High Speed Internet in Huntington WV: The Complete Guide

High Speed Internet in Huntington WV: The Complete Guide

By 1995, the internet has been fully commercialized in the United States, with the sole purpose of having a defense network that can function during a nuclear war. Today, almost everyone relies on the internet and one can’t imagine living a life without it.  The high speed internet in Huntington WV is well-known. With 42.23 Mbps as the download speed, they are definitely 13.8% faster than the national average. Residents of Huntington are highly educated, and 100% of them have access to high speed internet connection.

Why Invest in High Speed Internet?

Pros in Having High Speed Internet

Uploads and Downloads

Having a high speed internet connection means faster upload and downloads. With high speed internet, one can download large files from your email, or upload videos anywhere without any delay. Also, posting music, photos, videos, and other content on social media platforms will be so much more comfortable and will take no time at all.

Page Load Time

Waiting for a page to load is annoying. With high speed internet connection, pages will load faster than the average speed and will require less page loading. On the other hand, if one opens a window with lots of tabs, this becomes an issue. Investing in high speed internet can help you visit and load multiple tabs at once, even with photos and videos present in each tab.

Multiple Users are Supported

Even in a household, a slow internet connection that should be shared between multiple devices can quickly become an issue. However, if you invest in a high speed internet connection, many people can use the internet. For example, in a family of three, one can stream music and videos online, the other can continuously research about his homework, and the third one can view tutorials and cooking videos without any interruptions. High speed internet ensures that the devices you are using can gain access to the internet smoothly.


The internet is the number one source of entertainment, from streaming videos and music to just merely going through social media. However, some might doubt this. Having a slow internet connection will not let people access music and videos, and stream them smoothly. Instead of giving them something entertaining, it might do the opposite and ruin one’s mood entirely.  Who would want to wait for a video to load or buffer in the middle of a movie scene? No one, I suppose.

Video Calls

One can interact with his or her friends and family even when they are thousands of miles apart by directly going online. The internet makes this possible.  By having a high speed internet connection, video and sound quality will be so much better compared to having a slow connection. Video calls will be uninterrupted, and you can hold meetings and do interviews as clearly as you’re doing it face to face.


Co-workers are sending emails to each other, students doing their homework online, it is not surprising that most people in our generation today heavily rely on the internet. But, how much time do people lose because of slow internet connection? Some studies show that up to one full week of working time may be lost every year because of slow computer times.

Huntington Residential Internet Coverage

In choosing the best high speed internet in Huntington WV, one should consider the following aspects:


The first thing one should check when choosing an internet plan is the rates of each bundle. Make sure that price will fit the allotted budget and at the same time, still offer the best deal.  Value for money is what we are looking for in here.

Location and Accessibility

Before choosing an internet provider, one should assess if the office or the headquarters of the internet provider is just inside the area. For example, if one will have trouble connecting or using the features of their internet connection, they can immediately call the office of the Internet Service Provider, and the representatives of the company can directly report and act on the matter.


With the best internet deal, one should also consider the protection they would get when they invest in a high speed internet. Most of the high speed internet in Huntington WV providers provide amazing features; one of this is the security. When using the internet, it is no doubt that in this generation, there are a lot of online scams, viruses, and malicious software that can damage and possibly ruin a computer’s software and program and worst, steal financial information! One should really choose the best internet provider that gives enough security to fight off these viruses, just like Spectrum for example.


Of course, the most important thing one should consider when choosing the best high speed internet in Huntington WV provider is the quality of the internet. Make sure that the “High Speed Internet” can really support multiple devices without giving each device an unsatisfactory connection. With a quality high speed internet, one can stream and open videos on many tabs without having to deal with slow page loading and unavailable content. When looking at the quality of the Internet Service Provider, one shouldn’t only consider the quality of the internet itself, but the quality of the company and Internet Service Provider.

Customer Service

When choosing the best internet provider, one should also consider not only the quality and the rates of the internet service connection but also the customer service. Do they have an excellent Customer Service? Do they immediately attend to the customer in times of struggle with the internet connection? Are they fast enough to respond to the scene? Do they have good review ratings from customers under their program? One tip for new customers is to always consider the customer service of the Internet Service Provider you think because it can significantly affect the function and one will never know what could happen soon.

Popular Features

Each internet provider and bundle has their own favorite features that make them unique compared to other providers. There are lots of significant internet providers who offer great features, just like Spectrum.

Spectrum Email

If you have subscribed to Spectrum, you will have the option to create an email address. As a Spectrum Internet Customer, one can create multiple accounts, up to seven email addresses free of charge. The company placed unique features in the email address to help secure one’s mind.

Spectrum Wi-Fi

Spectrum Internet Customers can gain access to their high speed internet connection which averages up to 100 Mbps and a connection that can support up to 15 registered devices per account.

Spectrum Test

Becoming a Spectrum Internet Customer can give a person access to the Spectrum Internet Test which will assess your internet connection, measure your network’s uploads and downloads, and check how many Mbps you are receiving.

Spectrum Security Suite

The Spectrum Security Suite provides protection against viruses and malicious software including Trojans, worms, spyware, and many more on the internet. Spectrum Internet Users can download up to ten Spectrum Security Suite licenses on computers to help secure one’s account.

Internet Provider types in Huntington

Cable – 100% coverage

Cable Internet Access (or CIA) is a kind of broadband internet that has the same physical and organizational structures as cable television networks.

DSL – 100% coverage

Digital Subscriber Line, also known as DSL, is a way of internet connection in which the PC connects to the net using telephone lines.e

Fiber – 100% coverage

Fiber to the home or FTTH is the deployment of internet using fiber optic cables. Fiber Optics (sadly not available in many areas) is currently the best form of broadband technology as of this writing.

Internet Provider Availability in Huntington, West Virginia

Megabits per second, also known as Mbps, is the ISP industry standard. It is the unit of measurement for the bandwidth and throughput of a network. It is also used about download and upload speeds. Each megabit is equal to a million bits.

3 Mbps10 Mbps25 Mbps
100% Availability100% Availability100% Availability


How much time will it take to download different kinds of media files?

File TypeEstimated File Size3 Mbps10 Mbps25 Mbps
Webpage1 MB3 s< 1 s< 1 s
E-book3 MB8 s2.5 s1 s
Mp3 Song5 MB13 s4 s1.5 s
5-minute video20 MB53 s16 s6.5 s
1080p movie12 GB9 h2.5 h1 h


The Best Internet Provider in the USA

With Huntington WV having a lot of Internet Service Providers, it is no doubt that most people would really consider different service providers and companies that can give them the satisfaction that they need concerning acquiring high speed internet.

One should really need to look hard to find the best internet provider. Basing on the fair prices, favorite features and accessibility no wonder that Spectrum is the best internet provider in the area, and even around the world. They have a well-organized website which lets you view different options and bundles fit for everyone.

For more information, visit www.xyzinternet.com and check more great Internet bundles for you.

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