IoT Applications in Various Industries

IoT Applications

IoT Applications in Various Industries

Curiosity is what makes us stand out from other forms of living things. We, human beings are naturally born with curious minds where we tend to question and find answers to almost all the things that surrounds us. We are driven to find answers and even question our existing rules in order to build a better community, invent and produce more goods and provide excellent services to our fellows. One of the products of this exploratory mind, is the discovery of the various use of the internet and the technology it brings that affects our daily lives. Devices and gadgets we have come up along the ages have allowed us to survive and made our lives more comfortable.  The internet is one of the most useful inventions today since they provide us infinite possibilities.  Internet of Things or commonly called as IoT technology promises to provide enormous possibilities into our lives. It is a system of interconnected devices that have sensors to collect information that stores, shares and processes this information in order to address the demands of the people today. Since IoT is still a new and broad concept for most of us, here are some possible IoT applications and some IoT industries which will provide various services to every one of us.  There are many IoT companies offering a wide variety of services such as machine learning, data cloud storing and many more.


IoT in Healthcare Industry

Nowadays, we are looking forward to experience a whole new world of interconnected devices that aims reduce human interaction and labor. These interconnected devices are designed to operate with or without human intervention.  One of the industries seen to be affected by IoT is the healthcare industry.  The aim of IoT supported services in healthcare industry is to allow medical centers to completely function with lesser manual intervention. With IoT technology, the quality of healthcare services will improve and the efficiency will increase as well as there are less human interaction which is prone to error. There are many IoT companies that healthcare institutions can contact and inquire the services they offer. Here are some benefits of Iot technology in the healthcare industry.

Simultaneous monitoring and reporting

IoT technology will provide real-time reporting and monitoring through the interconnected devices which can absolutely save more lives during an emergency such as heart failure, asthma attacks, diabetes, etc.  Through real time monitoring of the diseases one have through the use of a smart device connected to a smart phone can provide real-time data to the doctor which the doctor can use to diagnose and provide intervention as fast as possible, especially in emergency situations.


Connectivity and affordability

Internet of things allows automation in the workflow of patient care, it also enables exchange of information, fast transmission of data and machine to machine communication which makes the healthcare services more responsive and effective. Healthcare workers can easily exchange their data most especially when they spot symptoms in patients. With IoT technology healthcare industry can create more innovation and may discuss new methods of treatments with minimal human error. Moreover, the IoT supported system will help cut the costs by decreasing some unnecessary visits of physicians since they can quickly access the collected data from patients.


Mobile medical care

During emergencies, patients will be able to contact any doctor with the use of smartphone applications. Medics can immediately check patients and identity the problem and provide first aid right away.


IoT in Smart houses

You may be wondering what is a smart house or smart home because the most common terminology being used today is just smartphones. You will be surprised when you click your search engine and look for smart homes features because there will be plenty of IoT companies that provide services in your household. If you are one of those people who are fanatics of TV programs and want to monitor the TV shows being aired from time to time, then you may avail of a smart TV that has IoT technology in it.  Smart televisions is the new trend today since you can connect to the internet using your TV. There are many kinds of plans and packages of Cable TV and internet that uses IoT technology. You may check this link to know more about some cable TV and internet bundles.

There are some houses that are supported with an IoT system where they can remotely turn on their lights upon entering their houses and turn off when they leave.  Do you want to turn your air conditioner right before you arrive at your house? Well, it is possible in IoT technology. It is not a surprise if one-day people are giving more importance in smart houses as how they value smartphones today.


IoT in Cities

We call a system that supported with internet and is autonomous as “smart” and we just connect some noun to it to emphasize its use. You have learned about smart houses earlier, so now let us talk about smart cities. Smart cities are one of the most powerful and successful application of IoT technology. There will be automated transportation, smart surveillance, effective distribution of water, better energy systems and urban security are just some examples of IoT being implemented in smart cities. It is expected that internet of things will solve the problems we are facing such as traffic congestion, air and noise pollution, and supply shortages.

To give you a simpler example of IoT in smart cities, is to install sensors and use web applications where we can easily locate an available parking area.


IoT in Cars

Self-driving cars are quite popular today and internet of things is making its way to optimize the innovation of self-driving vehicles. In an IoT supported car, you can instantly avoid traffic jams since it will detect traffic routes so that you will be able to avoid it. It can also help in detecting possible issues of the cars before you leave and thus there will be fewer road accidents. If ever accidents may occur, IoT supported cars help you ask for medical assistance since its sensors with the aid of high speed internet connection. The possibility of self-driving vehicles will be a common thing in the future with the rise of IoT technology.


IoT in Wearables

Nowadays, the demand for wearables have increased where companies like Samsung or Google have invested heavily in making these devices and improving their features. The wearables category of IoT are mostly useful in health and fitness. These devices have sensors installed in it and the software applications will collect data about the users and the information collected will be processed to notify the user about the results or any important insights. IoT technology will be of use in wearable devices since everything will be done machine to machine thus the users only need minimal interaction with all the devices connected to it.


IoT in Retail Industry

Internet of things will have a massive impact on retail sector. Through IoT business owners will have more virtual interactions with their potential customers thus enhancing their experiences of the services and products being offered. In order to make this successful, smartphones is the main tool of making this into a reality. Since most of us have smartphones, IoT technology will be easier to implemented and data gathering will be much more effective so that retailers can attune their products and services to what the customer wants. There will be more and more demand of mobile data most especially once 5G is already implemented, which is coming soon.


IoT in agriculture

As the population increases, the demand for food also increases, that’s why in some countries there is also a shortage in food supply leaving people in the state of despair and hunger, thus opening more avenue for crimes.  IoT can greatly help in agriculture industry where collected data are used to make meaningful insights in order have an excellent return on investment. Fortunately, the government is helping farmers to produce more food supply and be able to earn equally from their harvest.


IoT in Industrial Internet (IIoT)

Industrial internet of things or commonly called as the IIoT is allowing industrial engineering with software, huge data analytics and sensors in order to make excellent and innovative machines. According to Jeff Immelt, smart machines are increasingly popular because they provide more consistent and accurate results compared to human labor in terms of data communication. The data collected from IoT will be useful to predict inefficiencies and future problems so that engineers and other experts can prepare better solutions to it.


Our future with internet of things is brilliantly tailored according to our demands and needs. This is the reason why companies are competing in making IoT possible in every aspect of our lifestyle. In the near future, we have lesser interactions with one another since IoT technology enables machine to machine communications and all the data will be collected, stored, processed and shared, immediately. Although this technology lessens human interactions, there is still a great demand for internet of things. You need to decide whether IoT technology is helpful and provide improvement in your lives. Since internet usage is very important today, more and more people are demanding for faster and more reliable data connection. Fortunately, experts are making more improvements in the data technology industry and slowly introducing 5g internet and data technology all over the world. With 5g data technology, internet of things will be successful in addressing the demands of people.  

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