7 Best IoT Platform Companies in the World to Look Out for

7 Best IoT Platform Companies in the World to Look Out for

The Internet of Things and all the systems that accompany it was once thought to be just a fad that will eventually go away. However, since its inceptions more than a decade ago, IoT has become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to innovation and the forward step in our technological evolution. The existence of hundreds of IoT platform companies and IoT manufacturers is evident of that growth and it seems like the Internet of things has proven that it is not just a short-lived tech fad.

The number of companies, homes, and industries that have adopted the relatively new technology has grown exponentially over the years. According to reports, there may even be more than 700 IoT platform companies that are currently now operating around the world, with hundreds of sub-companies that are producing different products and components involving different IoT technologies. Based on the increasing trend, there is probably more to follow in the coming years. As smart devices and systems continue to help us automate our lives. It has also been predicted that there will probably be more than 8.4 billion connected devices that will be in active use by 2020.

Any object or material possession that is able to communicate through the internet infrastructure. And other means are considered to be IoT devices. Things like light bulbs and even modern pacemakers are considered to be part of the IoT ecosystem. These previously thought of “dumb” devices have increased their usefulness and capabilities with the help of modern electronic components. Such as transistors, microprocessors, sensors, and actuators. Having these components installed, simple everyday devices can now actively “sense” what is going on around them. And then react accordingly based on the context and environmental conditions.

A light bulb for example that is equipped with a motion sensor can now automatically turn itself on and off. Depending on when a person is present inside a room. If the same light bulb is equipped with photovoltaic sensor, the device can now automatically turn itself off if it senses that there is already enough ambient light that is present inside a room. To push things even further, the same device could be equipped with multiple communications capabilities. Essentially allowing it to be controlled by its users or other devices.

IoT Companies Around the World

At the recently held 2018, Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, multiple companies from all over the globe managed to showcase some of their IoT products. Several companies showcased some of their systems that revolved around making our everyday lives easier through automation and interconnectivity. Among the best companies that showcased their products, here are some of the more interested ones that consumers should be looking out for when it finally hits the marketplace.

1. Stringify

One of the most interesting IoT platform companies that were present at the event was a startup company called Stringify. The company offered an all-in-one solution for both consumers and businesses who wanted to integrate smart systems into their homes and business establishments with the least amount of hassle. Since there are so many IoT devices and services that are available in the market today. Stringify is now offering a service that integrated them all into one IoT platform. The company’s product overcomes the current lack of compatibility with these different systems and services. Also allows its customers to use multiple physical and digital products all on a single platform.

Stringify IoT platform is entirely cloud-based and can be used and customized through the web. An example of the company’s service is how it will be able to tie-up services such as a Ring Video Doorbell, Google Drive, and a music service. Users can set up a Flow-based system where Google Drive will automatically log the people who rang the bell. A video surveillance system can also be set up to document all of the people that have rung the doorbell.

Additionally, if no one is home, the service can turn on a light or a preferred sound through an entertainment system. To make it look like someone is home. This can be done either automatically or through a preset chain of events. Through the service, users can experiment with more ways to integrate IoT systems and devices into their smart homes. The company is also planning to add more widgets to their platform.  

2. SURE Universal

Another company that is working on integrating multiple IoT devices and services on a much larger scale is SURE Universal. The company is currently marketing its new SURE Universal Remote application. Which basically can control hundreds of infrared and wireless-enabled appliances and devices. Users can use their smartphones to manage these devices through the use of the OCF standard that supports several wireless protocols. Additionally, the company also offers an add-on solution called the SURE Thing. Which is capable of turning any appliance into a smart device. For enterprise applications, the company also offers a product called the SURE Gate. Which is a hub that can be used by manufacturers as a set-top box for different IoT applications.

With so much data being exchanged by millions of devices at any given time, there is now a need to encrypt and protect that data from those who would intercept it. A company called Device Authority is now offering that specific service. The company is providing an IoT platform that is dedicated to improving the security protocols of different IoT applications, services, and devices. Through the use of multiple authentication protocols and approved apps or tools, the company can increase the security and encryption of any IoT system.  The product itself will likely be mainly useful for data-sensitive IoT applications. Such as in government agencies, healthcare, and industrial sectors. However, with the rise in the usage of consumer IoT technology, the company will likely be facing some stiff challenges in the coming years.

3. Nanoleaf

For those who are concerned with saving the environment and going green, Nanoleaf may be a company to look out for. Among the different IoT platform companies, Nanoleaf specializes mainly in providing LED lighting solutions and different green technologies. Consumers will be able to customize their unique lighting systems through the use of interconnected modular panels. These lighting systems can interact with the music that is currently playing inside a house. This is through the company’s Nanoleaf Rhythm product.

The company also offers an automated lighting system that can react to the ambient light outside, creating a more natural transition of light inside a home. The lighting system recreates natural daylight to help reduce eye fatigue. Having this type of lighting system will also not interrupt the user’s natural circadian rhythm, resulting in better sleep cycles.  

4. BeBop Sensors

One of the most significant trends in IoT today is the use of different wearable teach. The company BeBop Sensors is currently pushing the wearable technology even further with the introduction of its new Smart Fabric. The company’s new product transforms a polymer-based fabric into a giant sensor that can detect minor stretches, bends, twists, and other forces. The material itself is then able to turn these signals into data, which can then be analyzed or used in a variety of ways. The company is currently working on a virtual reality glove concept that can detect hand movements very accurately through the use of the Smart Fabric.  

5. June

Other IoT platform companies that are worth mentioning include June, MyMDBand, and Samsara. June is currently offering its smart convection oven system that can identify what is being cooked through the use of different sensors and camera. The system can then give its users suggestions on how to properly cook the particular dish that is being prepared. Users can also keep track of the cooking process using their smartphones, smartwatches, or other connected devices.

6. MyMDBand

Is currently offering a wearable digital device that acts as a smart medical emergency bracelet. The wearable tech contains vital medical information about its wearer, which can be very useful during medical emergencies. The report found on the device includes data such as current medical condition, current medications being taken, latest medical results, allergies, and other pertinent information. The band also features a GPS sensor that can relay location information. Which can adapt to the local language depending on where the wearer is currently located.

7. Samsara

Is presently one of the newest providers of IoT solutions for industrial and fleet applications. The company offers an IoT data platform that provides operators with vital information. Sources like and from their vehicles including energy consumption, asset utilization, and location. All of these systems can also be controlled remotely through the use of different technologies. Such as dash cams, GPS sensors, temperature sensors, and other electronic devices.  

All of the companies that were mentioned prove just how lucrative and useful IoT is in improving our way of life. The technology itself is currently still evolving and expanding. And there could be a million more applications of the technology that we just haven’t thought of yet.

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