Back in time: Internet broadband plan

Back in time: Internet broadband plan

Do you remember the time when we were first introduced to broadband internet? Where internet access speed is a hundred times faster than your Dial-up internet connection? Kids these days will never understand the frustrations we experienced with the snail-like speed that ran in kilobit per second (kbps) of the dial up internet access, especially in those days when it was the only means of being connected to the internet. And do not forget the hassle of having to wait until the phone lines are open just so you could resume on surfing the internet. But when internet broadband plan was launched in the early 2000s, our prayers have been answered and since then the internet activities grew by leaps and bounds. It was indeed a beginning of a new digital era!


Broadband internet is a wide bandwidth data transmission that relays signals that can get you internet access connection through coaxial cable, radio or optical fiber. Broadband internet allows you to use both the telephone and the internet lines simultaneously; for that reason you can continuously make use of the internet connection, without worrying about someone in your family cutting the line off by having to make a phone call. Another positive thing about broadband internet connection is that you can limit your monthly payment, because most broadband services offer budget deals and bundled plans, you can surf the internet without having to worry about exceeding your monthly bill.


Here are the steps in acquiring internet access in your home:


  • One must have a computer, a desktop, laptop, any hand held gadgets, or a smart television set.


  • Then you can ask around any local internet provider in your area, where you can compare on which broadband internet package is more cost effective for you and your family.


There are many types of broadband internet connections that you can choose from; each type has its own different variety and each has its special specifications:


A Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is a service line used as a tool for relaying digital data through telephone lines. The bit range of DSL usually rangers from 256 kilobit/s up to 100 megabit/s, and can load images, videos and any other form of data on the internet faster than dial-up connection.


Cable Internet Access is a kind of internet connection you can subscribe through your cable providers. Through this connection, you can simultaneously use the telephone line, watch a movie from your television set and can browse the web, where the internet speed can be as high as 1 Gigabit.


Fiber-optic Communication is an internet connection that uses electrical cable wirings in order to transmit telephone and cable signals and internet communication.  The internet speed of a Fiber Internet can reach as fast as 1 Gigabit per second.


Wireless Internet, commonly known as WiFi is the most common internet connection being subscribed to today, especially in the public places through WiFi Hotspots, where it can cater to just about anybody with a gadget in hand. A Wireless Internet uses a modem or router in order for the digital data to be transmitted through the air waves.


Satellite Internet Access, is provided via satellite connection. New satellites uses Ka band that lets internet stream up to 50 Mbps. The good thing about satellite internet is that it is location independent; you can have internet access anywhere on a condition that the satellite dish has a clear sight of the sky.


Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) is an internet service that uses electric power distribution wirings in order to access internet. BPL is one of the cheapest, cost effective and simplest forms of internet connection. It can easily be installed even in rural areas as long as there is an electric service.


Having to choose the right internet bundle for you, and has it already been installed, now you can look through your gadget’s web browser in order for you to start using the internet.


Internet broadband plan has made our lives easier, aside from the fact that it brings a plethora of ways for us to get entertained, broadband internet is a big help especially in the work industry. Millions of people right now rely on communication through online access. Business transactions became swift and hassle-free. There are online job offerings that suit just about any person in a right age, with or without a degree as long as you have the desired skills fit for the job opening, and some online jobs come with perks of having to work remotely. Internet access is also very important in the corporate world. There is this new currency that brought new millionaires, even the young ones. This currency known as cryptocurrency is a form of digital or virtual currency intended to work as a tool of exchange that can be accessed through online access.


The internet also has something for the inquisitive minds. Online or virtual schooling is very popular nowadays and some online schools are very prestigious. This type of school does not only cater young students but also those who often has no time to go to school due to other responsibilities such as work, disabilities or those who live in rural areas. Online school offer many types of courses from learning a new language, to vocational classes and also bachelor and masters degrees.


Speaking of learning, back in the day before broadband internet, students actually go to libraries, thus wasting their time by travelling from different libraries to another just to find a good resource of knowledge for their projects, studies and thesis. Some would even prefer renting movie documentaries for reference rather than to log in on the internet and be annoyed by the slow loading of the web pages.


The internet also helps people with the culture gap. We can now easily access and learn the traits and history of the aborigines of a certain country with written information and even video documentaries about the place. Some websites also offer affordable travel packages, with food, hotel and transportation amenities.


As far as we can remember, people have been writing on their daily journals. It is some sort of a record of how your day went, and some use their entries as self assessment. Reminiscing about the days when we used to have and bring our journal notebooks with us at all times and always keep them in handy. But now that we have Wi-Fi that can offer internet access any time and just about anywhere, we now rely on social media. Social media is a form of media that enables self expression in different ways like written words, digital pictures and artworks, and audio and video blogging. Did you know that there are approximately 1.28 billion people that are active on this certain famous social media network service – just about comparable to the entire population of India, which is the second largest population all over the world? This fact is so amazing that it shows how broadband internet affects our daily lives and how digitally active people are nowadays.

Indeed technology has become a stepping-stone on humans’ success. But we must also think about the disadvantages of relying too much towards the online world. Although broadband internet has made technology easier, people have become complacent and have been taking things for granted. We only have little time to stop and appreciate things that do wonders to our body like the heat of the morning sun in our skin, the hypnotizing and calming sound of the ocean waves that crashes on the shoreline, the kaleidoscopic colors of the skyline on a sun setting minutes and the wonders of the world seen, heard, felt by our own senses. The virtual world that the internet brought us made us restricted to our own cyber world. Back in the day, the only means of meeting new friends is by actual socializing, in a party or even when walking down the street. Although having internet access gives us insurance that we can contact our loved ones from far away almost immediately, because of its interminable availability, the urge to communicate is lessen.


Having internet broadband plan means being supplied with high speed internet, which is vital to online gamers. There are tournaments where you can win trophies and cash prices. You can earn friends along the way and learn about teamwork and respect for fellow gamers. But before having high speed internet connections; people, especially kids, play games that exert physical efforts and sharpen mental skills. Although they say that online games can improve mind and body coordination, it is also so much better if the games involve socializing and physical activities. Being active in sports can enhance a person’s self-esteem, it reduces stress, and it diminishes the chance of sickness because sports is not only good for the physical body, but it also improves the immune system.

We can go on and on about being nostalgic about our past lives and the improvement and drawbacks of today’s world, but the only thing we need to remember is that nothing is permanent but change, and we just have to make use and not abuse of what is given and already there in our lives. For more information on how to get your own or switch to the best internet broadband plan, login to

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