When is 5G Coming: Advantages and Disadvantages of this Technology

When is 5G Coming

When is 5G Coming: Advantages and Disadvantages of this Technology

Communication is the basic avenue for people to continue build harmonious relationships and unstoppable growth. Because of communication, great scientists have discovered the world of internet and people are discovering the infinite coverage of internet. Through time, mat kinds of advancements in the field of research and technology have been introduced to people. One of which is the continuous development of internet speed such as 2G, 3G, 4G or LTE. Today, 5G network will be available in the near future, but the real question there is when is 5G coming?

You may be wondering what is 5G technology, how does it affects you or when is 5G coming to us? Well 5G technology is undeniably a new concept for us. And there are many things we need to understand about it.

As the technology in smartphones has advanced, many of us customers have seen several generations in the field of data technology.  It started with 2G, then followed by 3G then moved to 4G or commonly called as LTE. In this internet era, we are starting to wonder what’s next data generation has to offer. Will it be comparable to the previous data generations? Or will it surpass our expectation in terms of internet network connectivity?  Experts promise us that the fifth generation of data technology will create a big leap in our lives. Providing us a super ultra-mega fast wireless internet data on our mobile phones. It is going to be more reliable and faster among other data technology.

When is 5G be available?

We are very exciting as to when is 5G coming and shower us with its connectivity features. According to the leaders of the United Nations and government heads, 5G technology will not be of public use until 2020. This is because there are still a lot of research and developments to conduct in order to implement this network. However, the implementation of 5G technology will be expensive and time consuming. Because it needs to be tested in several fields before it will be introduced to the consumers. At present, in some underdeveloped countries, access to internet connection is not as easy and available for everyone. In return, having 5G network will be difficult.

The growth of 5G is not very strong that is why operators and carriers are looking at industrial and automotive IoT related usage of 5G network. Internet of things or commonly called as the IoT will be one of the biggest recipient of 5G. Internet of things is an interconnected system of devices and gadget. Which have sensors thus responding quickly to the demands of the community. If 5G data technology will be collaborated in the IoT system, infinite possibilities and convenience will be expected. Take for example in your smart television which is supported with IoT and you will have 5G network to make it run. You can easily and conveniently monitor your children on the different shows they are watching as well as the time these shows are being aired on TV.

You can have a close monitoring on their activities with the smart TV while you’re at work. Or even when you are out of town. There are many companies that offer that different kinds of cable TV packages along with an internet connection. So surfing over the internet using smart TVs becomes convenient. 

Another example of IoT supported system is the inter-connected alarm clock, coffee maker and automated cars.

If you will purchase an alarm clock IoT support, it will continue to beep not until you wake up. And it’s automatically synced to your calendar. So that you won’t miss your important meetings or upcoming big events. While preparing, you can set your IoT supported coffee machine to brew your morning coffee. Your automated car will help you locate the traffic areas in your usual route as well. For easier navigation and saves you tons of time.

Now that you have understood 5G technology and how it will useful to the vision of inter-connected future, let us now talk about the different advantages and disadvantages of 5g data technology. This is to widen your knowledge so you can decide whether the features are suitable for you or not.

Advantages of 5G Data Technology

Increased Bandwidth for Users

Bandwidth is the space available for you when you are using mobile data in order to download files, watch videos and surf over the internet. The lesser the bandwidth available, the slower your smartphone or other devices will function. In 5G wireless technology, more bandwidth will be available on date networks of companies like T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint. On our previous data technology like 3G, it is takes too long to load internet pages. With fifth generation we do not need to worry about using the internet in a public WiFi most especially those crowded areas such as public library, airports and sports arena. Having more bandwidth means we can do more with our devices and become versatile in everything we do that needs internet connection.

Since the bandwidth available will increase, it means faster speed to download files, browse the web and even stream videos without interruption. Speed is the common problem of internet users which is always the case in 3G and 4G networks. But in 5G, it will not a burden anymore.

Rise of New Development on Technology 

According to recent reports and researches, smart devices that are 5G supported may operate thousands of times reliable and faster. In comparison to the current 4G network. Because of the continuous advancements in the smart devices technology; tasks that are only done on a laptop or desktop such as web browsing and emails can now be performed on smart devices. As the data technology has increased, it is expected that more and more tasks will be transitioned from computers to smart devices. With this, we will experience more convenience. With everything related to the internet and more avenues for smart devices to create new applications that are not possible with 4G network. 5G technology is still on research and development, there are already several companies and carriers who are competing on the first to implement 5G network.

Disadvantages of  5G Data Technology

With More Bandwidth comes Less Coverage

In the third generation data technology, the key benefit of it was it could cover massive territory with few cells because 3G network did not require more bandwidth so the network will only use fewer cells. When the data technology was improved into 4G LTE, more bandwidths were produced which means smaller coverage radius off every cell. You may notice that your network coverage has dropped more often with 4G network. With the newest data generation, more cell towers will require to produce huge bandwidth. This is because the cells cannot cover as many space as the 3G or 4G networks.

Radio Frequency Problem

Radio frequencies are used to operate cell towers, radios and satellites. According to reports, 5g technology will transmit data in the 6 GHz. Sadly, the frequency range is already crowded with other signals like the satellites.

In today’s modern era, we are in awe every time there is a new development on internet and technology. Because there is always something novel and exciting to expect from it. One of the greatest success of human race is the discovery of the technology and how it is collated in our day to day living. Smart devices such as smartphones, smart televisions, wearable gadgets, improved cameras, smart appliances are just some of the things we are enjoying today.

Device Compatibility

Without smart devices, it seems impossible to accomplish a certain task because we are already accustomed on the convenience and comfort these smart devices has given us. Internet is the reason why our smart devices are functioning in accordance to our demands and needs. With a higher, faster and more reliable internet available, it will open new avenues for us to operate more tasks easier. Since the 5G network promises to have fixed internet connection, along with it is the data network as well. Having higher and faster mobile data connection, we can incorporate more tasks to our smart devices. Thus making our jobs easier and personal relationships closer.

Is it still confusing if ever 5G technology will be useful and could provide more help compared to our current data network? It only depends on you. Whether or not you are a tech savvy person who really need the power of internet in order to accomplish your work. You may be one of those people who are constantly using their smartphones. Checking their social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and a lot more or just simply browsing the web. Moreover, home-based jobs become rampant along with the advancements in internet and technology, allowing people to work in the comfort on their own homes. With the new generation of data technology, you can easily access different kinds of applications and website without interruptions.

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