included call waiting, Voicemail caller ID Name and number. This bundles starts at $40 to $60 per month. Frontier home phone plans also includes streaming to 2 million songs plus thousands of movies and TV shows with a 2 year contract agreement.


  • Cox Communications offers services across to 18 states with utmost coverage in California and Virginia.  They had 20.9 million subscribers, making it as a third largest residential cable provider in the US. Cox offers internet services that speeds up to 300 mbps download and 30 mbps uploads with a price rates that starts at $29 up to $199. Their bundles also include 14 home phone features and 140+ unique channels.


  • SuddenLink covers across to 18 states and has 6.5 million of subscribers, making it as the 6th largest residential cable and home phone services provider in the US.  Suddenlink’s cable television, high-speed Internet and broadband phone, home security and advertising. Their bundle starts at $39.99 per month with data that speed up to 50 mbps to 1GB, these kinds of speeds varies on the customer’s locations. Their offers also included unlimited local and long-distance calls with 10 easy-to-use calling features.

The information about the companies offered bundles and plans was gathered through research providing you a significant overview about their services. As you can read above most of the providers offer unlimited local and long-distance calls. There also some providers of home phone plans and services offered in low-cost of monthly rates but with limited calls especially with international calls and the internet data won’t meet the desired usage.

Before choosing any home phone connects plan and services, it is highly recommended to think first and be wise in selecting telecommunication providers who offers the bundles. In this market that we have,  offers are all the same, choose those who are tops on their customers review as there are still providers who offer plans with inexpensive rate(s) but can provide you with good services.  Having a good sense in selecting to any home phone plans and services can avoid you to any annual payment contracts and can save you more money.

The Best among the Rest

Spectrum USA, Inc. provides affordable long distance rates with traditional calling that everyone will love. Spectrum also provide a fast and reliable internet connection and crystal clear home phone services providing unlimited calling up to 70 countries including rural areas.  They also provide internet that speeds up to 100 mbps and 200 TV channels as it also mentioned above. Listed down are offers you shouldn’t miss out:

Triple Play select


Combine television, internet and phone services for just $29.99 dollars per months. Triple play select includes:

  • 125 plus channels with free HD
  • Speeds starting at 100 mbps
  • Free Online Protection with security suite
  • Free Internet Modem
  • No data caps or extra fees
  • Unlimited local and distance calling in US
  • No added fees


Triple Play Silver


For as low as $20 per month, you experience Cable Television, Phone and Internet deals. Offers include:

  • 175 plus channels with free HD
  • Includes HBO, CINEMAX, and Showtime
  • Internets speeds up to 100 mbps
  • Free Internet Modem
  • Free Online Protection security
  • Unlimited calling to local and distance in the US


Triple play Gold


Experience best deals at Spectrum Triple Play gold as it offers more services in your Television, Internet and Phone for just $20 more per months. It includes:


  • 200 plus of channels in HD
  • Includes, HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, TMC, STARZ, STARZ ENCORE, NFL Network, & NFL RedZone
  • Watch HBO GO, MAX GO, Showtime Anytime & Starz APP
  • Access to thousands on  Demand choices including HD and movies in 3D
  • Stream live TV and on Demand content with Spectrum  TV App
  • Access your favorite networks TV apps
  • Internets speeds up to 100 mbps
  • Free Internet Modem
  • Free Online Protection with security suite
  • Unlimited local and distance calling in US particularly on Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico And U.S. Virgin Islands
  • No added fees
  • Up 28 calling features like block unwanted calls and simultaneous ring
  • Manage your home phone from anywhere with Voice Online Manager, available at no extra cost

More bundles of plan and services are offer at Spectrum. For more details you can visit www.xyzinternet.com, or you can call this hotline number 0-885-400-1040.

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