High Speed Internet in Arlington TX: Choosing The Best

High Speed Internet in Arlington TX: Choosing The Best

Arlington, Texas is the state’s principal city and is home to almost 400,000 residents. The city located in Tarrant County is part of the Mid-Cities region of the Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington metropolitan area. The city is currently home to a lot of business and cultural institutions, which means that there will be an ample service for high speed internet in Arlington TX.

While this is true for most companies and institutions that are located within the city limits, residents and businesses established in non-central neighborhoods may find it hard to get a dependable and fast internet connection. Like many other cities around Texas, the internet connection coverage does fade away as you get farther away from the city’s center.

The internet connection provided by the different DSL internet providers in the town tends to be less reliable when you move away from the city. Most of these companies have not yet really fully expanded their networks seeing as that there is no real competition or incentive to do so.

High speed internet in Arlington TX offered by cable internet providers also tends to be of lesser quality and speed when compared to other cities within the United States. The main reason is similar DSL wherein there is no real incentive for these companies to boost their speeds or expand their infrastructures. While residential internet options may be limited in non-central neighborhoods, those that are located near the city’s downtown do have a lot of wired internet options.

Enterprise level and business internet options and availability within the city are also quite impressive as there are a lot of providers focusing on internet and communication services for enterprise applications.

There are currently about 30 internet providers in Arlington, with 19 of them specializing in business applications. Enterprise-level internet and communication services such as bonded T1, Ethernet, point-to-multi-point communications, fixed wireless, and even fiber optics are all available from the different business internet providers.

There is also a right mix of national and local business internet providers in Arlington. Big name business internet providers such as Verizon Business, Frontier Business, Spectrum Business, and AT&T Fiber are all serving different businesses within the city. However, relatively smaller players such as Unite Private, Next Link Internet, Cirra Networks, Tier One Networks, and Birch Communications also have some presence within the city.

The amount of choices that are available in the town gives business a lot of options and preferences when choosing the right business internet provider that can cover all of their communication and internet needs. Mostly thanks to the high availability of business internet options, the city of Arlington does have a very high average internet connection speed.

The average internet connection speed in the town is around 43.92 megabits per second. The city’s average internet connection speed is 4.6 percent faster than the state’s average internet connection speed and is 17.1 percent more quickly than the national average. Despite these numbers, the city of Arlington is ranked as the 45th most connected city in the entire state, falling behind areas such as Grand Prairie, Kennedale, and Bedford.

Types of internet subscriptions in Arlington

Similar to most areas in the United States, the most prevalent form of internet connection that is readily available in the town is cable and DSL. There are currently two leading providers within the city with AT&T providing the most popular DSL options and Charter Spectrum, formerly Time Warner Cable, offering the best opportunities for cable internet.

DSL internet is provided through the use of the existing copper line network that is used to bring telephone signals into homes and businesses. Because the system is fully established within the city because it was put in place way before the invention of the internet, most residents within the city limits will have access to it.

Similarly, cable internet is provided through the use of the existing coaxial cable networks used to bring cable television service to residents and businesses within the city which means that it is also readily available to most residents. Despite the broad reach both of these networks; there are still some underserved communities that don’t have access to both of these internet connection services.

For DSL internet connection, AT&T reasonably priced options are hard to beat. The company currently serves a vast majority of the residents within the city limits. More often than not, DSL will be the only type of wired option for some neighborhoods that are farther away from the city’s center. Getting a DSL internet subscription is, of course, perfect for those who value their budget over their service’s performance. DSL tends to be a little bit slower when it comes to its maximum internet connection speed when compared to cable internet. However, this type of connection is significantly much more consistent given that a DSL connection is a dedicated one.

DSL internet connection speeds, even for necessary plans, are usually sufficient for most users who generally use their internet connections for light to medium online activities. These activities include light web browsing, opening social media accounts, Skype chats, and standard definition online video streaming. It has to be noted that AT&T, unfortunately, imposes a strict monthly data cap for all of its DSL internet plans in Arlington. The data cap for all of its plans is a fixed one terabyte per month. That amount of data should still be enough for most people’s uses unless they stream online videos on a daily basis. If a user exceeds the monthly data allocation, the connection itself will be throttled down to speeds anywhere from 1 to 5 megabits per second. There is, unfortunately, no unlimited DSL internet data option, even with the company’s most expensive fiber optic residential internet plans.

On the topic of fiber optic internet, AT&T is currently the only provider of residential fiber optic internet for residents within the city. The infrastructure for the service is however insufficient, which means that most people probably won’t have access to it unless they are within the range of the company’s existing network.  

For cable internet, Charter Spectrum leads the pack in providing high speed internet in Arlington TX. The company offers a myriad of options for customers who want an internet connection with fast speeds, simple installation, and no monthly data capping.

Getting a cable internet subscription will be perfect for those who consume a lot of online video content such as Netflix fans and YouTube binge watchers. Despite the myriad of bundled options that is being offered by Charter Spectrum, customers will likely want to opt for the company’s internet only plans as they are much more cost-effective.

Compared to other cities within the United States, cable television packages and bundles in the town of Arlington are quite expensive. A basic cable internet-only plan with Charter Spectrum will start at around $49.99 per month. The subscription will already include an internet connection with speeds of up to 100 megabits per second. These types of rates should be more than sufficient for even the most addicted online user.

Data-intensive online activities such as streaming high resolution videos and playing graphics-intensive online multi-player games shouldn’t encounter any issues. Although, it has to be noted the cable internet is a form of shared connection and entire neighborhoods could be attached as a single network. This means that if there are a lot of users using their internet connection at the same time, internet connection speeds may falter. This usually occurs during peak usage hours.

As previously mentioned, most of the cable television packages and bundles that the company offers is a bit too expensive for most. However, for those that can afford it, the deals do provide a lot of services all in one package.

Charter Spectrum currently offers many cable television internet bundles that already include an internet connection, a cable television subscription, and a residential telephone line with unlimited nationwide calls.

The most basic cable television internet package, called the Triple Play Select, will cost customers $89.97 per month. This already includes an internet connection with speeds of up to 100 megabits per second, a cable television service with over 125 channels, and a residential telephone line with unlimited nationwide calling.

For those that need faster high speed internet in Arlington TX, more top-tier packages are available, which will include an internet connection with speeds that can go as high as 300 megabits per second. More top-tier cable plans are also available, which will feature exclusive programming from different networks including foreign language channels and HD channels.

For those not living within the range of both DSL and cable, Arlington does feature five satellite internet providers, namely GHz Wireless, NextLink Internet, Cirra Networks, Rise Broadband, and Tier One Networks. Those that cannot afford any of the aforementioned internet plans can try to apply to the state’s internet program. Residents who meet specific housing and income criteria can avail of a discounted home internet service that will cost as low as $10 per month. The program is made possible thanks to the partnership between a number of local providers and the state of Texas.  

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