Getting the Best Deal for Cable Internet and Phone

Getting the Best Deal for Cable Internet and Phone

Is it easy to get the best cable internet and phone deals? If so, how can I subscribe for the best cable and internet phone deals and who is the best provider?

Gone are the days when only the top 1% had the privilege to access, own, and experience the comfort brought upon by the groundbreaking invention of television, phone, and internet. Gone too are the days when acquiring one is just enough for at present, the endless options available at the market for cable, internet, and phone deals just made the once far-away-dream into a reality and very much attainable.

Let’s admit it, almost everyone of us, in one way or another, is guilty of owning multiple gadgets. In fact, according to a report from CNN, almost 90% of Americans own a computer, cellphone, e-book reader, tablet, or any of such kind.

In this digital world, it is with certainty that these technologies are changing the way we behave. Changing our lifestyle, making nearly any task easy, quick, and efficient. Want to know how someone is doing? Just call or text them up. Paying bills? Go and open that app. Worried about the weather for tomorrow? Then, Google it on. Whatever you want to know, the information in the cloud is endless. Almost anything is just one tap away.

This is to say that the discovery of internet, phone, and TV had revolutionized everything. And in effect, these technologies are no longer just a privilege, a luxury, or a want. These have become part of our everyday life, a commodity. In fact, we use them the moment we wake up and until the moment we doze off to bed. Having smart phones become as normal as owning a piece of clothing. For some of us, attaining these gadgets is a necessity. Some just can’t live without it.

However, just like any other necessities, these technologies are also greatly affected by the push and pull of the market leading to the fluctuation in prices and as the demand continues to increase so is the competition among various companies which makes the options so endless. Thus, the essential question appears: Just how, do one choose the best yet affordable deals out of the millions of options swarming around the market?

And you certainly came to the right place! This article shall be guiding you in getting the best cable, internet, and phone deals. So, read on.


Not all providers for cable are available in your location so the first thing you need to do is to find out the availability of the providers. In doing so, you will be equipped with the possible options. After which, you may begin a quick research on the performance and service of the existing providers. You can do this through searching the web for various reviews online or through going around your community and inquiring your friends and neighbors about their experiences on their providers. Let them rate how good or bad, satisfied or unsatisfied they are with their current subscription. To be well-informed you can even ask them for some suggestions.


Then move on by considering the channel selections that you actually need. According to the article posted by a finance website, most of the adults in America get around 205 channels from their cable provider but only end up watching 20 in reality. This entails that a lot of their dollars are actually wasted in paying for what can be considered as “useless”.


To avoid committing such a mistake, you should be realistic on how often you can actually watch programs in relation to your lifestyle. List down the channels that fit in the category of your must-have. This might range from news programs to sports or even to documentaries and movie channels.  In cases where your household is heavily composed of children, having a variety of kids shows is also a must. After your must-have, you can now include the channels that for you are also worth watching.


But in case if you are someone who is living alone or renting in some place due to school or work reason then, perhaps, not having a wide channel selection will be enough. It might even be that not having a cable at all will be of no loss to you.


Whatever your decision is, the most important thing you need to do in order to get the lowest price out there without sacrificing the quality is to communicate and negotiate with different companies. Talk to them about your concerns and your priorities. Ask them about any discount or promo in case you’ll be availing their services. And once you hear their offer, choose the deal that is closest to what you need and to your budget.  



The assumption here is that I think you are already subscribed in an internet connection in your home, at one way or another. It may either be through an internet-only plan or through your cable provider. But the real issue is, how do you lower your internet bill yet still get the best service out of it?


To achieve this, it is essential to compare the prices around what’s available in your area from time to time. This practice will get you updated to the cheapest internet around your community thereby giving you an option to switch from your current provider.


But before you finally decide to opt for another company, determine first the type of internet service you need. In this step, you must take into account your internet’s speed and usage. Make use of online sites that offer speed test. It is ideal to test your internet at different times of the day.  If your current internet is constantly getting slower, consider calling your provider and report the problem. If the problem is still not fixed, it may be a sign to change to another.


Then again, re-evaluating your internet usage is also important. The usage will help you determine how many Mbps you need for a specific task. Generally, if you are only surfing the net, sending and replying emails for work, or using social media, then 1 Mbps is enough to get you through. However, if you are someone who is into online gaming, high-definition video streaming, or even frequent downloading of large files, then you will really need more, for example, 3-50 Mbps or higher.


Thus, knowing what your internet is for, helps you figure out how to suit your needs to your budget. If your current internet bill tells you that you are paying for too much bandwidth, perhaps, it is now the time for you to consider dropping your current deal and getting a new one with a price more well-matched to your usage.



If your household uses both cable and internet, you might want to opt getting these services packaged. By doing so, you will be dealing with just one bill instead of two and will be saving extra bucks than paying each service separately.


And if your household frequently uses phone at home, you might also want to consider getting the three services bundled together into one.



Now, if you are searching for the best yet affordable cable, internet, and phone deals around the market, then Spectrum is what you need! Whether you only want a stand-alone subscription or maybe combine the three services together, Spectrum provides you various available deals that will surely suit what you are just looking for.


For an individual subscription, you can avail each of Spectrum’s TV, phone, and internet offers in cut-rate prices. Through its TV Connection Plans, you can now sit back and relax with around 125 available channels to select from that only costs for as low as $64.99/month. At such rate, you can binge-watch your favorite series or watch it on your different devices at your own convenience through your DVR. Getting connected 24/7 into the cyberspace is also no longer a problem with Spectrum’s Speedy Internet that starts at only $44.99/month giving you a swiftness of up to 60Mbps. You can even experience calling without limit through Spectrum’s Home Phone Connection deal for only $64.98/month.

Enjoy an even faster, dependable, and steadier connection of internet when you package two services together with TV Select and Internet which only costs $89.98/month. At such a low rate you get to choose from over 125 programs in HD, stream videos online and even download movies rapidly with 60 megabytes per second. In addition, you will also have your DVR freely installed and with no modem charge.

Save more and be more powerful when you bundle the three services together. For only $89.97/month, you can now purchase Triple Play Select which is an upgraded version of the aforementioned service. This bundled package provides you with the same amount of across 125 shows and program selections and a fast and steady internet of up to 60Mbps. What’s striking in this bundle is that Spectrum is arming you with unlimited long-distance calls around the globe with your loved ones and friends through your home phone.

Great deals, right?

So, what are you waiting for? Check out Spectrum at to avail their amazing offers or call at (855) 400-1040.

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