High Speed Internet in Harrisburg PA: Plans and Packages

High Speed Internet in Harrisburg PA: Plans and Packages

The city of Harrisburg, the capital of the state of Pennsylvania, is vibrant with history and culture that dates back to the late 1700s. Located just along the Susquehanna River, the modern metropolis was once a highly industrialized city that led the nation into modern times. In the early 19th century, before there was high speed internet in Harrisburg PA, the construction of the Pennsylvania Canal and the Pennsylvania Railroad allowed the city to become a powerhouse in the industrial age.

The city also played a big part during the American Civil War, which is evident in the city’s numerous monuments and its highly famous National Civil War Museum. The museum features different interactive illustrations that tell the story from both sides of the conflict. During the First World War, a United States Navy Ship, the USS Harrisburg, was named after the city. Tourists also flock to the town to visit its different attractions, which include the famous Hershey Park. The chocolate-themed amusement park features different rides and entertainment venues that are meant to attract people of all ages.

Today, the county seat of Dauphin County is home to more than 49,000 residents, making it the 3rd most populated city in the state of Pennsylvania. Harrisburg also boasts a robust economy that is being fueled by billion dollar industries such as steel, manufacturing, and agriculture. Food services, thanks mostly to the chocolate-brand Hershey, are also a booming industry that contributes a lot to the city’s success. However, the most significant factor for the city’s continued financial stability is the high concentration of federal and state government agencies that have headquarters within the city.

With so many industries calling the city their home, it isn’t a wonder why the market for high speed internet in Harrisburg PA is so high even today. Primary internet service providers such as Comcast and Verizon are currently offering their services to the city’s residents and businesses. There are currently around 25 internet service providers in the city. A vast majority of these providers are offering mainly enterprise-level business internet services and communication solutions.

All primary internet connectivity options are available in Harrisburg, including DSL, cable, fiber optics, copper, fixed wireless, and satellite. Having so many connectivity options available has resulted in a relatively high average internet connection speed for the city. Residents and businesses currently enjoy an average internet connection speed of around 54.19 percent. The city’s average internet speed is 43.2 percent faster than the state’s average and 32.8 percent faster than the national average.

The availability of business plans for high speed internet in Harrisburg PA is a significant factor to the city’s high connectivity standards. This is also very true for the rest of the state, which is ranked as the 12th most connected state in the United States. Complex enterprise-level services such as dedicated fiber, point-to-multi-point communications, fixed wireless, IP transit, Bonded T1, and other custom solutions are all available to the different businesses and institutions within the city

For residential applications, Verizon is currently considered to be the leading internet provider. The company offers high speed internet in Harrisburg PA through its DSL internet plans and its fiber optic plans via Verizon FiOS. Because DSL uses the same networks as the ones being used to bring residential telephone service to the city, DSL coverage does mostly cover the entire area. Some residents do still subscribe to Verizon’s DSL service, but more people are now shifting and upgrading their account to fiber optics when it becomes available in their area. Standard DSL subscriptions usually cost almost the same as cable and fiber optic, but the speeds it offers is significantly slower. A basic plan with the company may cost anywhere from $24.99 to $34.99. These plans offer internet speeds that range from five to 10 megabits per second. These types of speeds are generally sufficient for one or two users who typically use their internet connections for light to medium online activities such as web browsing and social media.

Customers who are still on a DSL internet subscription may want to inquire with the company to check if fiber optic internet is already available in their area.  Verizon has been rapidly expanding its Verizon FiOS (fiber optic service) over the past few years, and the company has now managed to cover roughly 74.8 percent of the entire city. The relatively new technology offers much larger bandwidths and faster speeds when compared to DSL. This type of internet connectivity option is also much more reliable and consistent when compared to other forms of internet connections. While it may be a little bit more expensive than DSL and cable, the speeds and quality of service will be well worth it for most subscribers.

A basic fiber optic plan with the company will cost $39.99 per month. This plan includes an internet connection with speeds that can go as high as 100 megabits per second. These speeds should be adequate for households with three or more users than generally use their connections for online activities such as HD video streaming and online multi-player gaming. Those who want to get more value out of their subscriptions may wish to opt for one of the company’s numerous bundled packages. The company’s highest tier package current costs $79.99 per month. This plan includes a gigabit internet connection that can reach speeds of up to 940 megabits per second, satellite television service, and a residential telephone line with unlimited nationwide calling. Getting these types of bundles will generally save customers a lot of money when compared to them buying the same services separately from different providers. Getting a bundle also means that users will only worry about a single bill to pay for all the services.

Those that aren’t within the range of Verizon’s fiber-optic network and those that do not want to settle with slow DSL internet speeds can still get high speed internet in Harrisburg PA by subscribing to a cable internet connection. Most of the city’s high-speed cable is being provided by Comcast through their Xfinity service. Comcast’s network currently covers the entire city of Harrisburg, including its downtown and midtown areas. For residents who are on a budget, getting a cable internet connection may be their best option.

A basic cable internet plan with the company starts at just $29.99 per month. The company’s basic Performance Internet plan will include an internet connection with speeds of up to 50 megabits per second without data caps. Through the use of the company’s relatively new hybrid fiber-coaxial network, Comcast is actually able to offer customers internet speeds that rival even Verizon’s fiber-optic offerings. The company currently offers its Gigabit Internet plans for $89.99 per month. This already includes an internet connection with speeds that reach up to 1,000 megabits per second.

While this might sound like an attractive deal, there may be a few things to consider. The company does put a lot of add-on charges to the advertised monthly rate. Customers must purchase either a $15 self-install kit from the company, which includes all the hardware necessary to get the connection going or have the entire thing set up professionally for $59.99. Comcast also charges customers an $11 modem rental fee each month. The most significant factor to consider however is that the company’s advertised monthly rate is actually only good for the first year of the subscription. As an example, the $29.99 monthly rate for the company’s basic cable internet plan actually jumps to $74.95 on the second year.

The most significant advantage for residents of Harrisburg is the fact that almost all types of plans, except for satellite and wireless internet, will have no data capping attached to them. In most cities, service providers do impose strict data capping limitations for its subscribers. However, this is not the case in Harrisburg thanks to the highly competitive broadband internet market within the city.

People living outside of Harrisburg’s city limits that have no access to traditional wired internet service can still get online through either a wireless internet subscription or a satellite internet subscription. Wireless internet utilizes radio antennas to broadcast and receive signals to give people internet access. Satellite internet, on the other hand, uses actual satellites orbiting the planet to provide internet access. Both of these services are a bit more expensive when compared to the standard wired internet. The maximum speeds that can be reached by these types of connection are also very slow when compared to cable and fiber optics. Companies that provide these services also charge a lot of additional fees to set up the connection. Another common similarity between the two services is the presence of multi-year contracts that generally do not allow customers to prematurely end their subscriptions. Completing a subscription before the lock-in period will result in costly early termination fees that could cost hundreds of dollars. The price is meant to cover the cost of the specialized equipment that was used to make the connection possible in the first place.

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