12 Top Companies using Internet of Things and the Products They Offer

Companies using Internet of Things

12 Top Companies using Internet of Things and the Products They Offer

Now that we are in the age of technology and innovations, everything is and can be done with the internet. Almost everyone regards access to the internet a need, and not just a want. Google has become an instant companion to many of us. Facebook and other social media sites have become very popular to kids and adults alike.

In almost everywhere we look, there seems to be something that would require an internet connection to work. Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if a day would come that everything would be powered by internet. Undeniably, the internet has made life easy for most individuals. It has been made better then, with the emergence of the internet of things.

With such, common searches among Americans would be: What is the internet of things or IoT? What are companies using internet of things? How do I know the companies using internet of things? What are the products of these companies using internet of things?

Well, for a start, let’s get to know what internet of things is. According to our handy companion, Wikipedia; Internet of things refers to the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity. Which enables these objects to connect and exchange data. Internet of things – with things referring to a wide variety of devices. Allows objects to be controlled remotely across an existing network infrastructure creating more opportunities. For more direct integration of the physical world into computer-based systems; thus, resulting in improved efficiency, accuracy and economic benefit.

To make it even more understandable, IoT is the concept of basically connecting any device with an on and off switch to the internet. This includes everything from your cell phones, coffee makers, headphones, lamps, wearable devices. To almost everything that you can think of. You may not know it but you may already be using such products.

There are already numerous IoT companies you may or may not be familiar with but could enhance the way you work and live like these 12 innovative companies and their products:

1. June

Whether you are a hands-on ultra busy individual or just somebody who regards cooking as a passion or a pastime, this one’s for you. This IoT company offers consumers an intelligent convection oven that immediately identifies what you are cooking through its cameras. Not only that, it also offers you suggestions on how to make it. What makes it even better is you can track the cooking process from your phone, watch, or any other connected device of your choice. Now, you can cook smarter and tastier meals with no mistakes on timing and temperature.

2. SkyBell

This company offers an award-winning smart video doorbell which allows you to see, hear, and speak to your visitors whether you’re at the comforts of your home or away from it. What does this doorbell exactly do? It sends live HD video to your smartphone once you’ve downloaded the free mobile app for iOS and Android-based devices. To top it off, it has full-color night vision and a motion sensor that alerts you to a visitor at your door even if they have not pressed the doorbell button yet. Whether you are expecting somebody to come over or would openly welcome a surprise visitor, here’s something that will really come in handy. Talk about added security and convenience at home, right?

3. Ray

Tired of all those remote controls at home that don’t seem to function when you need them to do their job? Ray offers a glimpse of what the future of TV remotes looks like with this smartphone platform. It works with hundreds of devices so you won’t be needing all those remotes anymore. Aside from controlling all your entertainment devices, it offers a recommendation engine that learns from what you choose to watch so it can help you find more programs and contents of your preferences.

4. Cujo

Being the internet user as you are, you sure would be needing a smart firewall that would protect you from hackers and other online threats. Cujo is an IoT company that offers a smart firewall, protecting your connected home by securing all devices that are connected. This sure is useful for parents who would like to control and monitor their kids’ online activities to keep them safe.

5. Sonos

If you are a music junkie, you sure are going to love Sonos. Sonos is a connected home speaker that offers incredible sound and connects to all types of devices. It streams music over Wifi rather than Bluetooth so the music will continue playing from your smartphone even if you want to pick up a phone call. This technology is simply an illustration of how you can conveniently bring all your entertainment together for that incredible sound experience.

6. Singlecue

This IoT device allows you to control your home through the use of gestures. It removes the need to use any remote control, works with over 100,000 devices to connect them, and offers a fast and effective way to send commands with simply a wave of your hand. Now, that’s a whole lot better experience than voice-assisted IoT devices available, right?

7. Deako

Deako is an IoT company that is quickly becoming a leader in providing smart light switches. With its beautiful design, innovative engineering, and affordable prices, no wonder that it has been making its name in the industry. Their bluetooth- enabled smart switches make it convenient for homeowners to upgrade to smart lighting. Imagine a home wherein you can control light from a switch, smartphone, or just your voice – that’s a one of a kind home, yes?

8. MyMDBand

If you are or know someone who needs medical monitoring, then this digital device can practically be your best friend. MyMDBand is a wearable digital device that serves as a medical emergency bracelet. It provides medical information about the wearer and uses GPS and local information to adapt the information to the local language when the wearer has any type of medical emergency. A caregiver can scan a laser-engraved QR code on the band’s buckle to get health information about the wearer. Information includes prior medical conditions, food and drug allergies, current medications, last medical tests, and vaccinations. To make it better, this emergency bracelet automatically alerts emergency contacts, providing updates on the wearer’s location and current condition.

9. Invoxia Triby

Invoxia Triby is a smart portable speaker that serves as your virtual assistant. You simply stick this device on your refrigerator or any place at home that offers Alexa voice service. With Invoxia Triby, you can leave digital messages and doodles for your family, set alarms, pair it with your phone to do hands-free calls, control home devices, ask for news, get information from the internet and play music.

10. Eight

Have difficulty sleeping or would just want to sleep better? Eight is an interesting company that combines sleep with data. The Eight Smart Cover is a sensor layer that fits over any mattress and instantly turns your bed into a smart bed. With such, you can receive daily sleep reports each morning, use the dual zone warming feature to make your bed extra cozy and connect to almost any WiFi-enabled device at home.

11. Kinsa

Kinsa offers an IoT thermometer. That does so much more than tracking your well-being from illness back to feeling good again. In comparison to the traditional thermometer that only reports your temperature. The Kinsa smart thermometer offers personalized guidance on how to treat the temperature, advises when to contact a physician, reminds you when to take medicine, shows what illnesses are in the geographic area and maintains your family’s health details so you can access them anywhere, anytime. With Kinsa, you not only get a health assistant right at your fingertips, you are also assured of better health monitoring for yourself and the rest of your family members.

12. Click and Grow

If you are an advocate of self-sustaining environments, this application is for you. Click and Grow is a unique IoT application that involves creating and managing an indoor herb garden, flower garden, or edibles garden. The garden is self-watering and involves just plugging it in and letting technology do the rest.

The IoT is the new frontier of technology. Aside from the above mentioned companies and products, there are still a lot more companies that are into the internet of things trend. It’ pretty evident that IoT is and will continue to expand and provide an exciting future of how connectivity can improve work and life productivity while ensuring that data and personal details are protected for the present and next generations to come.

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