The Best IoT Devices Available Now!

Best IOT Devices

The Best IoT Devices Available Now!

The internet is an amazing thing, as it connects everyone and everything into one giant web of information. The Internet of Things is a significant step forward, as it seeks to take that connectivity even further by, in a manner of speaking, letting our device do just that: speak to each other. Recently, there has been a significant rise of demand for devices that make use of the Internet of Things. While such devices are increasing day by day, the best IoT devices that you can purchase right now are very functional and continue to improve due to its connectivity! But what devices make use of the Internet of Things?

First, we have to ensure the most basic of things for devices like these to properly function. Luckily, reputable websites like offers value for money options with excellent services to make sure you get quality internet at affordable prices. So, what are the best IoT devices specifically? As it turns out, there are quite a few that you might take an interest in! It just depends on what kind of device you are looking for. Let’s take a look at some of the best iot devices out in the market that you can purchase now.

Since most of the consumers will more than likely first encounter the Internet of Things. When they are considering making a smart home, let’s focus on some of their components. Ring is the first of several products we will mention. Ring is, essentially a doorbell with a few smart functions. This device will alert you of when motion is detected outside your door. This works well for visitors, or in the worst case scenario, unwanted guests. If you find the latter at your doorstep, Ring lets you record footage of them so you can use it when you take action like filing a police report. It also lets you communicated directly with the visitors through a microphone built in to the device. The best part of Ring is that it lets works whether or not you are at home!

Jasco Z-Wave Outdoor Modules

For those of you who enjoy throwing house parties or intimate gatherings by the rooftop or in the backyard, Jasco Z-Wave Outdoor Modules are an excellent buy. They are simply outlets that let you control the lights with your smartphone. Yes, it may sound simple, but effective nonetheless. It saves you the trouble of manually fumbling through a tangle of wires every time you feel like switching up the mood.

If parties and small gatherings aren’t your thing, and you just want something simple for home use, the Philips Hue Lighting may be something worth considering. The Philips Hue Lighting includes white and color lighting options, so you’re never left out in the dark. The brightness levels can be controlled through your smartphone, or more conveniently, through your smart home hub systems, like the Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo

Speaking of the Amazon Echo, this is an excellent choice for people who are just starting to build up their smart homes. But then again, so are most of its competitors. Luckily, technology has evolved in such a way that the direct competitors are all more or less capable. The Amazon Echo can be thought of as the hub of your smartphone, or a base of operations, if you will. It has a built in voice assistant called Alexa and can do a myriad of basic as well as more complex tasks. The Amazon Echo comes in 2 variations, those being the 1st and 2nd generation.

This is a great buy if you’re looking to get smart speakers that have capable smart assistants like Alexa built in. The list of compatible apps and commands it can do expands daily, so in a way, this is a good investment. If the $99 price tag is a bit too steep for your pockets, the Amazon Echo Dot is an affordable, albeit still solid performer. Despite stripped down features, you’ll find that the Amazon Echo Dot is still a very capable device.


Remember how we mentioned that even seemingly simple things can be turned into smart devices? The BenjiLock is one such product. Think of this as the next stage of padlocks. While this does have a traditional key, this also gives you the added security of including a bio-metric feature. This enables you to use your fingerprint as a sort of functioning key, similar to what most modern smartphones offer.

August Smart Lock

If you’re looking for something to keep your doors secure, August smart lock is a good option. This is sold by Amazon, and is on its third generation at the moment. What’s good about this is that you can grant others access for limited amounts of time, for those situations where someone needs access without you needing to be physically present.

Nest Cam

The BenjiLock and August smart lock are very good devices for security. The Nest Cam is also a solid choice for indoor security. It is a simple device that records what goes on in your home at all times and is conveniently accessible for viewing at any time through linked devices like your smartphone. So what makes this special? Apart from recording it at a good 1080p high definition resolution, it also features night vision that actually works well. This is invaluable for those long trips away from home.


What about something the whole family can enjoy? Kuri may be the device you are looking for. In the exterior, Kuri seems like an ordinary robot. However, don’t let its looks fool you, because underneath the hood lies some very functional things such as the basic camera and microphone, command features that are completely hands free, and Kuri basically maps out your house.

Of course, being an Internet of Things device, it has full access to all sorts of information in the web. Think of it as your personal assistant. With some simple programming, Kuri has neat little feature where he can take photos throughout the day so you can capture your candid moments when you least expect it.

Foobot Air Quality Monitor

While we’re on the subject of devices that the family can enjoy, the Foobot Air Quality Monitor is a device anyone can get behind. This device does what the name implies, and that is to monitor your home’s air quality. These include basic things like monitoring the temperature and humidity, to more complex tasks like detecting carbon dioxide levels.

Aside from being small in size, this also connects to your smartphone through their specially designed app. This will be the primary method of getting the collected data. When you sync it with other devices, it may also be programmed to automatically improve the overall air quality.

RoboVac 11

A good device that pairs with this is the RoboVac 11. It is essentially a smart vacuum that utilizes infrared sensors to map out the environment and make sure obstacles don’t get in the way. Utilizing infrared sensors also means it doesn’t bump into things even in the darkness. What makes this especially good is that it automatically returns to its charging base when it is running low on battery. This way you get clean air and floors!

U by Moen

Is one of those device that you may not need, but will definitely want. With most flagship smartphones sporting water resistant bodies, it makes sense for smart showers to exist. Not only can you control this device through your mobile device, but you can set it so that you can control it manually as well. If you don’t want the gimmick and just want to use it normally, don’t worry, manual controls are available as well. U by Moen has features that you actually will use, like having a timer to save on water, or getting notifications on your mobile device to let inform you when your hot water is at just the right temperature.

Rachio 3

Don’t think we forgot about the people who have a green thumb. To keep your smart home looking good from the outside as well as the inside, the Rachio 3 has you covered. However, don’t let this fool you into thinking that is specifically for keen gardeners, as people who just need their plants managed in a way that can be monitored will love this as well. The Rachio 3 allows you to regulate the water used in the sprinkler system. What’s even more convenient is that this device can be accessed from the Rachio app. From there, you can manage set up schedules and see how much water is being used. It doesn’t get any simpler than that!

With all the leaps and bounds technology has made to reach the point it has today, it’s easy to find a product that’s just right for your personal preference. In this age, most major problems can be solved with over the air software updates, which is a godsend considering that you were stuck with what you had just a few years ago. If you had something bad, there was no hope for change. The Internet of Things aims to change how technology fundamentally influences our lives. The technology that comes with it are just a fraction of the benefits that are coming with the rising tide.

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