Best IoT Cloud Platforms

IoT Cloud

Best IoT Cloud Platforms

The 21st century is an era wherein technology has really taken hold of the people.  People nowadays are focused on gadgets like smartphones, tablets, wearables and smart appliances or anything internet-related gadgetry. These modern-day devices have made everyone’s life comfortable and convenient and Internet of Things (IoT) is what makes all these smart devices work together seamlessly.  However, for IoT to be fully functional, a massive data server or storage is needed, and that is what we will be looking into today-the IoT cloud.

IoT cloud is a platform designed to process and store collected data from the Internet of things system. These platforms are built in order to get immense volume of generated data by sensors, devices, websites, customers, applications and partners which initiate responses in real-time basis. In addition, IoT cloud will be useful in the business industry and provide more integrated and comprehensive services to customers without the need technical experts or data analysts. For instance, a wind turbine can adjust its behavior based on the data of the current weather. Passengers of airlines who have delayed connecting flights or cancelled flights can be re-booked ahead of time.


What is IoT?

Are you one of the people of today who are internet-savvy? Those whose lives center on the internet and smartphones or other smart devices?   Or you might be the owner of a start-up company or a developer or a business manager and want to explore the benefit of IoT in your everyday life? In this modern world, the internet becomes a commodity to most people wherein majority of data, messages and communications is happening millions of times daily by the people through the use of laptops, desktops and smartphones.

However, this is slowly changing where a new system doesn’t require interaction of people anymore. The internet of things is an interconnected system of devices, smart appliances and other devices that can be connected to the internet. IoT has the ultimate goal to automate everything as much as possible through the incorporation of sensors and high speed technology on our daily processes. Let us not go far with our example, you may look around and notice some smart houses which are powered with IoT application. Smart TVs are one of the most common IoT supported devices where you can monitor the type of TV shows you want to watch as well as the time it will be shown.


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Since interconnected devices is a common trend nowadays, there is a need of massive storage for the data collected where we can send, share, store and process all the data gathered. This kind of storage is what experts called IoT cloud where every information being collected from the interconnected devices will be stored, shared and processed to notify and address the needs of the community. However, setting up and acquiring an IoT supported house or gadget is really expensive as well as the maintenance costs, upgrades and security system.


For you to be able to experience IoT technology, you need to have a cloud storage for all the data. Fortunately, there are many cloud services that are available for your personal storage of information. Let us discuss these competitive companies who are trying to be the leader and the best in the Internet of things industry. For the next five to ten years, there will be an increasing demand for IoT supported technology and these companies will surely strive to be the best among the rest. For you to have a wider vision of the IoT cloud platforms available in the market today, you need to note that there are always benefits and risks and we are here to provide you with all the information you will need.


Different IoT Cloud Platforms


Microsoft Azure


The company Microsoft is very serious in their development of the Internet of things cloud. They have machine learning, cloud storage and different kinds of IoT services. They even developed their own or personal operating system for internet of things devices. This means that Microsoft has the intention of providing a complete package of internet of things solutions. Microsoft has their own pricing calculator in order to provide their customers the best options for their payment scheme.


IBM Watson

IBM is one of the huge companies in the IT industry and now they are trying to enter in the IoT world. They are using friendly cloud services where beginners can easily operate and download different kinds of applications and interfaces. IBM makes their IoT cloud platform to be as accessible to everyone as possible. You may store your data periodically and view the history of information which were collected from your interconnected devices. For you to know more about how IBM IoT cloud works, you can try some of their sample applications. In addition to that, IBM is offering security possibilities that are based on the machine learning data.

If you are wondering about the pricing scheme, IBM has three metrics for it- Data analyzed, data exchanged and edge data analyzed. With that, you will get a free 100 MB every month. It is a good offer though, so can try it out and experience the wonders Internet of things can offer you.



The specialty of Salesforce is management in customer relations. Salesforce IoT cloud is powered by Thunder and their focus is having decisions that are real-time based and high speed. The company wants to create meaningful interactions among their customers where the UI is designed in order to connect with the customers easier. Salesforce has a quotation where price starts at $4000 every month.


Amazon Web Services

Amazon was the first company who made cloud computing into a service and a product since 2004 and now they are dominating the cloud services market. The reason for Amazon’s domination is due to their efforts in building the features and innovations that customers have demanded from them, the reason for them to have the most comprehensive and innovative tools available in the market today.  Amazon’s pricing basis is on received and sent messages by AWS internet of things. Every IoT technology interaction can be seen as a form of messages between the server and the device. They charge per million sent or received messages. Amazon did not provide a minimum fee and you will not be charged if you send or receive messages from a myriad of AWS platforms — Amazon Dynamo DB, AWS Lambda, Amazon SNS, Amazon SQS, Amazon S3 and Amazon Kinesis


As Amazon has the most comprehensive IoT Cloud platform and services among the different providers, they cost a premium and may be more expensive than others.



Every millennials know Google since it is the search giant of the internet industry. Google is making serious actions on improving and developing more services in their internet of things. Business industry is the focus of Google’s IoT cloud platform where they ensure fast and easy transmission of information. Google’s pricing is based on a per minute and of course more affordable than Amazon.  Google offers a wide variety of services aside from their Iot cloud and they are using their services as an advantage to their IoT cloud platform.



SAP IoT cloud allows you to translate sentences to and from a wide variety of languages which provides bigger avenue for your business to acquire more customers all over the world. SAP extends their services to Internet of things industry such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, data collection and data sharing.



Cisco’s tag line is to “seize the opportunities of tomorrow” and they have become the global leader in the IT industry and services. Cisco strongly believes that opportunities lie in cloud storage. Their focus is to help you acquire more customers through building stronger relationships with them and creating more meaning and useful interactions.

Is the information above overwhelming you? Or did it make your understanding  of IoT much better?  Which IoT cloud platform would you choose? It may be a tough thing to decide because you need to carefully balance the services each cloud platform provides and one that suits your needs and to your business if ever you have one. Currently, Amazon Web Services is the best option since they are already well established and has a comprehensive set of services to choose from. In order for you to decide, you may contact a consultant or simply contact the mentioned companies above and talk to their customer representatives so that you will have more background about their services most especially their quotation and payment scheme, you may steal a great deal if you contact them directly but first, get the best Internet service from Spectrum through

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