Different Iot Applications and Its Benefits

Different Iot Applications and Its Benefits

Ever since the beginning of the existence of the human race, we always strive for innovation and development. There have been a lot of novel things beings introduced to us such as technology, more so with technology related to the internet. The current trend in technology is connectivity and mobility where we dreamed of having a common system where everything is connected with unimaginable convenience. Albeit the research and development that had been ongoing and done already, we are still not able to make interconnectivity of all devices happen seamlessly but now; we are now grateful that Internet of Things is finally here. There are different kinds of IoT applications where it can be of good use to all of us. The world today becomes a huge avenue for information sharing, starting from the tiniest details up to the most complicated ones. But it is not that easy to make Internet of things possible and accessible for everyone because there can many IoT applications that need high speed and more reliable internet connection than what we currently have. However, the current internet connection is assumed to have difficulties in supporting the Internet of things system because it is quite slow than what is optimal and experience occasional interruptions.

If you are one of those people who are not so familiar with the Internet of Things system, let us know more about this program so that you can decide if you want to experience it. Let us start from the creation of the term way back 1999, but apparently became popular in the year of 2008. Internet of things is a system or set of devices which are interconnected with one another; storing and sharing data using internet connection. These devices have sensors on it which allows us to use them with or without our interference. The devices that are supported with IoT collect information from the surrounding and the information being collected will be processed in order to create methods and solutions to provide the increasing demands of the society.

The first thing IoT will do is to gather data from the environment which the devices have gathered and sends the information through internet or cloud. Afterwards, the IoT system will process the data and make functional information for the users and sends alerts in order to be notified through email, text message, etc. In this case parents can easily monitor their children based on the TV programs they are watching as well as the time slot it is being aired. This is very useful to households that have Cable TVs most especially those that are connected to the internet. There are many outstanding companies that are competing in the Cable Internet service provider space. One of which is Spectrum where they offer a wide variety of options from Cable TVs, home and mobile phone services, internet connections as well as plans and packages for the mentioned services. They can be accessed through their website http://www.xyzinternet.com/ or through their number at 1-855-400-1040.


IoT Applications


Iot in Smart TVs


As mentioned earlier, one of the most exciting use of Internet of things is in the Cable TV or smart TV industry.  IoT applications in smart TVs can be experienced fully when there is a strong and reliable internet connection. It is very important to note that smart televisions can be connected to the internet and there are lots of internet based channels today where children can easily access. With this, parents can check the kind of TV programs their children are watching even they are not around. Also, one can watch their favorite TV shows in their own preferred time with subscription based services offered.


IoT in Self-Driving Vehicles


Today, self-driving cars have been introduced to us and making news more often. For several years in the autonomous vehicle market, Google have succeeded offering a very possible and realistic use of internet of things in self-driving cars in order to modernize the process of commuting. With this new technology, you can buy a new car that drives you to your work as well as from work.  An IoT supported car will have the ability to suggest alternative routes so that you can avoid traffic prone areas most especially when you are about to be late for work. This can be useful if you are new to the road you are taking and doesn’t know the path ahead of you. This IoT supported car will also notify you for some weather forecasts so that you can prepare ahead of time. Possible malfunctions of the self-driven cars can be detected with the IoT system for you to be always ready on the road and avoid possible road accidents. If you are on a long ride or just enjoys music while driving, the IoT system can detect the genre of music you want to listen to. These autonomous cars are quite a few since they are expensive costing up to 1 billion dollars but the cost is really worth it because of the convenience it can provide to you. It will be in no time that autonomous cars which have IoT technology will become popular on the streets all over the world and will have the ability to drive you autonomously in the future.


IoT in Smart Households


More and more people today are using alarms in their households as a way to protect them from potential robbers and burglars. This is one of the best examples of an IoT technology implemented in a house. You can note these earliest examples of smart houses which involve sensors. These sensors can detect your current behaviors and will adjust its mood to fit that state you are in. IoT implemented houses may automatically choose the music according to your mood and may adjust the lighting of your house. There are some smart houses that have IoT implemented lights where lights will automatically turn on when you enter the house or a specific room and turn off the moment you leave. You can also have an IoT supported coffee-maker where it will brew your morning coffee while you are taking a bath or when you just busy with something else. Your daily dose of caffeine will be always on the go whenever you need it and just one click away. Have you ever imagined living in a house highly supported with internet of things together with the strong and more reliable internet connection? It must be fascinating and sound so far-fetched but this kind of smart houses are already functional today and provide the greatest comforts and convenience to its users who are living in a world of Heaven on Earth.


IoT in hazard suit


Internet of things technology has slowly moving forward and reached the manufacturing industry. IoT system can be of use in their safety uniforms of factory workers who are working on hazardous environments. Using IoT in the uniforms of the workers will allow them to easily detect some changes in the temperature, possible harmful elements or chemicals in the environment which can destroy the uniform and thus reflect damages to the user. The uniforms are equipped with many sensors in order to make the user in a safe condition while working. Although the suits are still in the process of development and innovation, you can already witness the magnitude of the improvements in the demonstrations predictions and applications procedures. All factory workers in every corner of the planet will surely feel at ease with these IoT technology implemented in their working suits because this will lessen the accidents in the work environment. Factory workers are not the only ones who will feel elated with this new technology, manufacturers and factory owners as well because they can enhance their safety and security policies and lessen the costs for medical and hospitalization benefits for their employees.


IoT in Medical Industry


IoT technology has provide huge influence on medical and healthcare industries. In an IoT system, medical workers can already monitor and do their daily rounds without personally seeing their patients. Through this, it will lower the costs of treatments as well as ensuring that the risks of errors will be at a minimal stage. IoT supported devices in the hospitals are predicted to provide and administer the medications to the patients without constantly asking the doctors. This will lessen the rounds of doctors and thus allows the patients to experience the comfort in the hospital as much as possible. In order to have a functional system of internet of things in the medical and healthcare industries, programming is very essential. It is also important to note the huge amount of data that these devices can store in the cloud that is why fast and reliable internet connection is must be in full force. In this case, 5G data technology will be very useful to supported the operations of IoT in medical industries.


Is IoT technology overwhelming for you? Well, IoT is very real and can be experienced by everyone in no time and it will be within your reach sooner or later. You need to decide what kind of IoT application will become useful for you and affordable as well. Of course, IoT supported devices and system is expected to be a bit pricey and needs higher internet connection which doubles the costs for it. IoT technology will surely make your life more comfortable and provides you great convenience which brings you to the haven of sci-fi like living and just like any technology or products that have come before us, eventually IoT will be reachable by the masses and let’s hope for that!

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