A Shortlisted Compilation of Internet of Things Products

Internet of Things Products

A Shortlisted Compilation of Internet of Things Products

IoT or Internet of Things is an emerging technology that centers on making all the different gadgets in your lifestyle smart and connected to each other. This not only consists of phones, but also covers home appliances like speakers, refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, and so on.

By most market estimates, the Internet of Things products are poised for extremely rapid growth, forecasting that the IoT will comprise 50 billion devices by 2020.

Developers are clearly jumping on board the IoT train and have begun integrating Internet and sensors into a host of objects. Here is a compilation of some popular IoT gadgets and devices that you can check out.

Home Automation IoT Devices

1. Amazon Echo

This smart home hub is essentially a virtual assistant speaker that can listen to users and respond to voice commands. It can play music, read audiobooks, answer questions, control smart lights, deliver traffic, order an Uber, order pizza, and much more.

2. August Doorbell Cam

Doorbell cam allows you to see and converse with people at your front door via your smartphone. You won’t have to leave your room! It also allows you to open the door remotely, and can record visitors that you miss while away from home.

3. Awair

Good for people with air allergies and asthma, Awair is an air-quality sensor that can send alerts and recommendations for improving air quality to your smartphone. It also has applications for improving productivity and sleep.

4. Eversense

This smart thermostat senses where your smartphone is in the house and adjusts the temperature in each individual room accordingly. It works for the whole household, keeping everyone relaxed.

5. LG SmartThinQ

SmartThinQ has different lines of appliances for living (dryers, washers, vacuums, dryers, and air conditioners), kitchen (refrigerators), and safety all integrated in the smartphone app.

6. Nespresso Prodigio

This connected coffee maker can allow you to schedule coffee brewing, receive maintenance alerts, and order supplies through your phone. The machine uses coffee capsules and heats up quickly.

7. Nest

Nest is well known for its Internet-connected thermostat, but they also sell smoke carbon monoxide detectors.

8. Neurio

Homeowners can monitor their energy usage or energy production if they have solar panels, with Neurio. Have a professional install the device on your electrical panel and then you can identify opportunities for energy savings in your home through the phone app.

9. Philips Hue

Philips deals a complete line of smart lighting products. It includes light bulbs, light strips, dimmers, switches, and controllers.

10. Schlage

Known for its doorknobs and deadbolts hardware, Schlage is entering the Internet of Things products market with smart home locks: Bluetooth-enabled Schlage Sense is a smart padlock that integrates with iOS devices, and Schlage Connect is a smart locking system that assimilates with home alarm and security systems.

11. Samsung SmartThings

Samsung’s SmartThings Line includes smart hubs, outlets, water leak sensors, motion sensors, arrival sensors, and more. The company also provides a complete home kit that guides you with the whole home automation process.

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Industrial IoT Devices

12. Awarepoint

Awarepoint is focused primarily on retail, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. With Awarepoint, companies can track the locations of assets, employees, patients and customers in real time using Bluetooth beacons.

13. Aptomar

Aptomar manufactures Internet of Things products, systems and sensors for sensing spills and maintaining safety in the oil and gas industry. The company also provides services for monitoring gas and oil facilities.

14. ATrack trackers

ATrack offers GPS tracking for monitoring assets and vehicles in transportation and logistics industries. ATrack supplies tech to a variety of tracking services and manufacturers.

15. Bosch

Bosch is serious about becoming a leader in IoT solutions. They manufacture sensors for other IoT devices as well as smart home appliances. Bosch also has a comprehensive cloud platform for clients to create IoT applications.

16. CargoSense

CargoSense packs sensors with product shipments to track humidity, temperature, shock, pressure and tilt every five minutes. That data is monitored by an incorporated analytics system that enables logistics companies to know what is happening with cargos at every point in the delivery process.

17. GridConnect

GridConnect sells sensory and networking equipment that companies can use to connect their factories, facilities and warehouses to the Internet of Things network. The company also has a line of smart home devices under their brand name ConnectSense.

18. Impinj

Impinj offers RFID hardware like readers, tag chips, antennas, gateways, and software to create IoT devices for health care, retailers, and other industries.

19. Tachyus Sensors

Tachyus creates IoT products for the gas and oil industry. Their solutions enable manufacturers to monitor their oil and gas mining processes and then analyse the data. With the data, operators can then make adjustments to optimize processes and maximize output.

20. Wzzard Wireless Sensors

Made by Advantech B+B, this collection of industrial sensors can monitor liquid or air temperature, liquid flow, vibration and current levels for various types of tanks and equipment facilities. They also cloud hosting for transmitting the data across the network.

21. Xerafy

Xerafy makes RFID tabs and other equipment for asset tracking in a variety of industries. Their small tags are tiny enough to be attached to surgical tools and medical supplies, and they are strong enough for situations like gas and oil exploration.

Health Care/Fitness IoT Devices

22. AdhereTech

AdhereTech makes wireless smart pill bottles that aim to ensure that patients are taking their medication. They are currently being used for research purposes in the medical field, but they will likely expand to the general population soon.

23. Biotricity Bioflux

Bioflux is an electrocardiogram monitoring device that allows doctors to keep track of their cardiac patients 24 hours a day, available only by prescription. The full kit includes the device, analytics software and app and a monitoring sensor that can alert health care providers when the patients are in distress.

24. Breathometer Mint

This is an IoT device that communicates to you if you have bad breath. Breathe into the Mint device, and it will show how successfully you brushed your teeth. It grades you and tracks your oral hygiene progress.

25. FitBit

FitBit dominates the market for wearable fitness and health trackers. Devices like watches and bracelets are available in a variety of colors and styles, and can help users track progress towards fitness goals.

26. Samsung Gear Fit

This fitness tracker is dustproof, water resistant and features a long-lasting battery. It can also receive texts and emails when integrated with Samsung’s S Health smartphone app.

27. Withings Blood Pressure Monitor

To use Withings Blood Pressure Monitor, simply slip over your arm. It takes your blood pressure readings like a normal BP reader, sends the results to your phone and tracks it over time. The company also makes other health-related Internet of Things products like oxygen sensors, fitness sensors, scales, baby monitors, thermometers and more.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) IoT Devices

28. Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard is a Google’s VR platform developed for use with a head mount for smartphones. Named after its foldable DIY cardboard viewer, the system is low-cost to foster interest in VR apps. It requires users to slot their android smartphone into the cardboard viewer that they can buy or make themselves.

29. Microsoft HoloLens

Designed mainly for business use, Microsoft HoloLens is an augmented reality device that can support with communication, design work, human resource training and more. The selling price for development Edition devices is $3,000.

30. Oculus Rift

Facebook’s Oculus Rift device gives users a virtual reality experience for watching movies, playing games, and other entertainment experiences. The devices cost $599, and buyers must have a compatible PC in order to use them.

31. Samsung Gear VR

Powered by the aforementioned Oculus technology, Samsung’s VR headset is integrated with its Galaxy smartphones. Key features include wide field of view, precise head tracking, a Super AMOLED display and low latency.

Assorted IoT Devices

32. Click and Grow

Gardening is now high tech and smart, thanks to Click and Grow, the smart indoor garden. The product claims it helps balance water, oxygen and nutritional ingredients to aid plants in growing faster and healthier.

33. Deeper

Fishing too is now high tech with Deeper. Intended for fishermen, Deeper is a portable fish finder that conveys sonar readings to their smartphones. Simply attach Deeper to your fishing line and cast it into the water. The app on your phone will then display water temperature and depth and where the fish are swimming.

34. Theatro

Designed for client based industries like retail and hospitality, Theatro offers wearable WiFi-enabled communication devices designed to improve employee productivity. It is lightweight and helps staffs stay in touch with each other to receive quick answers to questions.

35. Whistle

Have a pet who likes to hide and run around? Whistle is a smart collar that tracks your pet’s location and updates you through the smartphone app. It can also monitor your dog or cat’s health trends, making it a FitBit for animals.

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