Charter Communications is America’s fastest growing TV, Internet, and voice company. Over 26 million homes and businesses in 41 states are using Spectrum services. 


  • Spectrum Authorized Retailer Program offered by XYZies is a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to have a thriving business offering Spectrum TV, Internet, and voice services.
  • XYZies is a Spectrum National Master Agent.
  • XYZies offers great commission payments, excellent seven star support (7am to pm, 7days a week), easy to use tool, fast-paced system making commissions available to retailers twice a month, great visibility, detailed reporting, custom made collateral for Spectrum, etc…
  • With XYZies making money selling Spectrum services is as easy as 1-2-3. NO INVENTORY NEEDED.

Sign up to become a Spectrum Authorized Retailer

XYZies has an extremely easy sign-up process. Once approved, you will get access to a state of the art portal to start processing orders and making money.

Spectrum TV ®: offers more HD channels than any other provider in the industry. Providing DVR service On Demand choices and ability to watch live TV anywhere at home or on the go.

Spectrum Internet ®: providing the fastest starting speeds for the price, 100 Mbps. Spectrum Internet customers can stream videos, upload and download without worrying about performance. Here are some of the highlights of Spectrum Internet at home. Spectrum provides free modem and one of the most powerful in home Wi-Fi that is available. Due to the fact that there is no limit to the usage, users are free to enjoy extremely fast and unlimited internet on multiple devices without sacrificing quality.

Spectrum Voice ®: providing reliable service with unlimited nationwide calling and enables users to call 411 and in case of emergency, call 911 for free.

Spectrum Business: with an understanding that a small business thrives by having reliable fast Internet Spectrum provides one of the top solutions for small businesses at an extremely affordable price.

XYZies is continuously strives to bring the state-of-the-art technology to its distribution channel. Future of the communication is in cloud-based application. By offering Vonage to wireless retailers XYZies is introducing new revenue streams at higher margins with opportunity for residual earning to its retailers.

The beautiful part of this business is that by using the portal provided by XYZies retailers can simply refer businesses in need of cloud-based phone system to Vonage and receive over 100% commission for every referral. NO INVENTORY NEEDED.

Lycamobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) operating in 21 countries worldwide…Since its launch in the Netherlands in 2006, Lycamobile has more than 15 million Pay-As-You-Go customers worldwide.

XYZies provides retailers access to sell Lycamobile Prepaid wireless services to consumers through XYZies proprietary state-of-the-art portal, providing retailers with instant commission on every new activation. XYZies has invented an activation procedure that helps retailers to activate Lycamobile SIM cards on any plan under 1 minute. Retailers can use the Web, phone or an android or iphone app to activate anywhere and anytime and enjoy healthy instant commissions for every new activations.


Euronet Worldwide is a US provider of electronic payment services …credit/debit card services, and other electronic financial services.The prepaid processing – ePay division distributes prepaid mobile airtime, and other prepaid products and collections services for various prepaid products, cards, and services. This segment operates in a network of locations in the United States, Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, and the Middle-East. It also provides prepaid long distance calling card plans, prepaid internet plans, prepaid debit cards, and prepaid gift cards, as well as prepaid mobile content, such as ringtones and games.
XYZies provides retailers access to Epay services by providing line of credit , training and support needed for retailers to increase profits by offering refill services for various domestic and international wireless prepaid services


Emida is a leader in the global prepayment and value transfer market, operating in 37 countries throughout North, Central and South America, the extended Caribbean, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East and Europe. We support a network of more than 54,000 retail points with an annualized dollar payment volume in excess of $1.5 billion, processing more than 240 million annualized payment transactions.

XYZies provides retailers access to Emida services by providing line of credit , training and support needed for retailers to increase profits by offering refill services for various domestic and international wireless prepaid services

Auto Refill

Due to the fact that wireless prepaid services are month to month and usually there are no bills being sent to the business or the consumer using this service, the user me easily forget about the payment. Specially this may occur if the small business or a family has services from multiple prepaid wireless service providers.  Auto refill is the solution to help wireless prepaid users  to enjoy continuous headache free service without worrying about service interruption.

So handling Single or multiple plants using one account through Auto Refill with one method of payment is the key advantage that auto-refill provides to the prepaid wireless user.

The traditional auto recharge provided by the service provider only allows the end-user to handle one accounts with one service provider this is a limiting factor.

With all honesty this is again a service that has to be articulate it to the consumer and he requires time and it must produce profit for the retail location taking the time to educate the consumer.

Auto refill is the key to reduce churn, increase retention and ultimately help wireless carriers millions of dollars in consumer acquisition cost and help them to thrive rather than continuously experiencing an eroding bottom line.

It’s important to note that the way auto refill portal is built. Due to the fact that promoting auto refill is a time-consuming task for the retail channel, we are securing an on going revenue for the retailers promoting auto refill services. This means every time the end-user service is renewed and paid for, the retailer who signed up the end user (consumer of the service) on the auto refill platform wi. receive a continuance income.

So the consumer enjoys a continuous service at no additional cost, the retailer will enjoy it continues income providing a great service and ultimately the service provider has great return on investment acquiring a customer that it stays longer on the network.

Therefore Auto refill offered through XYZies is the ultimate solution for all involved in the business process including the consumer retailer and the service provider.

It is very important to become familiar with some of the terminologies in wireless industry. One of them is MVNO which it stands for mobile virtual network operator. This simply means that a company is buying Wireles services in volume or wholesale and selling them in different denomination possibly adding various services such as International Calling or other features to enhance the end-user experience.

For example Lycamobile is a T-Mobile MVNO. This means Lycamobile is buying T-Mobile services and adding its own features of creating it’s own plants providing the end-user prices then maybe very affordable with no contract therefore enhancing and user experience and providing an advantage to the consumer who wants to pay less while calling domestically or internationally still using the same high-quality network provided by T-Mobile.

So here is an example of a family or a small business experiencing auto refill services. In this particular example there are four lines. Two are with Lycamobile because of the advantage of International calling one line with T-Mobile direct prepaid because of the advantage for unlimited data and one with Verizon prepaid because in a particular area has a better coverage. Here you can see that this consumer or the business is able to manage all four lines using one account with one method of payment.

The retailer has provided a great range of services to the end-user catering to their specific needs while providing them with the best price. This is a win-win situation for all.

Overlooked opportunities, continued acquisitions and the penetration of wireless telecommunication carriers characterize the past five years for telecommunication resellers. With the introduction of substitute technologies for wired telephony, resellers that offer fixed long distance and local services have had to drastically reduce prices. This trend has undermined industry revenue and profitability and underpinned a shift toward wireless communications (in line with the telecommunications sector as a whole). However, wireless resellers, also known as mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), have struggled to adapt to a changing competitive landscape. Instead of competing on innovative service offerings, companies are increasingly contending on the basis of price with network operators. Despite these operators’ superior financial resources and economies of scale, many MVNOs have exited the industry. Network operators also acquired other MVNOs, highlighting the changing relationship between resellers and their host network operators. As a result, industry revenue is expected to drop to $9.1 billion 2014, creating a need for Auto Refill.

Traditionally, the relationship between resellers and network operators has been mutually beneficial. Resellers service neglected niche markets while network operators improve efficiency by wholesaling excess network capacity. Resellers were seen as cost-effective bulk distributors of their suppliers’ own products and services. However, as a result of slowing subscriber growth, market saturation, spectrum shortages and increasing competition throughout the telecommunications sector, resellers have increasingly found themselves competing directly with their host operators. Thus, Auto Refill’s inherent value proposition to these resellers is expected to drive adoption and demand in an industry that is expected to essentially remain constant in terms of revenue over the next five years.

During the past five years, external competition from wireless carriers and the ongoing expansion of these carriers’ networks were expected to provide opportunities for the industry. The wireless telecommunications carriers industry was anticipated to continue consolidating and experience less pressure to keep prices low, causing price-sensitive consumers to look to resellers for cheaper options. Fourth-generation (4G) wireless networks were also expected to expand the scope of the industry and present resellers with the prospect to resell the information sector’s most precious commodity, namely data. That was before major wireless carriers began to contend with each other for data-seeking consumers. Consequently, the Telecommunications Resellers industry will experience greater penetration and competition from wireless telecommunication carriers over the next five years, as they enter into a price war. Over the next five years, industry revenue is forecast to decrease at an annualized rate of 0.6% to $8.8 billion, including a 1.4% drop in 2015. As a result, these resellers are expected to seek Auto Refill in order to increase customer retention and maintain profit margins. Further, $8.8 billion industry is a sizeable market for Auto Refill to capitalize upon and resellers are always expected to remain in the marketplace. The Company will seek to reduce the volatility of prepaid customers for these resellers.

In 2014, mobile virtual network operators will begin to benefit slightly from the rollout of 4G networks. All of the major wireless providers in the United States are highly focused on building their 4G LTE (long-term evolution) networks. The technology’s high-speed capabilities will enable consumers to access an array of media and communication services via a fully integrated, data-based network. For carriers, this trend will result in more efficient network use. Resellers will also benefit from an increased supply of older 3G capacity and, thus, lower wholesale prices. While this factor will delay declines in industry profit margins, MVNOs will likely pass on the cheaper 3G prices to consumers to increase consumption and boost wireless penetration in low-end markets. Auto Refill will serve as an additional revenue stream for these resellers.

IBISWorld also projects that demand for resold data services will increase, driven by higher business and consumer demand for mobile data services. During the past five years, data traffic over wireless networks has increased at a dramatic pace and now represents the majority of all wireless traffic. Operators are expected to continue to move toward data-based billing plans as a means of capitalizing on this exponential increase in data traffic. Resellers that make a similar transition and move toward reselling data will benefit somewhat from increased demand and revenue per user.

So in summary auto-refill means continuous prepaid wireless service for the end-user and it continues income for the retailer and the carrier.

As the communication technology is evolving new offers and features are being launched very frequently. Consumers are not aware of many new plans and offers and features of these services and products.

XYZRetailers brings awareness of various communication products and services to consumers and educates consumers as of how they can get a great value and save a bundle by selecting a service provider that may serve their needs better than they thought is possible.

XYZRetailers is a directory of brick and mortar wireless stores which provide these services and can help the consumer with information and services of various communication products and services.

XYZRetailers also provides retailers with an opportunity to list their products and services. Many retailers have unique services from cellphone repair or refurbishing to discounted prices on trade phone to very special accessories and cases. There are phones and accessories available at some stores that may not be offered in most major brand locations at substantially discounted prices. Wireless retailers can post their unique offers and their discounts on major brands that they carry to serve consumers seeking those services within proximity of their location.

XYZRetailers directory is very mobile friendly. When a consumer is seeking a for wireless prepaid services, mobile phones, accessories or repair services by simply entering the zip code or city the locations near the consumer shows up with phone number and specifics offers that location provides.

There are companies which are resellers of wireless services for major brands such as Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T. These resellers are referred to as MVNOs which stands for a mobile virtual network operator. MVNO will resell the wireless service for the carrier using the same infrastructure just labeling it as their own brand with their own rate plan and features and prices different from the carriers usually serving a specific niche market.

Brands such as:
Lycamobile, Airvoice, Lack wireless blue-green mobile, boom-mobile, campus sims, chit chat mobile, Consumer cellular,Ecomobile,Espanol mobile,Freedom pop,h2o wireless,ideal mobile, iwireless, Jolt Mobile, Kajeet, Mint SIM, Nextplus Go, Pix wireless, Pure Talk USA, Straight Talk,Pageplus, Tracfone, Simple Mobile,Telcel,Go Smart, Net10, Project FI, Pure Talk USA, Pure Talk USA, Ready Mobile, Red Pocket Mobile, Republic Wireless, Rok Mobile m Scratch Wireless, Tello, Text Now, Ting, Tol wireless, TPO Mobile, Ultra Mobile, Univision Mobile, US Mobile, Walmart Family Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Zing PCS and ZIP SIm are a few to mention in US that has a unique offering either for data or international calling or rate plans.

The problem is not many consumers know about most of these plans or where to obtain them if they would need to obtain them offline at the brick and mortar location. Furthermore, the consumer is really unaware that the major brands which are referred to as carriers such as T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T are actually behind these MVNO brands.

Independent wireless retailers are usually serving a niche market, this could be an ethnicity demographic such an Indian, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese, Russian, German, Persian or many other wonderful nationalities in our great country of USA. Serving in native tongue has proven to be the most effective way of connecting, relating and serving. XYZRetailers in addition to educating the consumer on various services and products also connects the consumer with brick and mortar location that can provide the product and service.

Based on FDIC National Survey of Unbanked and Underbanked Households in indicates that “Approximately 24.5 million U.S. households, composed of 51.1 million adults and 16.3 million children, were underbanked in 2015. ”

Underbanked or unbanked means “that the household had an account at an insured institution but also obtained financial services and products outside of the banking system. Specifically, a household is categorized as underbanked if it had a checking or savings account and used one of the following products or services from an alternative financial services (AFS) provider in the past 12 months: money orders, check cashing, international remittances, payday loans, refund anticipation loans, rent-to-own services, pawn shop loans, or auto title loans.”

(Source: 2015 FDIC National Survey of Unbanked and Underbanked Households)

Usually underbanked or unbanked consumers are cash based consumers as they usually don’t qualify for a regular credit card and therefore e-commerce shopping becomes a challenge. So having access to locations that serve products and services and a lower price serves the demographic well.

XYZRetailers has added Cable/TV and internet services to its portfolio of information. Many wireless retailers now starting to offer internet and cable services. Again since the number of brick and mortar locations of internet service providers such as Comcast, AT&T,Time Warner Cable, CenturyLink, charter, Verizon, Cox, Optimum , Frontier, Suddenlink, Earth Link, Windstream, Cable one, NetzeroJ uno, AOL, MSN, Mediacom, Basc IS, are very limited any of the wireless retailers that offer these services can be found on XYZRetailers.

As it is defined an incentive program it’s a methodology is to encourage a specific behavior by the sales team to motivate the sales team, therefore, increasing productivity.

What are incentive plans? They are also known as variable pay programs because they’re not a salary or hourly wage.

Incentive plans are established for salespersons for their continued contributions to the organization.

why have incentive plan?

They align the individual goals with company objectives creating a win-win situation

It’s a flexible pay vs a set salary or in addition to other compensation such as salary and hour wage. the salesperson can actually earn more if they achieve specific goals and objectives.

It is paid by performance based on achieving goals and objectives, therefore, it encourages sales persons to work harder and with passion.  Therefore the salesperson will be compensated for the extra effort.   The salesperson will take ownership for these type of actions.Incentive programs as such will definitely attract and retain top performers So not only is it retains top performers but actually helps to attract more top reformers and it can also help with people who are not top performers and just getting by to become motivated and increase their productivity.

So now the question is how does a company creates and executes a successful incentive program?

First is by identifying key matrix that encourages salesperson behavior that is  aligned with company goals and objectives

The key to a great incentive program is the simplicity it has to be easily understood by the sales persons.

A well-designed incentive program establishes a very clear link between the performance and a payout that is aligned with the objective of the company.

There are a lot of incentive programs for the sales industry but the problem with most of them is that they are not directly connected to a specific task and therefore due to the missing link most incentive programs are not working.  In fast-paced industries such as wireless cable TV and in general now that we are living in an era most commonly referred to as information age every industry can be considered fast pace, therefore, information and training are more challenging to get communicated to the sales channel compared to past decade.

So, in summary, there is the company goal to achieve higher sales there is sales person goal to achieve higher pay and more commissions and the missing link here is proper communication training an incentive plus continuous reminder of this information in order to achieve this common objective for both the company and sales team.

Information to sales team has to be communicated in an easy simple format that is directly connected to the task and associated incentives and a reminder system that is easily accessible when needed by the salesperson and or through automation.

Products and services offered by XYZies are XYZies enabled. What doe this mean?

Based on our experience in distribution for the past 20+ years, we have found that the salesperson in front line has a few basic but essential requirements to sell.  Here are the few essentials that are addressed by XYZies:


We all know commission for the sale plays a major role.

1st Problem is that the commission to the sales person is usually paid in delayed time maybe a few days or weeks after the selling the service or product. Harvard business reviews: Golden Eggs and Hyperbolic Discounting article emphasis on how important it is to pay commissions fast and the sales growth that results from this.

Here are some of the reasons why we have decided to make our products and services XYZies enabled.

XYZies provides the ultimate solution through its App by providing instant payment to the salesperson. The salesperson can get paid on demand, whenever the salesperson wants to be paid via Paypal. There are no delays. Instant gratification, clear visibility, and control. This method of incentivization creates a great feeling a rewarding experience for the salesperson. The psychological impact of this method helps to develop consistency in sales.

2nd problem is product knowledge and training:

Sales reps forget the training that was done weeks ago for a product that might be very high in commission for them and profit for the store.

XYZies Solution is simple each product and service have a quick video training that by frequently watching can sharpen the saw for the sales person while the sale person accumulates points. Again this is a direct reward mechanism. The reward points can be used for travel, movies, or items.

3rd problem is actual selling process. Some products or services require activation and or have a process other than merely ringing them up on a cash register. Such as mobile phone activation processor scheduling an installation date for a consumer interested in internet services.

XYZies has been able to simplify the process and integrate the process to a few clicks and therefore has made it extremely easy for the sales reps to sell, activate or set up a consumer for the product or service.

The 4th problem has been a visibility of activity of sale team for us a distributor. Through XYZies reporting we have a real-time visibility on activities of our sales team and distribution. Therefore we can evaluate which incentive programs are working and how they need to be adjusted to reach the common goal.

The key element in a successful incentive program is that the sales person must believe in it.  It’s only through a clear and simple program that a sales person can believe.  XYZies is providing a simple clear instant gratification methodology that connects the company objective to salesperson reimbursement and therefore creating a simple and clear methodology   True instant reimbursement or reimbursement on demand by the salesperson.

So, in summary, we agree that “XYZies is revolutionizing the sales industry.  By empowering salespeople with knowledge and incentives on-demand through our app, we make business available to anyone and everyone with a desire to sell anywhere, opening up more possibilities for a better life for people while creating more business for suppliers and vendors who are contributing to a responsible society.” (Source