4G vs 5G: A Brief Comparison and Conclusion

4G vs 5G

4G vs 5G: A Brief Comparison and Conclusion

Over the years, technology has greatly improved and developed in order to help and make lives easier for everyone. Through different and innumerable technological inventions. The invention of a device that enables people to talk remotely was the one that greatly impacted humanity. And this invention is the telephone, which was born in the early 1800’s by Alexander Graham Bell. A couple of decades go by, the telephone greatly developed, and the first portable handsets were invented.

And as the invention of these technology developed more, the functionality of these mobile phones greatly improved as well. Not just limited to sending and receiving calls, we were able to send SMS text messages. I mean come on, who knew we would be differentiating 4G vs 5G in this time and age, right?

Motorola was the first company to pioneer mobile technology and launching of the portable phone. And as we go forward to the year 2000’s, the development of this technology became faster and faster. With today’s phones being able to function to that of a computer. As well as have communication capabilities through calls and text messages. It also allows access to the web and media players all in one single device.

As means of communication, the mobile phones has taken a large role in improving the technology in the modern times. And presently with how fast things are improving and being invented by great minds, it’s no surprise that more people would cope. As well as want to make things even more fast and convenient. That’s where 2G technology comes in. It launched in the late 1900’s and communication became easier during this time. Wherein people were able to make digital phone calls and send SMS texts.

Then 3G was launched in early 2000’s. Where the internet was now accessible by smart phones, capable of not just voice calls and send messages but also video calls. As well as be able to stream videos and music or even download them. And as technology progresses more, they have launched a network much faster than that of 3G and that is where 4G comes in. Even with this newly launched network, even as early as now, there has been announcements of launching 5G in the near future as well. 4G vs 5G, what could be the difference and what advancement in technology could be announced this time?


In order to know and understand the comparisons, what is 4G? 4G vs 5G, is there really a need to advance from 4G’s standard to an unimaginable speed of communication service or connection? And what improvements has it brought to the communication services and industry? 4G basically means ‘Fourth Generation’ and is the fourth generation of wireless cellular service. It is 10 times faster than its predecessor, 3G service. Most of the carriers now in the cellular service offers 4G service in most of the advanced part of the world. Not so much on rural areas though as they most probably still only have 3G service.

Fourth Generation mobile actually launched and started to rile up the modern world in the late 2000’s. And with the fourth-generation service even in 3G, internet has become a large part of the communication service. A lot of carriers started to offer mobile internet access. In 4G, it made mobile internet speeds up to 500 times faster than 3G. It can make HD mobile TV, high-quality video calls download/ upload large video files, and streaming without any problems possible.

As 3G paved way to making phone calls, text messages and browse internet. 4G basically enhances and developed these capabilities and made things quicker and convenient.

And as communication services develop, gadgets that support these technologies has also emerged. Smartphones and tablets support 4G mobile services and has developed the ability to stream video and music through internet, making the need for faster internet connections be a necessity. In comparison with broadband connections, 4G is actually favorably a better option especially in particular areas without broadband connections.

Then companies further developed 4G and added “LTE”, what is LTE? LTE is short for “Long term evolution” and that is towards Fourth Generation connectivity. It became the current fastest and most reliable connection for mobile services. Making 4G a much more improved and developed connection.

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As 4G became the new wave and trend of today’s mobile services. There has been rumors and announcements of an entirely new form of wireless signal for mobile services. And that’s where 5G enters the spotlight.

But what is 5G? 4G vs. 5G, could 5G be a much better option than 4G and could advance technology be able to keep up with its capacity or the other way around? Similar to its predecessors, 4G and 3G, it means the 5th Generation and is a wireless mobile connection service for communication. But in comparison to its predecessor it’s not just your phones this time. It can be for your computer, home appliances, door locks, security cameras, cars, wearables, or your home! Think of as many other devices and gadgets that are being developed. In order to have the capacity to connect to the internet or the web. And with the speed it delivers, which is much faster than that of 4G. There is a possibility of having no signs of data caps on cellular service offers.

4G LTE has become the stepping stone or main foundation that helped developed 5G. Similar to 4G, it allows the capabilities to send text messages, voice calls, browse the web. And of course increase the speed of data transfer across the network but faster than that of 4G. Where the advancement of this technology will make things easier. This is for the development of more internet-accessible gadgets and devices that will greatly impact our everyday lives. It will be a stepping stone to a much more advanced society and lifestyle.

5G is truly the sci-fi dream everyone can possibly imagine. But would possibly be realized and actualized in the near future. Unfortunately, 5G has not been launched yet or has ceased to exist yet, and no one knows when it will finally emerge. Many expect that it will launch this year or in the next three years, but regardless, we can definitely expect a lot more of 5G and the advancement of technology it is going to bring to our modern world.

In Comparison: 4G vs. 5G

From understanding each of the networks, there are bound to be comparisons on how much faster is the other one from its predecessor. Firstly, YES, 5G is and will be significantly faster than you could imagine. If we put it numbers, 4G LTE speed is about 1 gigabit per second at most, so one can download an HD short movie in about an hour or so. While 5G in comparison can run up to 10 gigabits per second, which is 10 times quicker than that of 4G LTE and you can download a full HD movie in a few seconds, just like that!

As to how 5G has greatly surpassed 4G, one of it is data capping. The problem with 4G is that people can rarely enjoy the full capacity of 4G’s speed because there are certain factors that disrupt the signal: buildings, microwaves, and other WiFi signals, etc. As for 5G there is a promise that there will be no data capping for this new signal. It can give hundreds of possibilities in internet speed capacity, one of it is that it could possibly give wireless broadband the ability to let thousands of connected devices to access the internet both in homes and workplaces.

Furthermore, 5G isn’t just faster in terms of internet speed, it also offers a much more cheaper service. As 5G will lead to a lower cost-per-gigabyte for the wireless carriers, which means low-cost cell plans and possibly unlimited mobile data for everyone! As this technology is a true upgrade in our modern world, the speed on transmission of data also opens up thousands of possibilities one could imagine, from other appliances or devices and gadgets being able to connect to the internet, to real-time live streaming or instant language translation will be possible and better.

More and more carriers are opening up this possibility of attaining this advanced new technology of mobile services, so why not browse through www.xyzies.com and keep yourself up to date and know more about the development of 5G and be able to experience this world of new possibilities. Internet and the world of communication has indeed become a basic necessity for our modern world and all of us would definitely agree that fast and limitless internet is what we all have been looking for and this will definitely be a thing to look out for.

As we humans always have the need to improve our lives for the better and keep moving forward, who knows what more technology and inventions may come from this milestone. We’re already at the point of making appliances communicate with each other through the internet of things, so we’re getting further and further. That’s for sure!

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